Amazon launches new 'Your Recalls and Product Safety Alerts' page so you know what needs returning

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Amazon has announced the launch of a new page that will be used to alert customers about product recalls relating to items they have purchased. The "Your Recalls and Product Safety Alerts" page is also home to safety information that people need to be made aware of post-purchase.

Pointing out that people have previously had to rely on third-party sites and services to learn about the recall of products, the retail giant says that the page is its attempt to be proactive in ensuring that customers have access to the information they need.

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While the "Your Recalls and Product Safety Alerts" page will serve as a useful hub of information for Amazon customers, the company says that it will also send emails to people who have bought products that are later recalled. In the event of a recall or when safety information is released about a product, the item may be removed from the site or warnings added to product pages.

Introducing the new page, Amazon says:

With the "Your Recalls and Product Safety Alerts" page, we aim to make it easier for customers to be aware of recalls on products they have purchased in our store, navigate to get more information about recalls, and view available refund or return options. If a recall is announced or a product safety alert is issued, Amazon customers will receive a personalized email with details about the recall, and see an alert banner on top of their "Your orders" page. This banner will link to their personal "Your Recalls and Product Safety Alerts" page for more details about potential safety hazards, as well as to the recall notice for options such as a refund, return, or repair.

Pointing out benefits for sellers as well as buyers, Amazon says that its selling partners in the US will be able to take advantage of its Recalls Logistics Service (RLS).

It says: "By opting into RLS, in addition to notifying customers who purchased the selling partner's products in our store, we also can issue refunds on behalf of the selling partner and manage return logistics".

On a help page relating to the new alert system, Amazon explains that the information is gathered by monitoring public recall alert websites, and well as recall notifications from manufacturers and sellers.

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