tiny10 23H2 x64 is a huge update for those seeking a minimal Windows installation

tiny10 23H2 x64

We've talked about the incredible tiny11 previously, the amazing utility for anyone looking for a super-lightweight version of Windows 11. From the same developer there is also tiny10, and this Windows 10 edition of the software has just received a significant update.

tiny10 23H2 x64 is, as the name suggests, a 64-bit, debloated version of Windows 10. The latest update is described as "a pretty major departure from previous versions", fixing swathes of problems and improving compatibility considerably.

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tiny10 keeps all of the essential components of Windows 10 in place, so opting for a shrunken version of the operating system does not mean having to compromise on security. The software is based on Windows 10 build 19044.3324, and the miniscule footprint is made possible by cutting out everything that is not needed – from OCT components to Media Player.

But tiny10 is also very customizable, and you have the option of adding back those elements you feel you simply can't live without. The developer, NTDEV points out improved compatibility as a major highlight:

More details are shared in a further post:

As the last post says, tiny10 23H2 x64 can be downloaded from the Internet Archive here.

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