Windows 11 KB5030310 update is causing headaches for users with AMD graphics cards

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Problems with Windows updates are incredibly common, and this is certainly the case with the monthly update previews Microsoft releases. The cumulative KB5030310 update brought with it not only the Windows Copilot preview, but also bugs for users with AMD graphics cards.

Although Microsoft is yet to confirm any problems relating to the KB5030310 update, it appears to be causing issues with AMD's Adrenaline configuration software. Users report "unexpected failure" messages as well as settings not being retained. Read on for a solution!

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While there is some good news in the fact that the issues do not appear to impact upon graphic performance, it remains a serious frustration for anyone making use of the Adrenaline software to implement personal settings. The problems appear to be limited to Adrenaline 23.9.3, with affected users reporting that settings are forgotten between reboots.

A thread on the AMD message boards shows that there a lot of users impacted by the bug. In coming together to share reports of problems and to air grievances, the hive mind has stumbled upon the cause of the issue and a solution.

Microsoft -- and, for that matter, AMD -- may not yet have acknowledged that there is a problem, but it appears that it can be avoided by disabling Copilot. The solution suggested in the forum is to use ViVeTool to disable Copilot; a user with the name rawintellect says:

I fixed it.

Get vivetool. This is a command line interface that will allow you to disable co-pilot (which is causing this issue) with the command:

./vivetool /disable /id:44774629,44776738,44850061,42105254,41655236

Note the period and the slash at the beginning. This is required if you're using PowerShell (administrator). You could also issue the command without the period and slash in CMD (admin)

Short story short? Go here:

unpack it to a folder (ie c:\vivetool)

Open that folder in an admin PowerShell session and issue that command. Reboot and all is well.

With vivetool windows will NEVER again tell me what I can or can't have on my computer.

It is possible to fix the issue by uninstalling the KB5030310 update, but this is only a temporary solution until it is automatically reinstalled.

You can also try using the method outlined here to remove Copilot from Windows 11.

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