Windows 12 could be on the horizon as Intel lets slip Microsoft's 'Windows refresh' plans

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Microsoft may be saying nothing about the release of Windows 12, but that's not stopping news slipping out about the successor to Windows 11. And thanks to information from Intel, it seems that 2024 is when we can expect to see a new Windows release.

The leak comes courtesy of David Zinsner -- Chief Financial Officer at Intel -- who confidently referred to "the Windows refresh" which he says is due to land next year. While his comments are not solid confirmation of the launch of Windows 12, it is a credible addition to the ever-growing pile of Windows rumors.

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The comments made by Intel CFO David Zinsner were made last month, but they were not immediately noticed because of the forum in which they were made. September saw Citi holding an analysts' conference, with many industry representatives speaking about the future. But transcripts of the event made for interesting reading, as PC Gamer notes.

It was in a conversation between Intel and Citi that Zinsner waxed positive about the prospect for next year, saying "we're optimistic about how things will play out beginning in 24".

At the conference Zinsner also said:

We actually think 2024 is going to be a pretty good year for client, in particular because of the Windows refresh. We still think that the install base is pretty old, and does require a refresh. We think next year may be the start of that given the Windows catalyst.

While this is a long way from being confirmation of Microsoft's Windows 12 plans, it is very unlikely that Intel is referring to a minor update to Windows 11. The phrase "Windows refresh" is vague, but it strongly implies a major upgrade is on the way. With Intel being a significant partner for Microsoft, the company will be aware of many -- if not all -- of the plans for the operating system, lending validity to what's been said.

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