Debian-based MX Linux 23.1 now available for download

Do you hate Mondays? Yeah, me too. Thankfully, we have some exciting Linux news on this particular Monday. You see, MX-23.1, the latest update to the MX-23 series, has been released today!

This update to the operating system brings a bunch of fixes, new features, and application updates, making the experience smoother for its users. If you already have MX-23, the good news is you don't need to reinstall anything. The new packages are available through the usual update channels, making the upgrade process a breeze.

One of the big changes with MX-23.1 is its shift to the sturdy Debian 12.2 “bookworm” base, which promises more stability and a bunch of new and updated applications for users to explore.

Here are some notable highlights from this update:

  • The installer has been updated to fix issues related to swapfile management, hibernation, and OEM installations. It's clear that the developers are paying attention to the small details to improve the overall setup process.
  • For those using the KDE version, an updated sddm init script has been introduced, fixing the “restart” of sddm on sysVinit boot. This is a technical way of saying that they've made the boot process smoother.
  • The AHS Xfce release has also seen some love, now featuring the updated 6.5 kernel, along with refreshed firmware and mesa libraries. These updates are likely to provide a better and more reliable user experience.
  • Fluxbox users will find a new keybinding reference script that displays default hotkeys, making it easier to learn and use hotkeys right from the get-go.

When it comes to kernel updates, both the main Xfce and fluxbox versions have been updated to the fresh 6.1 kernel, while the AHS version now sports the 6.5 kernel. These updates show the ongoing efforts to keep MX-23.1 updated with the latest tech to ensure it runs well and stays secure.

MX-23.1 looks to be a solid update that reflects the developers' dedication to improving the system with each release. With a mix of new features, application updates, and bug fixes, MX-23.1 builds on the already robust MX-23 release, making the MX Linux environment even more appealing for both new and experienced Linux users. You can download it here now.

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