Twitter alternative Pebble -- previously known as T2 -- announces shock closure

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When Elon Musk took over at Twitter and set about implementing sweeping and controversial changes -- including renaming it to X -- there was a surge in rivals vying for attention. The likes of Mastodon and Bluesky dominated, and continue to do so, but there were also newcomers seeking to offer an alternative and a safe refuge for Twitter exiles.

One such option was T2, a social platform set up by two former Twitter employees. T2 recently rebranded to Pebble, but after initially enjoying a period of success the announcement has come that the service is closing down in a matter of days.

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The announcement euphemistically suggests that investors were not happy at Pebble failing to grow quickly enough -- but this is just a polite way of saying that there simply were not enough users. With so many Twitter / X rivals trying to attract users, it was hardly surprising that some would fall by the wayside; what is surprising in the case of Pebble is the short notice. The service is to close on November 1.

The full notification from the site reads:

We have some sad news to share with you today: as of November 1, 2023, Pebble will be shutting down.

We are immensely proud of what our team and our community have accomplished together, and we feel validated that our vision for Pebble proved true: that purposeful growth, supported by a deep commitment to safety, can foster a beautiful online community full of vibrant human connection.

The painful truth, however, is that we were not growing quickly enough for investors to believe that we will break out. Combine that with a crowded space of alternatives -- and the uphill climb is even steeper. In order to continue to build out a complete Pebble, we would have needed more investment, and more time.

Over Pebble's final days, we are turning our attention to serving those who've supported us: friends, family, investors, and you -- our community. We are looking for ways to keep you connected with each other, but perhaps in a different form. Stay tuned for more on this.

For now, we are inviting you to download your full Pebble archive in what we hope is a fun and memorable way. 

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