Windows Mixed Reality is the latest for the chop as Microsoft ditches VR in favor of AI

Windows Mixed Reality

In a move that will -- or at least should -- surprise very few people, Microsoft has announced that it is dropping Windows Mixed Reality. It will be removed from a future release of Windows.

Having already apparently given up on its HoloLens range, Microsoft appears to have come to the same conclusion that many reached some time ago: VR and augmented reality were phases that people have simply lost interest in. With the company now heavily invested in AI, it will no doubt be hoping that this is something that remains popular for rather longer.

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Microsoft says very little in its announcement, and offers up nothing by way of an explanation as to the reasons behind the decision. While much was made of the Windows Mixed Reality virtual reality ecosystem over the years, it never really gained traction or generated mass interest.

In a post on the "Deprecated features for Windows client", the company says:

Windows Mixed Reality is deprecated and will be removed in a future release of Windows. This deprecation includes the Mixed Reality Portal app, and Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR and Steam VR Beta.

The precise timeframe for what happens next it unclear, but the deprecation of Windows Mixed Reality is unlikely to cause major upset whenever it is officially dropped.

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