Plugable USBC-6950M is a compact dual 4K HDMI adapter for Apple Silicon Macs

Plugable has launched its latest offering, the USBC-6950M. This is a USB-C dual 4K HDMI adapter specifically designed for Apple Silicon Mac users seeking to expand their screen real estate beyond the laptop’s native capabilities. While it is designed for Apple Silicon Mac computers, it is not limited to them -- it is compatible with Chromebooks and Windows laptops too.

The USBC-6950M enables users to connect dual 4K 60Hz displays to their Macs effortlessly. It should be a great option for business travelers, hybrid office users, or anyone aiming to boost the productivity, really. It provides a seamless dual-display experience without the need for a full docking station, making it a convenient solution for those on the move.

Below are some key features the adapters offers.

  1. Seamless Connectivity: The USBC-6950M utilizes the advanced DisplayLink DL-6950 chipset to ensure a smooth dual display experience for Apple Silicon Macs. Its compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for office setups, especially in hybrid or hot desk environments.
  2. Full Display Anywhere: At its core, the adapter features the robust DL-6950 chipset, enabling full dual display capabilities with an upstream USB-C interface and two downstream HDMI ports. Users can enjoy dual 4K resolution at 60Hz, enhancing their visual experience.
  3. Design Diligence: The adapter's aluminum housing not only ensures durability but also complements the MacBook's aesthetic. The 20 cm extended host cable allows for easy connection in various setups, accommodating laptops on the side or elevated on a stand.
  4. Compatibility and Connectivity: The USBC-6950M supports macOS 11+, Windows 10 & 11+, and ChromeOS 100+. Its 20cm USB-C to host cable and Dual HDMI 2.0 connectivity make it adaptable to Apple silicon Macs, Windows laptops, ChromeOS laptops, and devices with USB-C connectivity (excluding iOS and Android).

Priced at $89.95, the adapter is currently available on Amazon here, with a 10 percent off coupon for early purchasers.

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