Now you can edit Instagram DMs, pin messages and more

Edit Instagram DMs

Meta has announced a series of updates to Instagram, all of which are likely to be welcomed by users. Perhaps the most significant change is the option to edit the DMs you've sent, but there are other notable new features -- including disabling read receipts.

The latest round of Instagram updates also sees the introduction of a message pinning option that makes it easier to access keys one-on-one or group chats. On top of all this, reply options have been upgraded, new themes have been added, and more.

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The raft of improvements to direct messaging is crowned by the ability to edit sent messages. There is, of course, a time limit to this so you have up to 15 minutes to spot and correct a typo or, as Meta suggests, make a tweak if " something just doesn’t sound right". The editing option can be accessed by tapping and holding a sent message.

If you'd prefer it if people did not know when you read the messages they send you, you can now disable read receipts. To do so, head to account settings and then visit Messages and story replies > Show read receipts where you'll find a Read receipts toggle.

To make it easier to access on-going conversations and to stop them from getting buried under more recent messages from others, it is now possible to pin messages; Meta explains:

For chats you have with your best friends or family, or simply ones you want at the top of your inbox, soon you’ll be able to pin up to three group or 1:1 chats for easy access.

To move a chat to the top of your inbox, swipe left or tap and hold on the chat, then tap "pin". You can choose to unpin a thread at any time.

Meta says of updates to replies:

You can now save your favorite stickers in DMs for easy access. Press and hold on the sticker you want to save and you'll find them at the top next time you go to stickers.

Additionally, stickers, GIFs, videos, photos and voice messages are available when you reply to a message. Simply press and hold on the message you want to reply to, select reply, and you'll see options.

Finally, Meta has added new themes to Instagram, including one inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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