MenteeBot is an AI-powered humanoid robot coming to your home and workplace in 2025

Mentee Robotics has pulled back the curtain on MenteeBot, a personalized humanoid robot that fully integrates AI across all operational aspects.

Founded in 2022 by AI experts, Mentee Robotics has been working quietly behind the scenes for the past two years. The company’s prototype humanoid robot represents a full end-to-end operation cycle, from verbal command recognition to complex task fulfillment. This includes advanced feats such as navigation, locomotion, scene understanding, object detection, localization, and natural language understanding.

The MenteeBot employs a novel Simulator to Reality (Sim2Real) machine learning method for its locomotion. In this system, the robotic model trains in a simulated environment, vastly reducing data requirements when adapting to real-world scenarios. The robot utilizes the latest 3D scene rendering technologies to create semantic maps for its environment, whilst dynamically avoiding obstacles.

Interpreting verbal commands and "thinking through" task requirements is made possible by Transformer-based Large Language Models. This approach allows for the seamless integration of locomotion with highly capable dexterity, enabling the MenteeBot to dynamically balance itself when handling weights or extending its hands.

The MenteeBot prototype only offers a glimpse into the capabilities of the production-ready model, set to be launched in 2025. Mentee says the final version will have the additional features of camera-only sensing, uniquely engineered electric motors, and a full-fledged AI integration.

"We are on the cusp of a convergence of computer vision, natural language understanding, strong and detailed simulators, and methodologies on and for transferring from simulation to the real world,” said Prof. Amnon Shashua, chairman of Mentee Robotics. “We see this convergence as the starting point for designing the future general-purpose bi-pedal robot that can move everywhere (as a human) with the brains to perform household tasks and learn through imitation tasks it was not previously trained for.”

Mentee Robotics' ultimate vision is to create a humanoid robot that goes far beyond novelty, and which can be attuned to diverse surroundings and tasks, using natural human interaction. You can watch it in action in the video below.

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