Say goodbye to Microsoft Windows 11 and hello to Nitrux Linux 3.4.1

Nitrux has officially released version 3.4.1. Codenamed “mi,” this update promises to improve the overall user experience with several key software updates, security enhancements, and powerful new tools.

One of the notable enhancements in Nitrux 3.4.1 is the introduction of safe-rm, a safety tool designed to prevent the accidental deletion of important files. This update comes with a functional replacement of the previously included, but non-functional, saferm script. Additionally, PowerTOP -- a tool aimed at diagnosing and improving power management -- is now included along with an OpenRC service script to apply power-saving settings automatically on boot.

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For developers, debugfs has been included to provide extensive information through an unregulated file system, allowing greater flexibility over the traditional /proc and sysfs interfaces.

The release features several updates to key components:

  • Firefox has been upgraded to version 125.0.1.
  • OpenRC, the service management system, now stands at version 0.54.
  • The NVIDIA Linux Display Driver is bumped to version 550.78, enhancing support for NVIDIA graphics cards.

Nitrux 3.4.1 also introduces support for hardware interaction enhancements:

  • An X11 configuration file to enable overclocking for NVIDIA graphics cards.
  • A boot parameter that allows utilities like CoreCtrl to override power features for AMD graphics using the “amdgpu” MESA driver.

Additionally, the distribution now supports consumer fingerprint reader devices more robustly with fprint and configured SDDM to allow logins using fingerprints or passwords. However, users should be aware of the limitations mentioned in the distribution’s notes.

The new version extends its multilingual support by adding additional translation files for Italian, Dutch, Polish, and Russian. Several bugs have been addressed, including display issues in Plasma System Monitor, boot splash image problems, and authentication challenges with PolicyKit.

To streamline operations, Nitrux has removed several outdated or unused components such as the non-utilized OpenRC start file and the standalone docker-systemctl-replacement, which was only included to facilitate certain package management operations.

Nitrux 3.4.1 "mi" is now available for everyone. Whether you're transitioning from Windows 11 or simply in search of a more dynamic and secure Linux distribution, Nitrux provides an impressive suite of updates and enhancements. Ready to make the switch? Download your copy today at SourceForge now.

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