Windows 11 is losing market share to Windows 10

Thumbs down for Windows 11 and thumbs up for Windows 10

In what will come as something of a disappointment to Microsoft, the latest figures from Statcounter shows that Windows 11 is becoming less popular.

While Windows 11’s market share is in decline, there is an almost mirrored increase in Windows 10’s market share. It appears that there remains a preference for the significantly older version of Windows.

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That Windows 10 remains more popular than Windows 11 should surprise no one, but the apparent backflow of users is certainly noteworthy.

The figures for March to April 2024 show that Windows 10 has a 70.03 percent share of the global Windows desktop market, while Windows 11 is floundering at 25.65 percent.

As Tom's Hardware notes, the market share for Windows 11 has dropped from 26.68 percent, with users continuing to embrace the soon-to-be-unsupported Windows 10.

What is not clear, is just why Windows 11 is decreasing in popularity. It is unusual for an older operating system to gain market share, and it could be that people are starting to vote with their feet in protest against the overwhelming amount of AI landing in Windows 11.

Image credit: NikolayShubin / depositphotos

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