Microsoft is ready to pull the plug on VBScript, making it optional in Windows 11 24H2


After decades of service, Microsoft is deprecating VBScript -- or Visual Basic Scripting Edition. The deprecation process will first see VBScript being changed into an optional, on-demand feature with the release of Windows 11 24H2, although it will be enabled by default.

The timeline continues into 2027 when VBScript will remain a FOD (feature on demand), but will be disabled by default. Ultimately, Microsoft will carve the feature from Windows completely, and the company has published advice about the implications.

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In a blog post about the deprecation, Microsoft explains that VBScript has been superseded: "Visual Basic Scripting Edition, commonly referred to as VBScript, is a lightweight scripting language first introduced by Microsoft in 1996. The language has been available as a system component in Windows OS and has been widely used for automating tasks and controlling applications on Windows-based systems".

Naveen Shankar goes on to say:

It's often embedded within HTML pages to add dynamic interactivity and functionality to web pages and is commonly used in conjunction with Microsoft technologies like Active Server Pages (ASP) and Windows Script Host (WSH). However, with the advancement of technology, more modern and efficient options are now available.

Technology has advanced over the years, giving rise to more powerful and versatile scripting languages such as JavaScript and PowerShell. These languages offer broader capabilities and are better suited for modern web development and automation tasks.

When VBScript is retired and removed from Windows, all related dynamic link libraries (.dll files) will also be wiped out. This means that projects that rely on VBScript will stop functioning, and this is the reason for the lengthy timeline for deprecation.

More information about the process is available here.

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