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Is WannaCry linked to the Lazarus Group?

hacker malware

As last Friday's WannaCry (WannaCrypt) ransomware attack continues to cause ripples around the globe, links have emerged between the malware code and the infamous Lazarus Group.

Lazarus is the group responsible for attacks on the Bangladesh Central Bank last year, Sony Pictures Entertainment in 2014, and more financial attacks in at least 18 countries.

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Three out of five companies expect to be breached in 2017

Breach detection

As cyber attacks and security breaches continue to make the headlines, a new study suggests that three out of five companies expect to suffer a breach this year.

The latest Market Pulse survey from identity management company SailPoint also reveals that 33 percent believe they may not even know they’ve been breached.

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OS vulnerabilities up -- Patches down


If the WannaCrypt ransomware attack of the last few days has taught us anything it should be the importance of patching systems to guard against attack.

Yet a study released today suggests the message isn't getting through. The latest US country report from Flexera Software reveals the percentage of US PC users with unpatched Windows operating systems was 9.8 percent in Q1, 2017, up from 7.5 percent last quarter and 6.5 percent in Q1, 2016.

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The WannaCrypt attack -- what we know and how to protect yourself


What seemed to have begun as just another ransomware attack hit the headlines last Friday (May 12th) when it began to attack hospitals and healthcare services in the UK.  It became clear pretty quickly that this was in fact something much bigger however, with problems reported at businesses and government bodies around the world.

Infections by the malware known as WannaCrypt or WannaCry, began in Spain with the Telefonica telecommunications giant one of the first to be hit. It then quickly spread to the United Kingdom, Russia, Japan, Taiwan, the United States, and many others. In total, over 150 countries have been affected by the ransomware since Friday, according to Europol.

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NHS hospitals hit by ransomware attack [Update: Now spreading globally]


Hospitals and doctors' surgeries across the UK have been hit by what is being described as a large scale ransomware attack.

The attack is believedto have begun at around 1:30 pm today. Areas affected include East and North Hertfordshire, North Cumbria, Blackpool, and Barts Health in London.

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Is multi-cloud architecture just a fad? [Q&A]


Enterprises often find themselves working with more than one cloud provider. This multi-cloud approach is a lot like hybrid cloud, yet many companies today may not consider this type of environment. If they have, they are more than likely wondering how to manage and govern the data held in separate clouds. They want to know how to find the best use of different architectures in a multi-cloud world.

We spoke to Lief Morin, CEO of infrastructure solutions and managed services company Key Information Systems, to discuss what he's hearing from his clients on multi-cloud strategies and when organizations should skip this type of approach altogether.

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British voters concerned about the impact of fake news on elections


With the UK's general election campaign now in full swing, a new study of 2,000 adults finds that 68 percent are concerned that fake news could influence the outcome.

In addition, 26 percent are not confident in their ability to identify a fake story and a further 39 percent were unsure if they had ever seen one. This makes Facebook’s decision to publish tips on spotting fake news timely.

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Newsletter bombs are the new DDoS

Email overload

So called 'newsletter bombs' are increasingly being sent to the publicly known email addresses of journalists, companies, and also dot-gov email addresses. These attacks send thousands of fake newsletter sign-up emails to targeted email addresses rendering the attacked mailbox useless.

According to German secure email service Tutanota, which had its own main contact address targeted, these attacks are easy to execute because most newsletter sign-up forms have no protection against malicious bot sign-ups.

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New app aims to streamline hospitality industry payments


Traditional payment systems can be somewhat cumbersome in a hospitality environment, leading to increased risk of fraudulent transactions or customers failing to pay.

Payment platform Rooam is launching a new app that allows users to open and pay for restaurant and bar tabs from their smartphones.

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Ransomware continues to dominate the cyber threat landscape


A new report from Panda Security's PandaLabs research arm reveals that real time attacks that involve direct interaction with the victim are on the rise.

It also shows the increasing professionalism of cyber criminals. Highly specialized groups are forming in fields like the creation and distribution of malware and exploits. An example covered by PandaLabs is the RDPatcher attack, the purpose of which is to put the victim’s computer up for sale on the black market for use in a bot network.

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Ransomware remains profitable as 47 percent fall victim to attacks

ransomware cash

Ransomware is one of the most successful and profitable weapons in the cyber criminal's armory, partly because it leverages an old-fashioned crime in a new digital format.

A new study by Barracuda Networks reveals that 92 percent of people surveyed are concerned about ransomware hitting their organization, and 47 percent of respondents have been a victim of ransomware themselves.

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New solution aids forensic investigation of mobile devices

Mobile data spy

Whether it's due to a specific cyber attack, theft of data, or a wider criminal investigation, it's increasingly necessary to be able to capture evidence from mobile devices.

Forensic investigation software specialist Guidance Software is launching a new version of its EnCase product aimed at safely gathering data from mobiles.

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Comodo launches free enterprise threat analysis

Hidden threat

Data breaches not only cost businesses money in the short term, they can cause long term reputational damage as stolen details turn up for sale in dark corners of the internet.

Cyber security company Comodo is offering enterprises with more than 1,000 employees a free 'Company Threat Analysis' to determine if their sensitive information is for sale on the Dark Web and, if so, how to prevent compromises from happening again.

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How secure operating systems can help protect endpoints [Q&A]

endpoint security

Endpoints are often the weakest links in any IT system, but protecting them effectively now means much more than simply guarding against malware.

As businesses rely more on the cloud and on web-based applications, the endpoint provides a gateway that can be vulnerable to attack.

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More than half of people believe using spyware to snoop on family members is legal

Mobile spy

A new study shows that almost 5o percent of people believe it's legal to install a program on a family member's phone to snoop on their activity.

The survey of more than 2,000 people in the US and UK by software comparison service Comparitech.com also finds 57 percent would consider spying on their children's phone conversations and messages.

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