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Privilege abuse widespread among infosecurity professionals

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Almost 65 percent of security professionals surveyed at the recent RSA conference admit to accessing documents that have nothing to do with their jobs.

The study by risk analytics specialist Gurucul also reveals that nearly one in five (19 percent) of respondents admit to having abused their privileged access to view sensitive data. That number increases to 36 percent among those who've had a poor job performance review.

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New threat scoring module helps security teams cope with alert volumes

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Businesses increasingly struggle with the sheer volume of cyber threats that they face. One way of tackling that is a risk-based system that allows analysts to focus on the most pressing issues.

SIRP a Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform is launching a new security scoring module to provide vital context for security teams and allow them to prioritize risks.

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One man's journey to earning over $100,000 from cybercrime


Researchers at security vendor Check Point have revealed the identity and activities of a hacker whose seven-year career in cybercrime has earned him at least $100,000, and probably much more.

He's single, 25-years-old and living in Benin City, Southern Nigeria. His cybercrime activities have earned him, on average, at least 14 times the national minimum wage in Nigeria and three times the average professional salary in Nigeria every year since 2013.

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Beware the cyberattacks seeking to exploit coronavirus fears


Whenever there's any kind of major news story that sparks public interest it's usually good for cyber criminals as they seek to exploit people's fears for their own gains.

The latest coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is no exception. The UK's National Cyber Security Centre has identified a number of attacks on a COVID-19 theme, these include bogus emails with links claiming to have important updates, which once clicked on lead to devices being infected.

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CISOs motivated by being guardians of their businesses

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What gets CISOs out of bed in the morning is knowing that they are keeping their organizations safe, according to a new study from privileged access management company Thycotic.

The study of more than 550 IT security decision-makers globally finds being the 'business bodyguard' and the knowledge that they are keeping their organization safe is the top motivator (29 percent), closely followed by being the upholder of ethics (25 percent).

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Zoho makes coronavirus-beating work from home software free until July

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With employees being encouraged to work from home, smaller businesses can face a problem due to the cost of additional licenses needed to make this happen.

Cloud business suite Zoho has stepped up to the plate by making its Remotely suite available free of charge until July 1st.

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The Dark Web turns 20 this month

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While we're all being encouraged to sing 'Happy Birthday' as we wash our hands to ward off the COVID-19 virus, you might like to know that you can sing it to the Dark Web, which turns 20 this month.

To mark the occasion digital risk management company Groupsense hasn't baked a cake but it has produced an infographic of the Dark Web's timeline.

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Open source vulnerabilities increase almost 50 percent in 2019

open source

Open source components are the building bricks of many of today's software applications, but this puts them under increased scrutiny with regard to security.

Open source management specialist WhiteSource has released a new report which shows that disclosed open source software vulnerabilities in 2019 skyrocketed to over 6000, up almost 50 percent.

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New tools help businesses understand consumers while protecting their privacy


We reported earlier today on consumer worries over who holds their data but for companies needing to collect data on their customers there's a tricky balancing act too.

Identity as a service company FullContact is enhancing its platform with new tools to better identify and reach customers in real and engaging ways while continuing to provide those customers control over their personal information.

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Consumers worry their data is being held by brands they don't know

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The average person's data is held by 350 brands and they probably don't remember 83 percent of them according to a new study.

The research from identity management platform Mine also finds 32 percent of data in people's 'digital footprint' didn’t even require users to open an account to store their information.

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World is at permanent cyber war say security professionals

Cyber war

Just in case you weren't worried enough by the coronavirus, a new survey of almost 500 security professionals released today by Venafi reveals that 88 percent of them believe the world is in a permanent state of cyber war.

In addition 90 percent are concerned that the most significant damage will be inflicted on digital infrastructure with the most vulnerable industries being those that are undergoing rapid digital transformation and are essential to daily life.

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CIOs believe the pace of digital transformation will increase in 2020

digital transformation

A new survey of over 300 enterprise chief information officers (CIOs) shows that more than 90 percent expect the pace of digital transformation to increase in 2020.

The report from Flexera shows that customer experience is the top driver of digital transformation efforts with 69 percent rating it very important, but only 36 percent considering themselves very mature in this area.

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New mobile ERP suite meets growing demand for remote working

Business mobile devices

In response to fast-growing demand for business mobility, Priority Software is launching an enhanced suite of mobile ERP applications, offering customers a rich ERP solution and full access to core business processes from remote locations.

Priority Mobile ERP includes a variety of new out-of-the-box mobile apps, along with advanced capabilities for its Mobile App Generator. These include digital document signature, document sharing via email or text, camera activation, barcode scanning, secure credit card processing and more -- all in real-time and directly from the mobile device.

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New structured data service allows faster access for applications

Digital data

As enterprises make more use of widely-available analytics engines such as Presto, Apache Spark SQL or Apache Hive, they often run into inefficient data formats and face performance challenges as a result.

Open source cloud data software company Alluxio is launching a new Structured Data Service (SDS) that will allow developers and data scientists to benefit from a more simplified data platform that enables connections to different catalogs for access to structured data, with less copies and pipelines and more compute-optimized data.

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82 percent of women in US cybersecurity roles believe the industry has a gender bias problem

women in cybersecurity

Does the cybersecurity industry have an issue with gender bias? A new report from Tessian based on a survey of 200 female cybersecurity professionals in both the US and UK suggests that it does.

According to the results 82 percent of female cybersecurity professionals in the US believe that cybersecurity has a gender bias problem, compared with 49 percent of those in the UK.

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