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The future of enterprise search technology [Q&A]


Businesses are gathering more data than ever before, but being able to make effective use of it means being able to find information when you need it.

What challenges does dealing with these ever larger amounts of data present? And how can you be certain that your searches are delivering relevant information and insights to drive your business decisions? We spoke to Stéphane Kirchacker, VP EMEA at search specialist Sinequa to find out.

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Attacks on MSPs may lead to greater regulation

Cyber attack

Managed service providers (MSPs) are a prime target for cybercriminals as they offer a gateway to the networks of the organizations that they manage, allowing attackers to go after many businesses from one place.

A new report from Perch Security looks at major MSP-related security events and trends from 2020 and makes predictions for 2021 with contributions from MSPs, partners, and security experts.

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Businesses need greater understanding of cloud data security responsibility

cloud key

There's been a major increase in cloud adoption because of COVID-19, but there's also widespread misconception surrounding responsibility for backup and recovery of data in the cloud and a lack of confidence in the security of data held by public cloud service providers.

A new report from Arcserve company StorageCraft shows 47 percent of respondents accelerated adoption of cloud services for data management, 59 percent confirmed increased use of cloud backup services, 56 percent increased the use of the cloud for IT infrastructure (IaaS), and 39 percent increasingly rely on cloud services for data recovery.

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Nation state attacks increase 100 percent in three years

hand on world map

A new report shows that nation state cyberattacks are becoming more frequent, varied and open, moving us closer to a point of 'advanced cyberconflict' than at any time since the inception of the internet.

The report, sponsored by HP, is based on research conducted by Dr Mike McGuire, senior lecturer in criminology at the University of Surrey and finds that there's been a 100 percent rise in 'significant' nation state incidents between 2017 and 2020.

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Guardicore microsegmentation extends zero trust to legacy platforms


Protecting legacy systems usually means segmenting them from points of compromise in the network. But the traditional approach using a legacy firewall for each machine is ineffective and costly.

Microsegmentation specialist Guardicore is announcing new capabilities for its Guardicore Centra product extending zero trust policies and granular microsegmentation to legacy systems including IBM iSeries AS/400 servers.

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Eight out of 10 businesses struggle with data quality

quality dial

A new survey carried out by Researchscape for data management company Ataccama reveals that 79 percent of executives and 75 percent of line of business users face problems with data quality.

With 78 percent of organizations relying on data more when compared to the year before the pandemic this is a major problem, as using poor quality data in analytics and AI initiatives can lead to misinformed business decisions.

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How PostgreSQL has popularized open source enterprise databases [Q&A]

open source

Although open source has gained in popularity in recent years, in some circles it's still viewed as being inaccessible to all but tech experts.

But that's starting to change, the PostgreSQL database has earned a strong reputation among businesses for reliability, feature robustness, and performance and has contributed to the growth in open source.

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UK launches new watchdog to promote online competition

Online platforms make it easier for people and businesses to stay in touch, but a small number of companies dominate the market which can lead to less choice and higher prices.

In the UK today sees the launch of the Digital Markets Unit (DMU) intended to create a new pro-competition regime to cover platforms with considerable market power.

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New AI-powered solution helps firms spot risky security behavior

Risk dial

Human error and poor security decisions are among the leading causes of data breaches, but it can be hard for security teams to know where to invest resources to address these risks and provide help to employees who need it most.

Tessian is introducing what it calls the Human Layer Risk Hub -- a solution that offers organizations full visibility into employees' risk levels and drivers on email, enabling security and risk management leaders to take a more tailored approach to employee security.

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More process automation needed to support digital transformation


Software engineering and IT operations teams are facing increased complexity in meeting customer and employee demands, as well as remote and hybrid work policies ushered in by COVID-19.

The key to dealing with this is increased process automation in IT operations (ITOps) according to a new report from DevOps process orchestration company Transposit.

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More than half of US employees write passwords on sticky notes

password reminders

According to a new study, 57 percent of American employees are currently writing down work-related passwords on sticky notes, leading to significant cybersecurity risk.

In addition, the report from Keeper Security shows 66 percent have lost these sticky notes in the past, making it difficult to know who ultimately has access to sensitive company information.

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Ransomware attacks and threats to IoT devices soar in 2020

Ransomware sign

Ransomware attacks grew by 485 percent in 2020 compared to 2019. Attacks in the first and second quarters accounting for 64 percent of all attacks or 19 percent higher than the first two quarters of 2019.

This is one of the findings of the latest Consumer Threat Landscape report from Bitdefender. which also shows that IoT devices with proprietary operating systems were responsible for 96 percent of vulnerabilities even though they account for only 34 percent of consumer devices.

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New solution streamlines Apple device management for enterprises


The use of Apple devices in business environments is growing. An IDC report last year showed macOS was the operating system for 23 percent of computers at US companies with over 1,000 employees in 2020, up from 17 percent in 2019.

This presents challenges for security teams which is why Mosyle is launching a new security product aimed at Apple-focused enterprises.

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How automation can help people do their jobs [Q&A]


The past year has seen many changes to the way businesses operate, including a stepping up of digital transformation and more interest in automating processes.

But many people still fear that greater automation could lead to a loss of jobs. We spoke to Yakaira (Kai) Nunez, senior director of research and insights at Salesforce to discover why she thinks enterprises can deploy automation to partner with rather than replace humans.

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When phishing phails to phool

Phishing attacks are getting more sophisticated and therefore harder to spot. However, there are still times when the phisherfolk don't do themselves any favors, making their attempts at deception amusingly obvious.

Email security company GreatHorn has launched a new blog series called Phishing Phails which looks at some of the less successful examples of phishing bait.

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