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Why Google is building its own ad blocker

TechWyse infographic header

As one of the major players in online advertising it might seem surprising that Google is introducing its own ad filtering feature to Chrome.

Partly though this is a fight back against the increasing use of ad blockers that block Google’s own ads and is aimed at the most annoying ad types like pop ups and autoplay videos. Internet marketing company TechWyse has put together an infographic explaining the thinking behind Google’s decision.

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Cryptomining malware tops January's 'most wanted' list

cryptocurrency mining

Malware seeking to steal processor time for crypto currency mining continues to be a problem, with 23 percent of organizations globally affected by a Coinhive variant in January.

These findings come from a study by Check Point which discovered three different variants of cryptomining malware in its top 10 most prevalent listing, with Coinhive ranking first.

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NTT Security and ThreatQuotient partner to deliver threat intelligence

AI security

With a wider threat landscape presented by cloud and digital transformation strategies, accurate and up to date threat intelligence is more important than ever to protect against attacks.

To meet this need, NTT Security, the specialized security company of NTT Group, has partnered with ThreatQuotient to offer an improved threat intelligence capability.

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Cloud adoption is up but 35 percent of spend is wasted

Cloud dollars

The dash to move data and applications to the cloud shows no signs of slowing down, but while the adoption of cloud solutions is up there are still major challenges.

A new report from cloud delivery specialist RightScale shows that 26 percent of enterprises (with more than 1,000 employees) are spending over $6 million a year on public cloud.

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Business data is getting bigger

Data folders backup

It probably comes as no surprise that we're all storing more data. But just how much of an impact is this having for businesses.

Enterprise file sharing specialist Egnyte says 82 percent of businesses are hybrid-enabled, keeping their data both physically backed up and in put into cloud storage. This is up from 76 percent in 2016.

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Despite challenges, mainframe use is still central to large enterprises


Mainframes are still vital to many larger businesses and a new report from Syncsort highlights some key trends including the mainframe’s role in strategic projects.

The results show the mainframe remains strategic to businesses, with 57 percent of respondents saying it will continue to be the main hub for business-critical applications this year. It will run revenue-generating services for 43 percent. Cost control is a priority though, 51 percent say they plan to cut IT costs by optimizing mainframe resources.

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New edge computing platform helps industry handle IIoT data

Industrial internet of things

Growing amounts of data from Industrial Internet of Things devices is placing increased strain on conventional network infrastructure.

One way of dealing with this is to move computing resources closer to the edge, and Stratus Technologies is launching a new virtualized and self-protecting edge computing platform that’s specifically designed for industrial environments.

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Security service providers suffer from false positive alert overload

Drowning in paper

A new survey of managed security service providers (MSSPs) reveals that they are suffering an avalanche of false positive security alerts.

The study from Advanced Threat Analytics reveals that 44 percent of respondents report a 50 percent or higher false-positive rate, half of those experience a 50-75 percent false-positive rate and the remainder a startling 75-99 percent rate.

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Cylance brings enterprise-grade security to employees' homes

Home protection

Businesses go to great lengths to protect their corporate networks, but when staff take work home it can be hard to ensure data is kept secure when using personal devices and accessing data from the cloud.

In an innovative move, endpoint protection company Cylance is offering employees of companies that use its software the chance to use Cylance's enterprise-grade AI-powered endpoint prevention to protect their family's home PCs and Macs against malicious attackers.

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Check Point launches enterprise cloud protection

Secure cloud

As enterprises move more of their system to the cloud, they open up more of their workloads to potential attack.

In order to offer protection against cyberattacks on cloud infrastructure workloads, services and software-as-a-service applications on public and private cloud platforms, Check Point is launching a new family of cloud security products.

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Public cloud services like Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive fail to protect against zero-day malware

Broken umbrella in storm

Hackers and cyber criminals are becoming wise to the fact that they can use cloud applications to spread malware.

In response, top cloud providers now offer malware protection in an attempt to stop files containing malware being uploaded. But a new report reveals that placing your trust in this protection may be ill-advised.

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IT leaders struggle to deliver cost transparency

Worried It worker

A new survey by London-based Coeus Consulting reveals that 88 percent of respondents are unable to demonstrate cost transparency to the rest of the organization.

Those that can, however, are best positioned to deliver business agility for digital transformation and are more likely to be represented at senior level in their companies.

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D-Link DIR-882 EXO AC-2600 MU-MIMO router [Review]

D-Link AC-2600 router

For many people a router is something that's supplied free by their internet service provider. Consequently they don't give much thought to it unless they encounter problems.

Yet, as we attach more and more devices to our home networks we put more demand on our routers and performance can start to suffer. The good news is that there's a whole world of routers out there that offer performance and connectivity features way beyond those of the basic units usually sent out by ISPs.

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New open source platform offers secure, self-hosted collaboration


As businesses are keen to embrace flexible working and digital transformation, there’s increased focus on collaboration and sharing of information.

But with existing regulations like HIPAA and upcoming ones like GDPR it's important to keep collaboration secure. German company Nextcloud is launching a solution in the form of a self-hosted, open source platform offering end-to-end encryption, video and text chat, and enhanced collaboration.

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51 percent of financial services companies believe existing tech is holding them back

held back, restrained

Legacy technology can be a major obstacle to digital transformation projects and, according to a new survey of financial services technology decision makers carried out for business consultancy Janeiro Digital, almost 51 percent say existing technology is holding back innovation.

Three of the biggest roadblocks are seen as lack of support for change (34 percent), legacy technology and infrastructure (31.6 percent) and a lack of in-house technical skill (29.5 percent).

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