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Gmail accounts make up 30 percent of marketing databases

The number of Gmail users subscribed to marketers' email programs has increased from 17 percent in 2014 to 30 percent today, according to new data released by Yes Lifecycle Marketing.

The company analyzed more than 7 billion emails sent through its cross-channel communications platform Yesmail360i. According to the findings, Gmail users make up nearly half (49 percent) of new subscribers -- those who opted into a brand's email program within the last 90 days -- and 38 percent of subscribers who opted in over the last year.

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New self-service tool helps unlock customer data across ad platforms

data bucket

Advertising via platforms like Google and Facebook is popular, but any insights gained from using these services are difficult to apply elsewhere.

Identity management company Drawbridge is launching a new Self Service Graph dashboard that gives marketers transparency into their cross-device data by letting them tap into the service, without requiring any engineering on the client side.

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84 percent of enterprises plan to move workloads to the cloud


The need for greater scalability and flexibility, and a desire to avoid capital expenditures are driving enterprises to move more of their workloads to the cloud.

A survey by hybrid cloud operations company OpsRamp of IT professionals in organizations with over 500 employees reveals that 84 percent are planning to move more work to the cloud in the next two years.

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Comodo launches free service to remove website malware

Many recent security breaches have been caused by poor website safety, allowing hackers to exploit vulnerabilities to steal data.

Cyber security company Comodo is launching a free malware removal service for websites to help businesses stay secure. Once a business submits a request Comodo's security operations center analysts will instantly remove all malware, perform hack repairs, including checking the files, databases and any malicious code running to remove infection from the site, and keep the customer fully updated.

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How machine learning is set to shake up marketing

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are expanding their reach into many areas of business, and marketing is no exception.

B2B marketing specialist Engagio has produced an infographic looking at how marketers can incorporate the latest technology into their own account based marketing strategies.

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Enterprises are risking an IoT technology time bomb

The increased use of connected devices leads to significant security challenges for 77 percent of enterprises, according to a new survey.

The study conducted by Forrester for IoT security company ForeScout Technologies also reveals that 82 percent struggle to identify all of their network-connected devices, and when asked who is primarily responsible for securing IoT, IT and line of business (LoB), leaders don't have a clear answer or measure of ownership.

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90 percent of IT pros worry about public cloud security

cloud worry

New research commissioned by network testing, visibility, and security vendor Ixia reveals that more than 90 percent of respondents are concerned about data and application security in public clouds.

In addition nearly 60 percent report that public cloud environments make it more difficult to obtain visibility into data traffic.

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New endpoint protection platform aims to stop targeted attacks

endpoint protection

Increasingly attacks against businesses and government organizations are targeted against a specific entity.

The latest platform from endpoint protection specialist Endgame uses enhanced attack mapping and automated guidance to empower users of any skill level to stop even the most aggressive attacks.

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More than seven billion records exposed in 2017 data breaches

The first three quarters of 2017 have seen 3,833 breaches reported, exposing over seven billion records, according to a new report.

But the study by Risk Based Security reveals that 78.5 percent of all records exposed came from just five breaches. Compared to the same period in 2016, the number of reported breaches is up 18.2 percent and the number of exposed records is up 305 percent.

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Public cloud and SaaS monitoring added to security operations platform

The use of SaaS applications and cloud infrastructure is becoming more widespread, but robust cyber security operations policies are often lacking for these environments.

The proliferation of these services has blurred the traditional security perimeter of the enterprise, creating a growing need to unify the security and operational policies of on-premises, SaaS and public cloud infrastructure to ensure visibility into systems and data.

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One in five security professionals still uses paper to manage privileged passwords

password reminders

A new study from identity management company One Identity reveals a worrying level of mismanagement of privileged accounts.

The survey of over 900 IT security professionals carried out by Dimensional Research finds 18 percent of respondents admit to using paper-based logs, and 36 percent are using equally inadequate spreadsheets for tracking privileged accounts.

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Threat intelligence platform adds analyst assessments to machine learning

Companies are increasingly turning to AI and machine learning solutions to combat cyber threats, but sometimes there is no substitute for the insight that comes with human analysis.

Threat intelligence specialist Recorded Future recognizes this and is expanding its platform to give security operations centers access to analyst-originated intelligence to offer relevant expert insights and analysis needed for operational improvements and targeted risk reduction.

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New partner program lets service providers offer erasure as a service

data eraser

One of the areas that can often be overlooked when companies are formulating data protection strategies is what happens to information at the end of its life.

It's important to dispose of unneeded information securely and data erasure specialist Blancco Technology Group is offering a new erasure as a service (EaaS) process. It's making this available through a partner program so that managed service providers can integrate it into their IT service offerings.

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New router-based solution protects home IoT devices

router shield

As we bring more and more smart devices into our homes, we potentially open ourselves up to a variety of new risks with devices opening back doors into networks or falling prey to botnets.

German antivirus company Avira is launching a new approach to home security which needs no new infrastructure on the domestic network and no configuration done by the user.

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Solix launches free GDPR readiness tool

gdpr prepared

With the GDPR implementation date of May 18th 2018 drawing ever nearer, organizations are looking to review their data management processes in order to avoid being hit with fines.

Big data application provider Solix Technologies is launching a range of new data governance capabilities and assessment services to address GDPR readiness and compliance, in addition to a free online GDPR readiness grading tool.

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