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Manufacturing industry at greater risk of cyberattacks

Industrial internet of things

Manufacturing businesses are seeing higher-than-normal rates of cyberattack-related reconnaissance and lateral movement activity.

This is due to the convergence of IT with IoT devices and Industry 4.0 initiatives, according to a new report from AI-powered attack detection specialists Vectra.

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Facial recognition tool helps penetration testing

Facial recognition of mask

Using fake social media profiles is a common technique among hackers in order to gain the confidence of targets and direct them to credential stealing sites.

For security and penetration testing teams to replicate this is time consuming as often people have profiles across multiple sites. Ethical hacking specialist Trustwave is using a new tool called Social Mapper that can correlate profiles across multiple sites and make analyzing a person's online presence easier.

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Lure of cybercrime leads security professionals to become 'gray hats'

Cybercrime cash

The attractions and profitability of the digital underworld are leading some security practitioners to become 'gray hats' and get involved in cybercrime according to a new report from Malwarebytes.

The study carried out by Osterman Research finds that in the UK as many as one in 13 security professionals are perceived to be gray hats. Globally, mid-sized organizations (those with 500 to 999 employees) are getting squeezed the hardest, and this is where the skills shortage, and the allure of becoming a gray hat, may be greatest.

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Americans value their personal data above their wallets

personal data

When asked which items would concern them most if stolen, 55 percent of Americans responding to a new survey named personal data, compared to 23 percent their wallet, 10 percent their car, and just six percent each their phone or house keys.

The study by cyber security and application delivery company Radware  surveyed over 3,000 US adults finds that social security numbers are the data people value most with 54 percent saying they would be most concerned if this was stolen.

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92 percent of enterprises struggle to integrate security into DevOps


A large majority of organizations are struggling to implement security into their DevOps processes, despite saying they want to do so, according to a new report.

The study commissioned by application security specialist Checkmarx looks at the biggest barriers to securing software today depending on where organizations sit on the DevOps maturity curve.

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Cloudflare opens up video streaming to everyone


If as a business or an individual you want to put a video on your website you would usually use a public service like YouTube and embed a link.

If you wanted to host your own video you would need a service to encode video into a streamable format, another to act as the content delivery network, and yet another to provide the player code that runs on the client device.

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Uncovering the secret life of Twitter bots

Twitter logo over cryptocurrency coins

How do you know if you're reading tweets from a real person or a bot? As bot technology becomes more sophisticated it's increasingly hard to tell.

Researchers at Duo Security have collected and analyzed data from 88 million public Twitter accounts using machine learning to spot the tactics used by malicious bots to appear legitimate and avoid detection.

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Preempt allows organizations to detect and block hacker reconnaissance tools


Increasingly cybercriminals are using their initial attacks to probe systems and look for other vulnerabilities or network resources that they can later exploit.

Threat detection platform Preempt is launching new capabilities that allow enterprises to prevent lateral movement and unauthorized domain access due to the misuse of network credentials in reconnaissance tools.

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Carbon Black launches real-time security ops solution

endpoint protection

Security and operations teams often have no reliable way to assess the current state of endpoints across their enterprise.

Lack of visibility is a major concern which leads to greater risk of a breach and a lack of information to take appropriate action after a problem occurs.

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SMBs rank network security as top concern


SMBs are just as likely to be attacked by cybercriminals as larger businesses, yet they lack the budgets and resources to secure their systems and deal with the aftermath of an attack.

It’s not surprising then that a poll of more than 350 SMBs worldwide by cybersecurity specialist Untangle finds that firewall and network security are rated as the top security concerns, particularly as more systems move to the cloud.

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Massive router hack used to spread CoinHive cryptomining script


Researchers at Trustwave have uncovered an attack on tens of thousands of MikroTik routers which is being used to embed CoinHive cryptominer scripts in websites.

A surge in CoinHive actvity in Brazil at the start of this week alerted researchers that something was happening. Further investigation showed that MicroTik devices were at the root of the problem and all were using the same CoinHive site key.

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Android apps carry hidden Windows 10 malware

Android hazard sign

Over 140 apps on the Google Play store have been discovered to contain malicious Windows executable files.

Researchers at Palo Alto Networks found that among the infected apps, several had more than 1,000 installations and carried 4-star ratings.

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Spear phishing attack hits more than 400 industrial companies


Researchers at Kaspersky Lab have detected a new wave of spear phishing attacks disguised as legitimate procurement and accounting letters, that have hit more than 400 industrial organizations.

The emails have targeted approximately 800 employee PCs, mostly in Russian companies, with the goal of stealing money and confidential data from the organizations, which could then be used in new attacks.

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HP launches flexible systems to enhance in-store retail

HP Engage Go

Retailing presents some unique challenges for IT. Endpoints tend to be in fixed positions which has an effect on how staff interact with customers.

HP is unveiling a new portfolio of devices and service offerings designed to enhance the retail experience by freeing the technology to move around. The HP Engage portfolio provides sleek, versatile, and secure systems to meet the evolving needs of retail and hospitality customers.

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Virtualization tool helps protect critical IP and high value assets


While breaches often focus on consumer or payment information, they also put at risk key intellectual property and business assets.

Virualization-based security specialist Bromium is announcing a new product called Protected App, which allows organizations to establish robust, end-to-end protection around their critical intellectual property (IP) and high value assets (HVAs).

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