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Why and how organizations are modernizing their container deployments at the edge [Q&A]

Edge computing is aimed at bringing computing power closer to the source of data, such as IoT devices. It's increasingly being seen as an alternative to traditional data center and cloud models.

Stewart McGrath is the CEO at Section, a global Edge as a Service (EaaS) provider that helps organizations improve availability of their containerized application workloads in the cloud. We spoke to him to find out how and why companies are moving applications out to the edge.

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Choose your partners carefully to protect your security

Man and woman shaking hands

Choosing a partner business with a poor security posture makes an organization 360-times more likely to be at risk compared to choosing a top security performer, according to a new study.

The risk surface research from Cyentia Institute and RiskRecon shows that single demographic factors, such as industry, size and region, aren't enough to assess the risk posed by third parties.

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Microservices and service mesh are critical to digital transformation

New research shows that 85 percent of companies are modernizing their applications to a microservices architecture.

The study from Solo.io and ClearPath Strategies reveals that 56 percent of organizations with at least half of their applications on a microservices architecture have faster development cycles, with daily or more frequent releases.

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Enterprises vulnerable to identity-related incidents due to lack of mature strategies

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Only 16 percent of respondents to a new survey have a fully mature identity and access management (IAM) strategy in place, yet 56 percent have experienced identity-related incidents in the last three years.

The study carried out by the Ponemon Institute for enterprise identity specialist Saviynt shows that the 84 percent without a mature strategy are currently dealing with inadequate budgets, programs stuck in a planning phase, and a lack of senior-level awareness.

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Email threats still managing to evade defenses

Email attack

New research released today from Cyren shows that business email perimeter defenses are often incapable of preventing well-crafted email attacks.

During an average month, there are 75 malicious messages per 100 mailboxes that slip past email security filters like Microsoft 365 Defender. This means that an enterprise with 5,000 mailboxes would need to detect and respond to 3,750 confirmed malicious inbox threats each month.

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Automation improves employee retention

Whenever automation is discussed there are always concerns around whether it will lead to a need for fewer staff or will cause existing employees to leave.

But a new study from Samsara shows that 95 percent of businesses which have already implemented AI and automation report it has in fact led to increased employee retention.

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74 percent say iPaaS is a key factor for competitiveness

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) is the most important factor in competitiveness, say 74 percent of companies in a new survey.

The research, carried out by Forrester Consulting for Celigo, also shows that 67 percent of respondents from organizations that don't have iPaaS say a lack of visibility into the data needed to make real-time decisions and a lack of data integrity due to manual data entry, delays, incompleteness and errors are major challenges of their firms' current SaaS landscapes.

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Just because you have a backup strategy it doesn't mean you can recover data

Backup key

Almost all (99 percent) of IT decision makers say they have backup strategies in place, but 26 percent admit they were unable to fully restore all data or documents when recovering from a backup.

These findings come from a survey conducted for encrypted USB drive company Apricorn by Vanson Bourne, which also finds that 27 percent have automated backups to both central and personal repositories.

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Meeting the challenges of multicloud [Q&A]


Businesses have been using the cloud for many years, but only in more recent times have we seen the rise of multicloud as companies seek to spread their public cloud workload.

Why has multicloud become such a popular strategy and what challenges does it present? We talked to Pavel Despot, senior product manager at Akamai, to find out.

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Budgets up and incidents down as CISOs take control

Organizational cybersecurity has significantly improved over the last year, following positive shifts in influence by CISOs and changing attitudes towards security culture, according to a new report.

The ninth annual Information Security Maturity report, published by ClubCISO in collaboration with Telstra Purple, surveyed more than 100 information security leaders around the world and finds 54 percent report that 'no material incident occurred', in the past year, compared to 27 percent in 2021.

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Demand for automation surges across all areas of business


Demand for automation from business teams has increased over the last two years according to 91 percent of respondents to a new survey.

The study from MuleSoft shows the highest demand for automation comes from research and development (39 percent), administrative/operations (38 percent), customer service (33 percent), and marketing (26 percent).

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Smaller businesses acknowledge increased cyber threats but few do anything about it


While 83 percent of respondents to a new survey of small and medium businesses agree that they have seen an increased awareness of cybersecurity in their organization, only 36 percent have adopted new security policies.

The report from Dashlane is based on a survey of more than 600 employees and managers and over 300 IT decision makers (leaders) at SMBs across multiple industries.

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CIO roles expand during the pandemic

Over half of CIOs say their job role has expanded or changed over the last two years, according to a new survey from Navisite of over 200 CIOs across a range of industries.

These changes include adding new titles such as president, COO, CTO, etc. (37 percent), reporting directly to the CEO (21 percent), and gaining a seat on a company board or participating on board calls (18 percent).

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Human error to blame for eight out of 10 data breaches


New analysis by CybSafe of data from the UK Information Commissioner's Office shows 80 percent of data breaches reported in 2021 were caused by user error.

A total of 2,692 reports were sent to the ICO last year 80 percent of which could be attributed to actions taken by end-users, though this is down from 90 percent in 2020.

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Over half of organizations suffer cyberattacks in the cloud

Cloud fail

A new report reveals that 53 percent of organizations have experienced a cyberattack on their cloud infrastructure within the last 12 months.

The 2022 Cloud Security Report from Netwrix shows that was the most common type of attack, experienced by 73 percent of respondents.

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