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Poor quality software costs businesses over $2 trillion

quality dial

The cost of poor software quality in the US in 2020 was approximately $2.08 trillion according to a report released today produced by the Consortium for Information and Software Quality (CISQ) and sponsored by Synopsys.

The figure includes poor software quality resulting from software failures, unsuccessful development projects, legacy system problems, technical debt and cybercrime enabled by exploitable weaknesses and vulnerabilities in software.

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Exium launches secure 5G network as a service

5G circuit board

As noted in our 5G predictions roundup at the end of last year, one of the concerns about the rollout is that it introduces extra risks.

In order to provide a safer option Exium is launching its Secure 5G network as a service, based on emerging clean network standards being promoted by the US Department of State, the EU and others.

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Encryption, zero trust and the quantum threat -- security predictions for 2021

Crystal ball with key

We've already looked at the possible cybercrime landscape for 2021, but what about the other side of the coin? How are businesses going to set about ensuring they are properly protected next year?

Josh Bregman, COO of CyGlass thinks security needs to put people first, "2020 has been incredibly stressful. Organizations should therefore look to put people first in 2021. Cybersecurity teams are especially stressed. They've been tasked with securing a changing environment where more people than ever before are working remotely. They've also faced new threats as cyber criminals have looked to take advantage of the pandemic: whether through phishing attacks or exploiting weaknesses in corporate infrastructure. Being proactive, encouraging good cyber hygiene and executing a well thought out cyber program will go a long way towards promoting a peaceful and productive 2021, not least because it will build resiliency."

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More automation, earlier security and 'Switzerland platforms' -- development predictions for 2021

crystal ball

The switch to remote working and the surge in online shopping during 2020 has seen a greater focus on the experience that software provides.

There have of course been other pressures on developers too, but what can we expect to happen in the next year?

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Firmware attacks, sophisticated ransomware and ID fraud -- cybercrime predictions for 2021

Cybercrime cash

2020 has seen cybercriminals step up their efforts to exploit the surge of people working from home, as well as seeking to exploit news and information about the pandemic.

This is a notoriously difficult area to predict, but what do experts think we’ll see happening in 2021?

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Cryptocurrency becomes mainstream and new digital standards arrive -- fintech predictions for 2021


In recent years we've seen some significant shifts in the financial sector, with newer businesses using technology to challenge more established players.

Much of this has centered around the use of blockchain, although cryptocurrency still hasn't entered the mainstream. What do experts think we'll see in the fintech space next year?

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Enabling the edge, more IoT devices and more risks -- 5G predictions for 2021

5G network

As the worldwide roll out of 5G networks gathers pace, what do industry experts believe will be the opportunities and threats that they will bring?

Verizon Media's chief business officer Iván Markman expects 5G to push more computing to the edge, "As 5G deployment grows across networks, offering much faster data speeds and low-latency, and computing is increasingly done at the edge of the cloud instead of inside a device, it will in turn lead to new form factors for devices as they don't need such huge computing power as they require right now to deliver XR experiences. We have already seen great strides forward in 2020 with live events across music, sports and beyond with new immersive XR experiences for audiences both at home and within venues."

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Tighter integration, collaboration and 'cloudjacking' -- cloud predictions for 2021

cloud crystal ball

We've seen a general move to the cloud over the last few years, while 2020's pandemic has forced more organizations to turn to the cloud in order to support their remote workers.

Can we expect this trend to continue into next year and what other factors might come into play?

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Democratization, ethics and data poisoning -- AI and ML predictions for 2021

AI speech bubble

In the second of our series of pieces looking at technology predictions for 2021 we look at the field of AI and machine learning.

This has the potential to impact on many areas of commerce, science and digital transformation, but what do industry experts think?

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Working from home is here to stay, increased focus on SD-WAN and zero trust -- network predictions for 2021

2021 predictions

After 2020 managed to turn most of the world on its head, making predictions for 2021 might seem to be a bit risky. Plenty of industry experts have been doing so, however, which means that it's time for our usual seasonal round ups of what you can expect to see from the technology world next year.

One of the biggest impacts of 2020's pandemic has been on networks as more people than ever have switched to remote work. Let's have a look at how the industry thinks this will play out in 2021.

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How secure SD-WAN can improve security and cut costs [Q&A]

remote working

Securing enterprise networks has always been a challenge, but 2020 and the shift to remote working has made it even more so.

Fortunately secure SD-WAN technology can help businesses to deal with the new landscape as well as reducing costs and making strong security accessible to more organizations. We spoke to Mike Wood CMO of Versa Networks to find out more.

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Fraudulent eCommerce purchase values jump 70 percent over 2019


2020 has been a boom year for eCommerce, with average daily transaction volumes equal to 88 percent of the volume achieved during Black Friday weekend 2019 according to digital trust and safety specialist Sift.

It also finds the average attempted fraudulent purchase value has risen to over $700 from October through November 2020, a 70 percent year-on-year increase compared to the same period in 2019.

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How the MITRE Shield can help organizations better address their adversaries [Q&A]

Malware shield

The MITRE ATT&CK framework is now used by many organizations to help them understand and counter threats. Less well known is the latest addition, MITRE Shield.

We spoke to Carolyn Crandall, chief deception officer and CMO at Attivo Networks to find out more about how this can be used along with MITRE ATT&CK to better address adversaries.

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Pandemic accelerates moves to the cloud

Cloud growth arrow

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a major influence on spending and digital transformation plans in 2020 with many businesses speeding up plans to move to the cloud.

A new study from BillingPlatform of 300 CFOs and senior finance executives shows that this trend is likely to continue into 2021. Respondents named their three top priorities as investing in cloud-based technologies (42 percent), identifying ways to drive higher revenue through new products and services (41 percent) and reducing operating costs or capital investments (36 percent).

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IBM helps businesses prepare for next generation encryption


IBM Security is launching a new service that allows companies to experiment with fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) -- an emerging technology that allows data to remain encrypted while being processed or analyzed in cloud or third-party environments.

IBM Security Homomorphic Encryption Services provide companies with education, expert support, and a testing environment to develop prototype applications that can take advantage of FHE.

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