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Criminals hijack browsers to mine cryptocurrency

crypto currency

Cyber criminals supplementing their income by mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is nothing new. Usually this has been done by installing malware or PUPs on the machines of unsuspecting users.

But now researchers at ESET have discovered a new method of mining cryptocurrencies, which can be done directly within your web browser, using JavaScript. This gives attackers the potential to reach a greater number of victims, by infecting websites, rather than by targeting individual machines.

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User feedback solution helps companies build brand loyalty

tablet feedback

Companies want people to use their apps, but it can be hard to obtain feedback on what is and isn't working, and understand what customers want.

Digital experience company Applause is launching its Customer Journeys solution which delivers authentic user feedback from a range of sources including apps, marketing materials, websites, in-store, IoT devices and more.

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Mobile apps still the 'Wild West' of online security

wild west mobile

Most app stores are still failing to adequately protect their users from malicious and fraudulent app downloads.

This is one of the findings of a new report by threat management company RiskIQ which analyzed 120 mobile app stores and more than 2 billion daily scanned resources.

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McAfee launches new range of consumer security products

Consumer home protection

With internet threats showing no signs of slowing down, it's vital to keep all of your devices protected and this applies in the home as much as the workplace.

With the launch today of its latest consumer products, McAfee is aiming to protect against threats as well as offering online privacy and safety for the whole family.

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IT professionals are an underused resource for cyber security

Employee bored

It's widely accepted that there is a shortage of people with cyber security skills, yet a new study shows that companies are failing to give IT professionals -- the people implementing and operating security strategies for most organizations -- the training and responsibility they need to take on a more proactive cyber security role.

The study, from security training company (ISC)2 also reveals that many IT professionals feel their security guidance is being ignored by business leadership.

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New data platform accelerates application development and deployment

developer laptop

One of the things that can hold back development of business applications the reliance on extract, transform, and load (ETL) infrastructures to move data between applications and platforms.

Platform specialist InterSystems is launching a new platform built around a high-performance database that eliminates the need for ETL.

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Bill Gates says Britain can be a world technology leader after Brexit, but CBI demands certainty on data

Brexit EU European Union flag UK

Before the UK's referendum on leaving the EU last year, Bill Gates warned that a vote to leave could jeopardize the country’s position in the science and technology sector.

But in an interview with the Daily Telegraph (paywalled) the Microsoft founder says that Britain can remain a world leader if care is taken.

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Free analytics tool lets developers troubleshoot app performance

Mobile device apps

Businesses are increasingly keen to take advantage of mobile apps, but consumers are quick to drop apps that fail to perform as expected.

The problem is that once an app is released it's difficult for developers to get feedback on how it's working in the real world. App acceleration company PacketZoom is addressing this with the launch of a free analytics tool that enables app developers to analyze, troubleshoot and control app performance in real-time.

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Container use in the cloud continues to grow


A new report reveals the continuing popularity of container systems in the cloud, with AWS Docker adoption up by six percentage points over last year and AWS Lambda almost doubling.

The 'State of Modern Applications in the Cloud' report from analytics platform Sumo Logic shows that businesses of all sizes are transforming at an unprecedented pace in order to compete in the digital era. However, they are often being hampered by legacy technologies and inefficient siloed processes and tools that are ill-equipped to handle today's volume of data.

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Enterprise cloud environments become more fragmented


Half of organizations are using more than one cloud, with nearly one in ten using five or more according to new research.

The survey conducted by IOD Cloud Technologies Research in partnership with cloud operations specialist Cloudify shows hybrid cloud is the dominant model.

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Malvertising continues to rise as tactics change

Scam advert

The second quarter of 2017 saw over 18 percent more adverts containing blacklisted content -- phishing, scams, exploit kits, and malware -- than Q1 according to a new report.

The study from threat management company RiskIQ shows some seasonal changes in the pattern of traffic, with a 24.2 percent drop in exploit kits, and a 42.7 percent drop in malware. However this was more than offset by a huge 131.3 percent rise in phishing-related ads.

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UK companies look overseas to bridge the IT skills gap

Great Britain UK keyboard laptop

With digital transformation projects currently flavor of the month, businesses are facing increasing difficulties in finding the talent needed to carry them out.

A new study of UK IT leaders by cloud and networking company Interoute finds 96 percent believe that the cost of professionals with expertise in digital transformation is higher than for other IT initiatives, and nearly half (48 percent) see the skills shortage as a problem.

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Carbon Black launches streaming protection against ransomware


Ransomware remains one of the most serious threats to organizations of all sizes, but traditional signature-based detection methods can struggle to identify the latest attacks.

Endpoint security company Carbon Black is launching its latest Cb Defense next-generation anit virus (NGAV) solution using 'Streaming Ransomware Protection' designed to detect and prevent attacks, even if the ransomware employs fileless techniques or unknown tactics.

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Poor security design and how not to handle a cyber attack -- lessons from Equifax

Security breach

The data breach at credit agency Equifax looks to be one of the biggest in recent times. Industry experts have been quick to criticise both the company's security and its response to the breach.

Once again we've seen a breach exploiting a web app vulnerability that has managed to go undetected for several months. There has also been criticism of Equifax executives actions in selling $1 million worth of stock before going public about the breach.

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US schools are uniquely vulnerable to cyber attacks

School children laptop

A new study by application delivery and security company Radware reveals that US schools are uniquely vulnerable to the threat of cyber attacks.

The study of 1,000 US consumers shows that 15 percent of respondents think a 1-6 grade student easily disrupt school or university operations through a cyber attack, while 57 percent believe the same is true for high school students.

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