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Confirmed: the OnePlus 6T definitely has an in-display fingerprint reader

OnePlus 6T lock screen

Whether genuine leaks or a carefully orchestrated PR campaign, details of OnePlus phone releases nearly always slip out ahead of the big day. The OnePlus 6T is no different.

We've already heard rumors that the upcoming handset will ditch the cumbersome rear-mounted reader in favor of one that's built directly into the screen. Now OnePlus has confirmed that this is in fact the case.

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Azure Pipelines CI/CD service arrives in the GitHub Marketplace

Microsoft Azure and GitHub

Microsoft today announced the successor to Visual Studio Team Services, Azure DevOps, as well as Azure DevOps Server, replacing Team Foundation Server. As part of this, the company also launched a new CI/CD service called Azure Pipelines which gives developers the chance to build, test and deploy to any platform.

Azure Pipelines has been launched in the GitHub Marketplace, and it is completely free for open source repositories.

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Leaks suggest incoming iPhone Xc, iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Plus

iPhone Xc

Historically, Apple has run a very tight ship when it comes to containing leaks, but things have changed slightly in more recent times. It has been thought for a little while now that the company is planning to release three new iPhone models later this week, and there have been leaks that seem to show off some of the handsets and hint at the names.

Now there are two new leaks. The first shows prototypes of 6.1-inch LCD iPhone, while the second seems to confirm the names iPhone Xc, iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Plus.

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Huawei will let users force their phones into Performance Mode in EMUI 9.0

Huawei logo with blossom

Earlier this week it was revealed that Huawei has been gaming benchmarks by switching its phones to a faster mode when benchmarking tools were detected. After this caused 3DMark-maker UL to delist numerous Huawei phones, the Chinese manufacturer has responded by saying it will open up Performance Mode so users can access it whenever they want.

The company says that it "respects consumers' right to choose what to do with their devices" and that with this in mind it will let everyone running EMUI 9.0 to force the use of this faster mode.

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Trump threatens China tariffs, tells Apple to make products in US when company complains about costs

Apple logo with Trump and Chinese flag

President Trump proposed tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese products -- and there is the threat of a further $267 billion-- has caused Apple to write to the US Trade Representative to point out that this would lead to increased productions costs for many of its products.

Responding to this, Trump said that the company could avoid Chinese import tariffs by switching production to the US. Referring to his suggestion as "exciting", the president said that Apple should start building new factories in America.

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Apple boots Alex Jones and Infowars out of the App Store

Infowars app rejected

Having already removed its podcasts from iTunes, Apple has gone a step further and kicked Infowars out of the App Store.

The app -- which provided access to Infowars articles as well as livestreams of Alex Jones shows rants -- has been permanently removed from the App Store for violations of Apple's rule. The move by the iPhone-maker is just the latest in a string of setbacks for Jones who has already fallen foul of Spotify, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter's policies.

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Tor for Android brings secure, anonymous internet browsing to your mobile phone

Tor for Android

It seems like mere moments since an updated version of Tor for the desktop was released, and now there's great news for owners of Android smartphones. The Tor Project has released an Android version of the Tor browser, and it's available to download either directly from its website, or from Google Play.

Currently in alpha -- so expect there to be a few issues -- this is the only mobile Tor browser that's supported by the Tor Project, and the developers promise that it will block trackers, protect against surveillance and ensure privacy.

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Mac app Adware Doctor caught stealing users' browsing histories

MacBook Pro

A highly popular anti-adware tool in the Mac App Store "surreptitiously steals your browsing history", alleges a security researcher. "All your data are belong to China!", as he puts it.

Patrick Wardle conducted research into Adware Doctor -- one of the most popular paid-for apps in the App Store -- after concerns were raised by another security researcher. His research "uncovered blatant violations of user privacy and complete disregard of Apple's App Store Guidelines", including the theft and sharing of browsing history with a Chinese server.

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Huawei has been cheating in benchmarks

Huawei P20

UL -- the company behind benchmarking software 3DMark -- has delisted a number of Huawei phones after the Chinese handset manufacturer was found to be cheating in benchmarks.

As has been the case with handsets from some other manufacturers, the Huawei P20, P20 Pro, Nova 3 and Honor Play were found to increase performance when benchmarking software is running. Interestingly, Huawei has not denied the accusations leveled at it.

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Apple is developing an online tool for police to request data

Apple building logo

Apple is looking to make it easier for law enforcement agencies to request user data and is working on an online tool to help facilitate this.

A letter seen by Reuters shows that Apple is not only developing a data request tool, but also planning to train police about the data that it can and cannot provide. A new online system will make it easier and quicker to track data requests, and would be far more efficient than the current method of communication -- email.

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British Airways hack exposes personal and financial details of 380,000 customers

British Airways plane

British Airways has fallen victim to what it describes as a "very sophisticated" attack in which hackers stole financial data relating to hundreds of thousands of customers.

The airline revealed that hackers gained access to its systems and managed to remain undetected for two weeks. The theft of data took place between August 21 and September 5 and the attackers managed to compromise both the web site and the airline's mobile app.

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Twitter hits Alex Jones and Infowars with permanent bans

Twitter and Alex Jones

Fueling the right-wing conspiracy theorist's view that the world is out to get him, Twitter has followed the lead of other social media companies and banned Alex Jones from its platform.

With his output dubbed "hate content", Jones found himself removed from Spotify, Facebook and iTunes, but Twitter's Jack Dorsey previously refused to follow suit saying that the Infowars frontman "hasn't violated our rules", insisting that his company enforces its rules "impartially, regardless of political viewpoints". But after Jones posted videos earlier this week that violated Twitter's policy on abusive content, he has been permanently banned.

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EU green-lights Apple's purchase of Shazam

Shazam app on iPhone

It's now ten months since Apple announced its plans to buy music-recognition firm Shazam, and a little under half a year since the European Commission started an investigation into the purchase because of concerns about competition.

EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager today announced that the commission will not stand in the way of the deal.

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APK teardown reveals Google Play Points loyalty scheme

Google Play Points

Google already gives you a way to earn money with your phone via its Rewards app, but it looks as though a new loyalty scheme could be on the horizon too.

A teardown of the Play Store APK reveals reference to "Google Play Points". While little is known about it at the moment, it appears to offer a way to earn points that can spent on things in Google Play.

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Developers can now use staged releases in Google Play to test their Android apps on users

Google logo and Android head

Google has announced that developers can now take advantage of a new "staged releases" feature to roll out new versions of their apps to a small percentage of their user base.

The feature was first revealed at Google I/O earlier in the year, and Google says that it will give developers the chance to test new features on a limited number of users before opting for a wider rollout.

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