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Get 'Machine Learning for Cybersecurity Cookbook' ($31.99 value) FREE for a limited time

Organizations today face a major threat in terms of cybersecurity, from malicious URLs to credential reuse, and having robust security systems can make all the difference.

With Machine Learning for Cybersecurity Cookbook you'll learn how to use Python libraries such as TensorFlow and scikit-learn to implement the latest artificial intelligence (AI) techniques and handle challenges faced by cybersecurity researchers.

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Credential phishing on the rise with Office 365 a top target


New research from Menlo Security reveals that numbers of fake login pages and forms looking to steal credential are on the increase.

The majority of attacks are serving Outlook and Office 365 logins, reflecting the widespread use of these services across corporate environments.

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Securing insurance's new attack surface with crowdsourced cybersecurity [Q&A]

business security

All industries have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to shift to new ways of working. This change has also led to an expanded attack surface for cyber criminals.

The insurance sector has been particularly hit in the past year and we spoke to Ashish Gupta, CEO of crowdsourced security company Bugcrowd to find out how businesses have been affected and how they're responding to the challenge.

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Remote working still presents security problems one year on

home working security

Even after a full year of remote work, many enterprises are still concerned about securing their off-site users according to a new study from cloud security company Bitglass.

The biggest remote work security concerns come from data leaking through endpoints (68 percent), users connecting with unmanaged devices (59 percent), and access from outside the perimeter (56 percent).

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Passwords are bad for online business

password on tablet

According to a report from Transmit Security, more than half of consumers have stopped using a website because of the login process and more than 87 percent have been locked out of an online account because of an error-ridden password process.

The survey of 600 US consumers finds organizations are losing potential customers and a substantial amount of revenue because of their dependency on traditional password systems and outdated customer authentication models.

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Cloud workloads increase but security concerns remain

Data cloud lock

A new study from the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and cloud security company AlgoSec finds that over half of organizations are running 41 percent or more of their workloads in public clouds, compared to just a quarter in 2019.

But 11 percent of respondents have reported a cloud security incident in the past year with the three most common causes being cloud provider issues (26 percent), security misconfigurations (22 percent), and attacks like denial of service exploits (20 percent).

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One in five healthcare files is open to all employees

Healthcare data

A new report from Varonis reveals some startling statistics about healthcare data, with almost 20 percent of files open to all employees in an organization.

In addition the average healthcare organization has over 31,000 files -- including those that include HIPAA-protected information, financial data, and proprietary research -- open to everyone.

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2020 sees cybercriminals turn to Ransomware 2.0

ransomware laptop

Historically ransomware has relied on encrypting data and then demanding money in order to release it.

But a new report from F-Secure shows that 2020 has seen an increase in ransomware that also steals data, giving the attackers more leverage over their victims. If organizations first refuse to pay a ransom to decrypt their data, attackers threaten to leak the stolen information, increasing pressure on victims.

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The growing risk from critical infrastructure cyberthreats [Q&A]

Industrial computer system

The more reliant businesses become on technology the more risk they face from a range of cyberthreats. This is especially true when it comes to critical infrastructure as it's an attractive target for nation state and other attackers.

We spoke to James Carder, chief security officer and vice president of labs at SIEM platform LogRhythm to discover more about critical infrastructure threats and how to guard against them.

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Shifting attack patterns boost uptake of zero trust

identity theft hacker

As enterprises move more data to the cloud and grant higher levels of third party access, attackers are increasingly targeting non-traditional user populations that may not be adequately protected.

But a new survey of CISOs from identity specialist CyberArk shows that security teams are shifting to zero trust in response to these changing attack patterns.

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Cryptocurrency scams almost double in 2020 with more on the way

Increases in the value of cryptocurrencies last year coupled with a rise in mainstream acceptance of Bitcoin has led to 400,000 crypto scams being created in 2020, a 40 percent increase compared to 2019,

A new report from Bolster, a deep learning-powered, next generation fraud prevention company, forecasts a further increase of 75 percent this year based on current levels of suspicious activity.

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Digital first census raises security concerns

This year for the first time the UK's ten yearly census -- used to collect information to determine future government policy and spending -- is 'digital first' with people encouraged to fill in their returns online rather than use a paper form.

But research conducted by YouGov for security analytics and automation company Exabeam finds that many people are worried about how the data will be stored and used.

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Security and privacy knowledge is good but bad habits persist


New research from NordVPN finds that people around the world generally have good security and privacy knowledge, but still indulge in bad habits.

NordVPN ranked 21 countries by their performance, placing Germans at the top and -- perhaps surprisingly -- the Japanese at the bottom.

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SentiLink's new ID Theft Scores targets stolen identities used to open financial accounts

identity theft

Security has become slightly more difficult these days given that many people are now working at home and online. That’s just the beginning of the headaches for firms. 

SentiLink, a leading security company, is trying to fight back against identity fraud with a new ID Theft Scores program. This is designed to complement its Synthetic Scores that are already in place and used by used by many top financial institutions in the US. 

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A year on from the home working surge, cybersecurity practices are still inadequate

home working

A new report from cybersecurity firm PC Matic finds that one year on from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly 35 percent of Americans are still working from home.

However, the study of more than 5,800 people across the US finds less than 10 percent of respondents are provided with an antivirus software solution for the personal device they use for work purposes.

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