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Opera goes native for Windows on Arm

Opera has announced the release of an Arm-optimized version of its web browser, supported by Microsoft's App Assure team and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. This new build is designed for Arm-based Windows systems, delivering over twice the speed compared to previous versions. The timing of this release aligns with the anticipated arrival of products powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon X Elite Platform.

The Arm-optimized version of Opera is expected to deliver exceptional performance on the fastest machines available, thanks to the efficiency of Arm architecture. Snapdragon-powered devices are known for better battery life, which results from the power-efficient design of these processors. The reduced instruction set (RISC) architecture is optimized for streamlined performance, offering longer battery life and cooler operating temperatures.

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Microsoft announces Project Volterra to breathe life into Windows on Arm

Project Volterra

In addition to revealing that Windows 11 users can look forward to installing third-party widgets later this year, Microsoft also used Build 2022 to announce Project Volterra.

Project Volterra is a developer-focused device powered by a Snapdragon processor, which looks remarkably similar to a Mac Mini. Featuring an integrated neural processing unit, the developer device will provide, Microsoft devs, opportunities to explore various AI scenarios.

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Microsoft is dropping x64 emulation from Windows 10 on ARM, making it exclusive to Windows 11

Microsoft headquarters

Back in December last year, Microsoft launched a preview of x64 emulation for Windows on ARM. The emulator makes it possible to run x64 apps on ARM devices, and at the time it was available to Windows 10 on ARM users.

But Microsoft has had a change of heart which means Windows 11 on ARM is needed for 64-bit Intel app emulation.

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