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NBC comes to Sling TV, sort of


Sling TV has received a lot of publicity lately. Getting your television fix over the internet is no longer a new thing thanks to services like YouTube and Hulu, but Sling takes things to another level, delivering live TV that mimics cable and satellite and features channels like CNN and ESPN to name just two.

Now NBC is finally arriving, even though you could already get MSNBC and NBC Sports. However, there's a bit of catch with this addition.

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Grab your popcorn, AMC lands on Roku


AMC doesn't always show the latest films, but it does land some big names from Hollywood, and of course it's responsible for producing some excellent original content. It's become a go-to channel for surfers looking for something to watch. Now the entertainment network is coming to that tiny set-top box in your living room.

The channel debuts just in time for the mid-season launch of Fear the Walking Dead. If you're into zombie apocalypses then that's certainly for you.

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I've switched from Amazon Fire TV to Roku 3 and I like it... for now


Its been two and half years since I parted ways with DirecTV. It wasn't them, I honestly loved the service, but I was paying for countless channels I never watched. I replaced it with Hulu Plus and Sling TV and now pay much less for fewer channels I don't watch. I have the same few I flick between, but without al-a-carte this is the best I can do.

Recently a system problem eliminated one of my options -- not the TV channels, but how I view them. I'd been predominantly using an Amazon Fire TV along with a Harmony remote. The remote stopped connecting to its hub and no fix I could think of worked. The batteries in my Fire TV remote were dead and I had no spare AAA ones lying around. Similarly, the Roku 3 batteries were also history, but I did have the required AA ones.

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Eddie Bauer point of sale systems hit by malware, customers notified

Cybercriminal steal Bebe Stores customers' credit and debit card details

If you aren't thinking twice every time you swipe your card at a retail location, be it a store or restaurant, then you haven't been paying attention lately. It should give you reason for pause, but sadly you still have to do it. Just cross your fingers on the other hand.

Previous examples have included Target and Home Depot to name just two. The latest is retailer Eddie Bauer. The company is warning customers it’s point of sale system was hit by malware.

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Google restores backspace functionality to Chrome, but there is a catch


It may seem logical that, when browsing, the backspace key would work to take you back to a previous web page. However, that isn't the case with Google Chrome. Although this was an option in the browser previously, Google chose to remove it.

The company has seen the light now however, and is bringing the feature back, no pun intended, although it isn't changing the browser's default behavior.

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Missing the NFL pre-season? It's not too late to catch it


This past weekend the NFL pre-season got underway with games over several days. The first of four weeks of action that tell you little about how your team will really be because the play calling is generic in an effort to hide real game plans.

Depending on the market you live in you'll get your local team's game and a couple of others, but what if you want them all? What if you're a fan of an out-of-market team. Say you're a Cowboys fan living in Philadelphia -- aside from getting abuse, you can also get the Dallas games, and every other team.

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IFTTT gets integration with Microsoft Skype


If This Then That has become pretty popular, working with countless devices and websites. You can program it to do many things, recipes as the company calls them. There are channels where you can find what you're looking for if you'd prefer something already pre-written by another user.

Now IFTTT is coming to Skype, the communications service purchased by Microsoft and one of the leaders in today's connected world.

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The NFL comes to Sling TV just in time for the season


With training camp now underway the new NFL season is starting to feel close. That can mean different things to different people. For some it's excitement while others may think of it as a temporary loss of their significant other on Sundays.

Now, just in time for kickoff, Sling TV has announced that the league is coming to its online streaming live TV service with the launch of the NFL Network and NFL RedZone.

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Amid election chaos Melania Trump's website quietly removed


With the general election campaign now in full swing, and appearing to have potential to get ugly, things are starting to happen quickly. Many of things go on behind the scenes and, in some cases, we never know about them.

That isn't the case with this latest debacle. The Republican nominee, Donald Trump's, wife Melania has another problem with potential honesty issues.

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Cybersecurity at the election has been less than spectacular

american voter

At a time when computer security has been front and center in the Election news, given the Clinton private server scandal and the DNC hack, not to mention one candidate calling on a foreign nation to hack our systems -- something he later walked back on, saying it was sarcasm -- this is a bad time to put additional questionable practices on display.

Now that things are wrapped up and we have two official nominees, we also have a report of the major failures that were on display (not just politically).

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Did Google remove presidential candidates Donald Trump and Gary Johnson from search results?

Google logo sign building

The US has four nominees for president now. The choices narrowed a bit yesterday when Bernie Sanders officially nominated Hillary Clinton upon losing a hard fought campaign. Clinton swallowed her pride and did the same thing for Barrack Obama back in 2008.

Despite the common misconception, the US does have more than two parties, though most citizens seldom hear about others. There are also fringe parties that really aren't heard of.

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Will Wikileaks shatter the unity of the Democratic party on the eve of the convention?


We've just wrapped up one convention and I'll leave you to decide what you thought of it, but, leanings aside, it can be assumed that unity wasn't really involved. Now the Democrats are set to descend on Philadelphia next week, an event that was expected to be much more pleasant. That may not be the case.

The case in question involves a dump of some 20,000 emails by Wikileaks. Only several seem relevant to the current situation, but those involve Democratic National Chair Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, and seem to indicate a clear intent to be rid of candidate Bernie Sanders. We say "seem" because it's hard to say and we aren't here to point fingers.

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The online tools used by terrorists should come as no surprise


Terrorism has been front and center lately thanks to high profile attacks around the world and the scare tactics being used in the current US election. But how do these people communicate? What is the tool of choice for today's Jihadist – well the ones that don't fire bullets or blow up.

Communications and internet are essential to any modern group. Flashpoint Security took a look into what programs are most prevalent, and results are largely unsurprising.

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Republican National Convention breaks records for data usage


It's an eventful week with the Republican National Convention (RNC) making all sorts of news. There have been a couple of bumps in the road during the show, but mostly it has gone off fairly smoothly. It certainly has not lacked for spectacle.

However behind the scenes much more is happening. Everyone attending the event is online and that leads to some major headaches for the organizers who are making an effort to ensure that the experience is as seamless as possible.

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Roku app for Windows 10 now available in other countries


Roku has become one of the most popular streaming media platforms, leading more people to get rid of cable and satellite services. It's a mixed bag because it requires some work and a bit of paying for services, though cheaper than the alternative.

Now the manufacturer is bringing its desktop app to Windows 10 in two more countries. Both Canada and the United Kingdom will be receiving the new app for Windows 10.

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