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Shoppers use mobile mainly for research rather than purchasing

Mobile shopping

Businesses are using analytic tools to gather information online, through digital and social channels, as well as call center data, to get to know and build a closer relationship with their customers. However, a survey by customer experience specialist TimeTrade reveals that mobile channels in particular are mostly used for research rather than buying.

The survey looks at consumer buying habits and how retailers need to adapt and provide a better customer experience in order to succeed. It shows that retailers are realizing that a highly personalized in-store experience leads to a lasting impression and creates brand loyalty.

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Payment card industry must meet new security standards by end of June

Chip and pin card reader

Companies that accept credit card payments and process cardholder data are facing some significant changes that they will need to comply with by June 30th.

This is a result of new Data Security Standard requirements from the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, known as PCI DSS 3.0. This will see many of the things that were previously only seen as best practice become mandatory.

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Consumers are being outsmarted by their washing machines

washing machine confusion

Given all of the hype surrounding the Internet of Things and intelligent devices you might think that consumers would be keen to make use of all the latest options.

However, a new study by UK online retailer Appliances Direct suggests that for many people even mastering their washing machine is too much.

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How the cloud marketplace is shifting to target specific niches [Q&A]


Spending on Platform-as-a-Service (Paas), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is forecast to reach $118 billion this year, and it's clear the cloud is now big business. Companies are fighting to enter the space with new industry- and marketing-specific offerings. But what effect will this have and will it worry the big players like Amazon Web Services?

We spoke to Scott Swartz, VP, CTO Enterprise and Cloud Billing at Ericsson and founder of MetraTech, an enterprise billing specialist recently acquired by Ericsson, to find out more about the state of the IaaS space.

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Bots generate more internet traffic than humans


According to a new survey from cloud security provider Distil Networks humans accounted for only 40.9 percent of web traffic in 2014 with the remainder accounted for by bots.

This compares with 50.8 percent human traffic in 2013, however the good news is that 'bad bot' traffic is down from 24.22 percent to 22.78. The rise in good bot traffic that makes up the difference is thought to be from more aggressive indexing by Bing and new search engines in 2014.

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More than 1,000 companies join IBM in the battle against cybercrime


Last month IBM launched its X-Force Exchange opening up access to threat intelligence data to help in the fight against cybercrime.

With 80 percent of cyber attacks now coming from organized gangs it's important that the good guys get organized too. IBM has announced today that more than 1,000 organizations across 16 industries are participating in the new threat intelligence community.

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Commvault launches new solutions to speed up cloud adoption

cloud migrate

As the pace of cloud adoption accelerates, businesses often come across unforeseen issues that add to costs and may derail projects completely.

Enterprise data protection and information management specialist Commvault is aiming to streamline moving to the cloud with additions to its product suite to enable organizations to get the most from existing investments and accelerate enterprise wide cloud adoption.

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Millennials are a bigger risk to mobile security than other age groups

business mobile

Around half of the workforce will be millennials by 2020, but according to a new survey by endpoint security specialists Absolute Software they're likely to present a bigger risk to data security.

The survey questioned more than 750 Americans over the age of 18 who work for a company with 50 or more employees and use an employer-owned mobile device.

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IBM helps brands to understand customers

ibm logo

New channels, new markets and changes in device usage make today's marketing environment more complex than ever, and that means delivering the right message to the consumer is increasingly vital.

But according to an IBM/eConsultancy study in April, only 35 percent of consumers say the communications they receive from their favorite brands are relevant and four out of five consumers believe that brands fail to understand them as individuals.

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The challenges of protecting the hybrid cloud [Q&A]


With more and more companies storing apps in the cloud and others remaining in-house, security can become something of a headache. On-site security tools are ineffective against web attacks leaving organizations with multiple protection solutions in place.

The launch of hybrid cloud solutions such as Radware's WAF (Web Application Firewall) means it’s possible to protect all systems with just one application but what implications does this have for the enterprise? We spoke to Carl Herberger, VP of Security Solutions at application delivery and security specialist Radware to find out more about the benefits of hybrid WAF solutions and how they can be implemented.

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Slemma launches cloud data visualization tool aimed at smaller businesses

Slemma screen grab

Whatever the size of a business, data is a crucial part of understanding and managing what's going on. But if that data is coming from several different programs it can be hard to pull it together to gain meaningful insights.

Slemma is a new browser-based data visualization tool that gives businesses an intuitive, collaborative and measurable view of their important metrics.

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New marketing tool delivers better targeted Facebook ads


The rise of social media has meant that marketers are keen to create contextual adverts that reach their target audience, but to do it in a way that isn't intrusive or annoying.

Analytics and marketing application company Teradata is launching a new solution in the form of a digital marketing capability that enables marketers to deliver highly targeted Facebook advertising as part of an integrated solution that incorporates social advertising with email, mobile and web.

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Home and small office routers are being hijacked for DDoS attacks

Wi-Fi router

The router security message really should have been driven home years ago, but it seems that a lack of basic security practices by ISPs, vendors and users has resulted in large numbers of hacker-controlled routers being used to launch DDoS attacks.

A New report from web security specialist Incapsula says it has uncovered a DDoS botnet comprising tens of thousands of hijacked routers. It's now sharing the attack details in an attempt to raise awareness about the dangers posed by under-secured, connected devices.

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Xirrus introduces high density access points to meet extra Wi-Fi demand

Wi-Fi connection

Increased mobile device use and the rise of Internet of Things devices (Gartner estimates there'll be 25 billion by 2020) has led to greater demands on wireless networks with increased volumes of traffic.

Network specialist Xirrus is introducing Xtreme Density (XD) Wi-Fi access points to meet this need. The Xirrus XD4 is the only 4-radio all 802.11ac access point currently on the market.

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MODE launches cloud platform for the Internet of Things

Internet of things

The Internet of Things offers huge scope to change the way we live and work. But for developers it introduces a whole new set of problems in allowing applications to talk to and use the information generated by IoT devices.

Californian company MODE is launching a cloud platform designed to help developers and emerging brands deliver IoT solutions quickly and easily.

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