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IT departments take the lead in bringing cloud services to the enterprise


It’s no surprise that more and more organizations are using the cloud, but the latest State of the Cloud report from RightScale throws up some interesting trends.

The company surveyed 930 technical professionals across a broad cross-section of organizations about their adoption of cloud computing.

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Large enterprises targeted by mobile Trojans


Mobile cyber threats are more common and more sophisticated than ever before, with a number of high profile threats in the past year.

According to a new report from security companies Check Point and Lacoon Mobile Security, this means mobile devices are growing into a serious threat to the enterprise.

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Fighting cyber threats hampered by disconnect between IT and business

cyber security

A disconnect between systems leaders and business leaders coupled with a lack of resources is keeping enterprises from properly addressing cyber threats.

This is according to a new study commissioned by defense and security company Raytheon and conducted in conjunction with the Ponemon Institute.

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Pump Audio earphones: Better than Beats? [Review]


You might think that in-ear type earphones are pretty much the same when it comes to listening quality. But British company Pump Audio is on a mission to convince you otherwise.

It only makes one style of earphone, no plethora of fashion options here, and its selling point is sound quality. Pump claims to offer a 'premium' audio experience, so does the product live up?

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DataRPM brings machine learning to big data

big data

We constantly hear about the benefits big data can bring to organizations, but a shortage of expertise means that many are missing out. A recent McKinsey report reckoned that the US alone faces a shortage of up to 190,000 people with big data skills.

In order to overcome this DataRPM is introducing Smart Machine Insights which uses machine learning to automatically model data, perform advanced statistical analyses, and present key insights to users in an easy to use visual format.

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New software boosts productivity for event managers

Conference lecture presentation

Organizers of events and conferences often find themselves using multiple software tools in the process, from ticketing services and project management to emails and spreadsheets.

To streamline things Bizzabo is launching what it calls an Event Success Platform, equipping small to medium event organizers with a complete system to promote, manage and monetize their events.

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New cloud platform helps promote employee engagement

bored employee sleep

If a workforce is engaged people will be happy and more productive in their jobs, so it's something that businesses are keen to promote. But a Gallup survey last year found that 87 percent of workers worldwide and 70 percent of employees in the US are either not engaged or are actively disengaged in their jobs.

In order to try to put this right Californian company Glint is launching a real-time cloud solution to help people succeed at work. It's based on attractive and user-friendly pulse surveys that take only two or three minutes to complete.

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New vulnerabilities kick off 2015

virtual padlock

There's always that tiny glimmer of hope that in some way a new year is going to be somehow different from and better than the one that went before.

Usually it's extinguished quite quickly and it seems that, in software terms at least, 2015 is no exception according to the latest vulnerability report from Secunia released today.

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Malware on the increase as Android and Windows battle for 'most infected' top spot

virus malware infection mobile

According to a new report from telecommunication company Alcatel-Lucent's Motive Security Labs security threats to mobile and residential devices and attacks on communications networks all rose in 2014.

It estimates that 16 million mobile devices worldwide have been infected by malware. It also points out many retail cyber-security breaches in 2014 were the result of malware infections on cash registers or point-of-sale terminals, not online stores, so shopping offline isn't guaranteed to keep your details safe.

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CIOs are being held back by their focus on details

Magnifying Glass PC

Chief Information Officer (CIO) is usually seen as a plum role in technology organizations. But new information from search specialist Lucidworks reveals that day-to-day responsibilities are holding back CIOs from driving innovation.

Some 25 percent of CIOs are solely responsible for leading tech-driven innovation at their organizations, but most of their time is being taken up with problem solving and troubleshooting.

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Antivirus tools miss almost 70 percent of malware within the first hour

Virus detection

Threat protection company Damballa has released its latest State of Infections report for the fourth quarter of 2014 which highlights the limitations of a prevention-focused approach to security.

The report finds that within the first hour of submission, AV products missed nearly 70 percent of malware. Further, when rescanned to identify malware signatures, only 66 percent were identified after 24 hours, and after seven days the total was 72 percent. It took more than six months for AV products to create signatures for 100 percent of new malicious files.

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Web app self-service reduces support queries and cuts costs

Web server network web

Last year we looked at how supplier of point-and-click answer technology AnswerDash was integrating its software with the Zendesk help centre system.

Now the company has released performance stats from its customers which show that self-service technology can cut support costs by an average of $20k a year.

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Datameer brings big data analytics to the cloud

Big data cloud

As more businesses want to take advantage of the insights that analysis of big data can offer there's greater demand for the cloud to allow direct access to stored data.

San Francisco-based big data platform specialist Datameer was the first big data analytics platform purpose built for Hadoop. Now the company is first to market with a big data analytics platform designed specifically for the cloud.

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DH2i launches first container management solution for Windows Server

Container software box

Containerization of applications has done much to enhance the flexibility and portability of software as it makes it easy to move between in-house, private cloud and public cloud.

Until now, however, it's been restricted to Linux systems, using solutions like Docker, or Oracle servers running Multitenant. Now though containerization is coming to Windows servers as DH2i launches its DxEnterprise container management solution for Windows Server.

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Intelligent and connected devices are driving a 'third industrial revolution'


Software-driven intelligent devices and the Internet of Things are changing the way companies deliver their products and services.

This is among the findings of a new report from Flexera Software and IDC which points towards a 'third industrial revolution' transforming the global economy.

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