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Most countries unprepared for General Data Protection Regulation

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The EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) intended to strengthen data protection is due to come into force in May 2018, yet new research from content management company Metalogix shows IT professionals in many countries aren't prepared for it.

Among the top IT considerations for a cloud archiving solution, GDPR readiness ranked only fourth, named by 26 percent, behind security (79 percent), administrative control (50 percent), and service level agreements (44 percent).

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New solution helps enterprises keep track of data

Data search

Data growth presents a number of problems for enterprises. Aside from the obvious ones like the need for extra storage, there's the risk that employees often unwittingly store sensitive data in unsafe locations within local and network storage, professional email accounts and the cloud.

Security software company Ground Labs is launching a new data discovery solution that scans for 100 different data points and personally identifiable information (PII), so organizations can protect critical information at every endpoint without relying on traditional perimeter security methods.

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Retailers aren't spending on the right areas to protect data

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The retail sector has been the subject of some of the most high profile data breaches in recent years. Add to this the willingness of customers to switch allegiance in the event of a breach and it's clear the industry needs to take security seriously.

A new survey from enterprise data protection specialist Vormetric in conjunction with 451 Research focuses on retail companies, detailing IT security spending plans, perceptions of threats to data, rates of data breach failures and data security stances.

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New automation capabilities help keep IT in control of SaaS


Business IT is undergoing a major shift as many organizations get closer to adopting a fully cloud-based approach. But this means that IT departments inevitably give up some degree of control over data governance, security and overall data management.

Security automation specialist BetterCloud is launching a new automation engine called Workflows that orchestrates critical, complex processes to ensure accuracy, precision, and compliance across SaaS applications.

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IoT has too many devices and not enough security

Internet of things iot

As Internet of Things devices expand their reach into the enterprise, they make greater demands on security.

New research from cyber security specialist ForeScout Technologies reveals that while IT professionals acknowledge the growing number of IoT devices on their networks, they are unaware of how to properly secure them.

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More than half of board members are willing to sack security execs for poor reporting

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The decisions that board level executives make on cyber security are very dependent on the quality of the reports they receive from front line management.

A new report from cyber risk analysis specialist Bay Dynamics, carried out in conjunction with Osterman Research, looks at how boards of directors see cyber security reports. Among its findings are that 59 percent of board members say that one or more IT security executives will lose their job as a result of failing to provide useful, actionable information.

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Portworx launches enterprise-class storage for containers

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The use of containers has done much to transform the deployment of applications. However, storage hasn't kept pace as it's difficult to scale up to cope with increased workloads.

Data storage specialist Portworx is launching new purpose-built, enterprise-class storage solution for containers. PX-Enterprise will enable IT to match the agility of application developers and deliver lower costs compared to legacy solutions.

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SailPoint extends open identity management platform

identity crisis

Since threats to enterprise systems often come from stolen or compromised credentials, managing user identity is a vital part of modern security.

Access control specialist SailPoint is announcing a plugin framework for its SailPoint IdentityIQ platform that will allow customers and partners to develop extensions to the core product features, so they can move towards a more identity-aware organization.

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27 percent of apps connected to corporate environments are risky

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As organizations move more of their data to the cloud the risk from shadow IT in the form of connected third-party apps grows greater.

New research from CloudLock CyberLab, the security intelligence part of the CloudLock security platform, finds that 27 percent of third-party apps are classified as high risk. This means cyber criminals could gain programmatic access to corporate platforms and impersonate end users.

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New application uses behavioral analytics to fight ransomware


Ransomware is one of the most important security threats for business to deal with as it has the potential to cause serious damage and financial loss.

User behavior specialist Exabeam is launching its Analytics for Ransomware, a new application designed for early detection across the corporate network. Unlike other security products, Exabeam can detect ransomware movement and activity in the network, servers, workstations, BYOD devices, and cloud services.

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Behavioral firewall helps guard against data breaches


When a data breach is just as likely to originate from inside the organization as outside, protecting an enterprise can be a difficult task.

Californian company Preempt is launching a new proactive approach that allows organizations to spot threats in real-time without engaging already overwhelmed security teams.

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Collective defense helps security professionals collaborate against cyber crime


To be effective in fighting cyber crime it's important that businesses are able to share intelligence effectively.

Endpoint security company Carbon Black is enabling this with its new Detection eXchange, a collective defense ecosystem which will enable thousands of security professionals to collaborate against hackers and prevent cyber attacks.

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Progressive threat detection guards against attacks from anonymous networks

Insider threat

Cyber attackers use a variety of anonymity techniques to avoid detection. Many attacks come from anonymous proxies and anonymity networks are often use valid, but compromised, credentials.

Access control specialist SecureAuth is launching a new Threat Service product to stop suspicious logins even if attackers have valid credentials and even if they are logging in from an anonymous network.

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The evolution of cloud in the enterprise [Q&A]


Over the past few years the cloud has significantly changed the way all of us store data, and in many cases how we run software too.

But from an enterprise perspective what impact has the cloud had on traditional data centers, and how is it continuing to evolve? We spoke to Saviz Izadpanah, chief technology officer of HighQ -- which provides cloud collaboration and content publishing services to the world's leading law firms, corporate legal teams and banks -- to find out.

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Intel improves its Unite conference room technology

Executive meeting

With businesses becoming more geographically dispersed and employees often working on different platforms, conferencing is a vital tool. But the challenge of getting equipment to cooperate can result in loss of time and productivity.

Chip maker Intel had this issue in its own business and came up with an in-house solution to solve the problem. Intel Unite improved the company's meeting set-up time by 70 percent and was made available to other businesses. Now it wants to make Unite more attractive with some new enhancements to the product.

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