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Lightning strikes four times and Google loses cloud data

lightning cloud

They say lightning never strikes twice, but they're wrong as Google reports that it's lost some data after the power grid serving one of its European data centers suffered four consecutive lightning strikes last Thursday.

Google Compute Engine (GCE) disks in the europe-west1-b zone data center, located in Belgium, suffered I/O errors in the strikes and 0.000001 percent of disks suffered permanent data loss. GCE allows customers to run virtual machines and store data in the cloud.

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Syntonic launches BYOD billing management for smaller businesses

Tablet BYOD building

The rise of BYOD offers businesses improved flexibility and employee productivity, but those things come at a price. BYOD can lead to extra costs such as needing to reimburse staff for air time.

Mobile platform provider Syntonic is launching DataFlex, an operator-independent split billing solution designed to cost-effectively deploy, operate, and manage BYOD usage for businesses of any size.

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Executives lack confidence in enterprise security

Boardroom security

A new survey of security executives at large companies in the US reveals that many don't have confidence in their enterprise security posture. Less than a third of these executives are confident in their organization's security position, and only slightly more than a quarter feel that their communications on security to senior management are effective.

The survey commissioned by Raytheon|Websense shows that many still rely on technology aimed at preventing breaches but do little after one has occurred. Yet 9 out of 10 of the organizations represented in the survey have had at least one breach involving a loss or compromise of data in the past year.

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The most dangerous places to use your mobile on vacation

Times Square tourists

We all know that using public wireless hotspots can be risky, but is seems that some places are more of a threat than others.

Mobile threat defense company Skycure has put together a study into the most dangerous tourist destinations to use your mobile device, the type of threats you might encounter, and offers some tips on how to avoid falling victim to an attack.

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Wombat Security helps employees report phishing attacks

Phishing magnified

Phishing is a popular route for cyber criminals to gain a foothold in organizations as the weakest link in security is usually the person sitting at the keyboard.

To help combat this Wombat Security is adding a new PhishAlarm to its security awareness and training platform. PhishAlarm is a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook that enables end users to report suspected phishing emails to security and incident response teams with a single mouse click.

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Private clouds for VMware customers made easy

Private cloud

VMware vSphere is the world’s leading virtualization platform, estimated to run on more than six million physical servers in businesses. But enterprises looking to implement private clouds often turn to OpenStack and up till now this has had limited support for vSphere.

Cloud specialist Platform9 has an answer with the general availability of Platform9 Managed OpenStack for VMware vSphere environments. This is a SaaS solution that transforms an organization's existing servers into an AWS-like agile, self-service private cloud.

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Silver underpants protect your family jewels from Wi-Fi radiation

Wireless armour

More and more of the devices we use these days rely on wireless signals for their connectivity. If you're male you quite likely carry your smartphone in your trouser pocket or use your laptop or tablet on your knee, which means these signals are being transmitted in close proximity to your gentleman's area.

Should you worry about this? A 2014 study by the University of Exeter suggests that just one hour's exposure to radiation from a mobile phone can reduce in vitro (outside the body) sperm motility to 49 percent and viability to 52 percent. In addition the World Health Organization has classified electromagnetic radiation in the same category of harmfulness to humans as petrol exhaust fumes.

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IBM launches Linux-only mainframes for enterprises

ibm logo

IBM is making a serious bid for a slice of the enterprise Linux market with the launch of a new range of mainframe servers called LinuxONE.

At the top end of the market is LinuxONE Emperor, a machine based on the IBM z13 and which can scale up to support 8,000 virtual machines or thousands of containers. It also delivers the security and advanced encryption features needed by large enterprises.

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Solving the enterprise storage management problem [Q&A]

Cloud Datacenter Virtualization

Many companies would like to use the cloud as a new approach to storage management, but it isn't without problems. High latency, unpredictable performance of internet transport and fear of data breaches may make the public cloud services unsuitable for many production applications.

We spoke to Ellen Rubin, CEO and founder of enterprise storage startup ClearSky Data to find out how enterprises can address these issues and get their cloud storage projects moving.

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The best value breach detection systems

Breach detection

Given the current threat landscape and the fact that attackers are finding new ways to bypass traditional security, it's no surprise that many companies are turning to the use of breach detection to protect their systems.

Independent testing organization NSS Labs has evaluated eight of the leading BDS vendors -- BlueCoat, CheckPoint, Cisco, Fidelis, FireEye, Fortinet, Lastline, and Trend Micro -- for security effectiveness, performance, and total cost of ownership.

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Understanding Windows 10 update options for business

Windows-10-Update-Infographic extract

One of the big under-the-skin changes Windows 10 has made is the way it updates, thanks to Microsoft's new system of continuous updates.

For businesses this presents a problem as there may be some parts of the update process they'd rather opt out of.

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How can businesses get the best from remote working? [Q&A]

Hotel wi-fi business

The days of spending all of your working hours in a single office location are increasingly behind us. Both employers and staff are demanding more flexible solutions. Add to this a new generation of millennial workers demanding a better work/life balance and it’s clear that enterprises need to deliver on new ways of working,

But how can they do this and what effect does the change have on corporate culture? We spoke to Rickard Hansson, founder and CEO of enterprise collaboration specialist Incentive, to find out.

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Script injection vulnerability leaves Salesforce users open to phishing attacks


A script injection vulnerability in the popular Salesforce cloud CRM system could have left users open to attack from phishing emails that appear to come from within a trusted domain.

Cloud application security specialist Elastica has released details of the vulnerability -- disclosed to Salesforce in early July -- which opened the door for attackers to use a trusted Salesforce application as a platform to conduct phishing attacks to steal end-users' login credentials and hijack accounts.

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Malvertising becomes a billion dollar problem

Scam advert

According to a new report by endpoint security specialist Invincea malvertising is causing more than $1 billion worth of damage each year.

Based on data gathered in the first six months of this year the company detected and blocked approximately 2,100 malvertising attacks against its customers, representing 2.1 million malicious advertisements. Invincea estimates this caused $525 million of damage in repair and recovery expense, excluding the impact of any data breaches.

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LastPass switches to freemium model to encourage take up


With increasing numbers of credentials being stolen in data breaches it makes sense to use a password manager to protect your online accounts.

Popular password manager LastPass is encouraging users to make the leap by making its service available free on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets from today.

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