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How cloud strategies differ between Microsoft and Google software sellers


Google Apps for Work and Microsoft Office 365 are the two big beasts stalking the cloud software world, but there are differences in approach between independent software vendors (ISVs) for the two.

This summer the Cloud Technology Alliance surveyed 39 independent software vendors (ISVs) and channel partners about their market strategies for their cloud solutions in both Google and Microsoft environments.

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Top UK companies offered free cyber health check


The UK's 350 largest businesses are being urged by the government to take part in a free Cyber Health Check to help them understand and improve their level of cyber security.

Companies taking part will receive a confidential, tailored report enabling them to understand boardroom trends, compare themselves to their peers and address any weaknesses identified. The health check also generates aggregated data showing how well the FTSE 350 companies are performing.

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New solution helps businesses take control of CRM


It's not unusual for businesses to use a number of different applications as part of the customer relationship management process. This means they can end up creating complexities rather than a smooth operation.

App integration specialist Azuqua is launching a purpose-built solution to allow businesses to integrate data, automate business-critical workflows and take control of the customer experience by eliminating disconnection.

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Fake users plague business websites


We've already seen Amazon taking action to prevent fake reviews, but a new survey reveals that 43 percent of websites admit to allowing fake users in order to avoid friction during account registration.

The study conducted by identity solutions company TeleSign in conjunction with the Ponemon Institute finds that 82 percent of companies struggle with fake users.

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Trustwave launches new tools to protect SMBs from cybercrime


It isn't just big organizations that are at risk from cybercrime. Smaller businesses are vulnerable too, figures from the Small Business Committee suggest 71 percent of cyber attacks target businesses with under 100 employees, and they're less able to afford sophisticated tools to protect themselves.

To address this security company Trustwave is launching a new set of integrated security tools aimed at small and medium enterprises.

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Want higher pay? Get some DevOps skills


DevOps skills are increasingly sought after and as a result salaries for DevOps engineers are higher than for other IT job titles according to new research.

IT automation software provider PuppetLabs has released its 2015 DevOps Salary Report based on data gathered from its 2015 State of DevOps Report.

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New solution uses data to improve IT service quality

Mobile device management

Businesses generally want IT management solutions that offer a complete overview regardless of the underlying platforms that produce it.

Atlanta-based OpsDataStore is addressing this need by launching its new big data back end for all IT management data.

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IT pros welcome the rise of their new machine overlords

Machine intelligence

Until recently the idea of machines and computers taking over from humans has been the stuff of sci-fi. But recent developments in automation have brought the reality of a machine takeover of many tasks much closer.

New research from smart automation specialist arago reveals that, amongst IT workers at least, more automation leads to greater job satisfaction. 85 percent not only welcome smart automation, but also identify concrete benefits from it.

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How reviews can help online retailers can stand out in the crowd [Q&A]

customer service online review

As we approach Cyber Monday, Black Friday and the holiday season, online retailers are keen to make the most of the opportunity to boost their business.

But what can they do to make themselves stand out? Reviews from customers are a crucial part of the process. We spoke to Jonathan Hinz, director of strategic partnerships and business development at online review community Trustpilot to find out how companies can use them to their advantage.

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DHL customers targeted by new phishing scam

Phishing magnified

With the approach of the holiday season there's a spike in online shopping which means many people will be expecting the delivery of packages.

This of course is a window of opportunity for cyber criminals looking to steal personal information. It's perhaps not surprising then that Comodo Antispam Labs has identified a new global phishing threat, targeted at businesses and individuals who use DHL shipping.

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HP Enterprise launches new Docker solutions for business

HP Enterprise

Docker has been widely adopted by enterprises looking for tools that allow for fast development, testing and management of applications.

HP Enterprise (HPE) is using this week's DockerCon Europe to introduce a new line up of solutions for the Docker ecosystem. These encompass cloud, software, storage and services to allow businesses to use Docker to help them move to a hybrid infrastructure in a scalable, secure and trusted manner.

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Are ad-blockers killing marketing efforts?

no ads ad block

Ad-blocking on both desktop and mobile devices is becoming more and more common. But does this mean advertisers are increasingly wasting their time?

A new survey of over 500 consumers by consumer intelligence and predictive marketing company Boxever reveals that 70 percent of consumers surveyed say they're likely or extremely likely to use ad-blocking apps, and another 15 percent said they'd consider it.

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How BSIMM improves security by letting developers compare security practices [Q&A]

Boardroom security

Every organization believes that it's making its systems secure, but because they usually work in isolation from competitors and other businesses they have no way of knowing how they compare.

The Building Security In Maturity Model (BSIMM) aims to quantify security practices and present them in a measurable way to allow companies to compare their performance.

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Top 50 UK websites expose your browser to unknown scripts

Web script

How much risk are you facing just by visiting a website? Do you know what scripts are running and which other sites they're pulling data from?

Malware prevention company Menlo Security scanned the Alexa top 50 UK websites to find out what their users were being exposed to. The findings show that on average, when visiting a top 50 UK site, your browser will execute 19 scripts.

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Vormetric adds encryption and access control capabilities for Docker

House security

Businesses are turning to encryption as a means of meeting compliance and data storage requirements and to guard against breaches and data loss.

But with the rapid evolution of enterprise IT data may be stored in a variety of environments in-house, in the cloud, which presents new security challenges.

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