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US businesses overspend by $2.6 billion a year on BYOD


Enterprises in the US are overspending by an average of almost $287 per employee each year, due to compliance concerns, confusion in the executive suite over BYOD policy ownership, and lack of visibility into employee mobile usage.

This adds up to a total overspend of $2.6 billion across the country. These are among the findings of a new survey by mobile platform provider Syntonic and Information Solutions Group on BYOD use in the enterprise.

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New launch offers data loss prevention for American SMBs

data loss

The potential for data loss is there for all businesses, but smaller organizations often don’t have the resources to guard against it as effectively as larger ones.

Safetica, an established European data loss prevention company, is launching in North America and aiming its software at small and medium businesses. It's easy to use, helps businesses of all sizes comply with regulations, and Safetica provides support before and after deployment at no charge.

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Duo launches single sign on for easy, secure cloud access

cloud storage finger keyboard globe

Businesses are increasingly recognizing that passwords are no longer an adequate way of protecting systems. But users still need a means of access that is easy to use, secure and doesn't get in the way.

Cloud-based access provider Duo Security is today announcing that it's combined its flagship two-factor authentication and device insight with single sign-on (SSO) capabilities to create a trusted access platform.

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Secure messaging environment delivers safe online collaboration

Riot screen shot

With workforces being increasingly mobile and decentralized, they need effective tools to aid collaboration. Whilst email is commonly used it lacks the rich feature set and security features of dedicated applications.

A newcomer to the collaboration market, real time messaging company Riot is today publicly launching its secure messaging environment that aims to bring all your online collaboration into one workspace.

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Kentik launches network performance monitoring for the cloud era


Migrating systems to the cloud leads to a shift in network traffic patterns that can present a performance challenge for businesses.

Network analytics company Kentik is launching its new Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) aimed at meeting the needs of modern, digital businesses.

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Altify brings augmented intelligence to B2B sales

sales speedometer

The internet means that buyers are armed with more information than ever before which can make life more challenging for salespeople.

Sales transformation company Altify is looking to give sales teams the edge with the launch of its latest enterprise B2B sales platform with augmented intelligence capabilities that prompt sales professionals of the next best action to progress a sale.

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Windows Safe Mode attack could put your passwords at risk

hacker username password login

Because it allows only the essential elements of the Windows operating system to run, Safe Mode is a useful tool for diagnosing and fixing problems. But according to researchers at CyberArk Labs it could also be exposing you to risk.

Safe Mode stops a lot of third-party software from running at startup and that can include many security solutions. Attackers who have gained remote access to a machine may therefore be able to reboot it into Safe Mode to launch attacks.

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Students need better data security education

students laptop

As students head back to university, a survey by Intel Security reveals that, in the UK at least, half of them are failing to protect their phones, tablets and laptops from online threats.

The survey of more than 1,000 UK-based students carried out in conjunction with The National Student finds that despite a quarter of teenagers reporting that they are 'almost constantly' online, only 50 percent of students ensure they have the necessary security software installed to keep their devices and data safe.

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Millennials prefer to deal with companies by text

SMS texting

Of all the communication channels available for dealing with businesses, 60 percent of millennials prefer two-way text engagement, because it’s convenient, fast, and easy to use. This is one of the findings of a new survey by mobile engagement specialist OpenMarket of 500 US millennials (18 to 34-year-olds) on their use of SMS communications.

While 72 percent of millennials say they text 10 or more times a day, and 31 percent more than 50 times a day, the leading factor in millennials' preferences for texting is its ability for two-way communication with businesses.

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How cyber security professionals see insider threats

Insider threat

Whilst the popular view of hackers tends to be of outsiders, there's been increasing emphasis in recent years on the threat to enterprise data posed by those inside the organization.

Behavior analytics company RedOwl carried out a survey at last month's Black Hat conference, asking almost 300 security professionals for their views on insider threats, and the results are released today.

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CloudBees brings enterprise-strength reliability to Jenkins

Reliability meter

The Jenkins open-source automation server is popular with businesses, and is easily extended by community contributions.

But these contributions don't always receive the rigorous testing that enterprises require. Until now that is, Jenkins specialist CloudBees is launching CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise, a verified Jenkins distribution aimed directly at enterprise users.

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Ping Identity partners with Microsoft to deliver secure application access

login password identity

Many large enterprises use Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) as their identity platform for managing users and providing secure access to thousands of cloud SaaS and on-premises applications.

Secure access company Ping Identity is announcing a collaboration with Microsoft to deliver integrations that will expand secure remote access and single sign-on (SSO) from any device to more on-premises web applications for Microsoft Azure AD customers.

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GCHQ plans Great British Firewall to protect web users

Union flag keyboard

The UK's cyber intelligence agency GCHQ is planning what has been labelled a 'Great British Firewall' to protect individuals and companies against cyber attacks.

The idea emerged in a speech delivered by the head of GCHQ's national cybersecurity centre, Ciaran Martin, at the Billington Cyber Security Summit in Washington DC.

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American Express customers phished using phishing prevention scam


In a rather ironic twist on traditional phishing attacks, customers of American Express are being targeted by a campaign promising them an identity theft and phishing prevention tool.

The phishing emails offer SafeKey use as bait. This is a legitimate program that Amex offers its customers as an additional layer of security to guard against ID theft and phishing.

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One in five companies fail to test for security vulnerabilities

Software analyst testing

Many businesses don't carry out frequent security testing despite believing that it's critically important to securing their systems and data, according to a new survey.

The study from managed security services company Trustwave and Osterman Research finds that one in five businesses surveyed don't do any security testing, despite the fact that 95 percent of respondents reported encountering common security issues associated with security vulnerabilities.

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