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New password manager aims to reach people who don't use password managers

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We're always being told that we need to use stronger passwords, but most of us tend to trade off security for real world convenience.

Minneapolis-based Password Boss is hoping to convert people with the launch of its free password manager and digital wallet aimed at consumers.

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Enterprise cloud economy is booming

cloud money cash cloud hands

The market for enterprise technology products is booming with 72 percent of high-technology providers reporting growth in sales quote volumes according to a new report.

According to the SAAS Purchases Report from sales quoting software specialist SteelBrick this market is growing much faster than the overall US economy.

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Mozilla Developer Network turns 10

birthday cake balloons

In February 2005 a small team of developers set out to create an open, free, community-built online resource for all Web developers.

A few months later, on 23 July, 2005 the original Mozilla Developer Network wiki site launched. Since then it has evolved steadily for the convenience and the benefit of its users.

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New collaboration helps deliver self-serve analytics solutions

businessman pushes button

Business intelligence is only of use if it can be delivered quickly to decision makers. That's why there's increasing demand for self-service solutions that make it easy for managers to extract information.

Enterprise BI specialist Pyramid Analytics is announcing a strategic collaboration with Microsoft to deliver development collaboration and technology integration.

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New tool helps businesses understand and optimize APIs


APIs provide a convenient way of giving developers the building blocks needed to extract data from and gain insights into digital systems.

But it's important for organizations to know how APIs are performing, how they are being used and whether they're providing business value. To help with this API and cloud integration specialist Akana is launching Envision, an enhanced API analytics platform that helps enterprises to find critical insights across their systems.

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Mac security software on test

attack mac keyboard security malware virus

Not so long ago most Mac users would have told you that their systems didn't need any form of protection as they were inherently safe. But the world has become a more dangerous place and last year the iWorm malware is thought to have recruited some 18,000 Macs into a botnet.

Whilst experienced users who are careful about what they install and where they go online may still be justified in feeling safe using a Mac without additional protection, there's no doubt that non-experts need extra security. Particularly as cyber criminals have started to target Macs because they know more of them are unprotected.

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Financial services companies turn to mobile messaging

Mobile with credit card

With financial services companies more at risk from the consequences of a data breach than other businesses, they're on the look out for the safest, most secure communication channels to interact with customers and employees.

New research from IDC and mobile engagement specialist OpenMarket reveals that mobile messaging is the top tool many are utilizing to accomplish this task with 80 percent of global financial services organizations using Global SMS/mobile messaging to communicate and share sensitive info.

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New techniques to deal with data breaches [Q&A]

Security breach lock

It's easy to think of data breaches as being someone else's problem, until you're affected by one yourself. Because breaches can involve large volumes of data, dealing with one can be a lot of work.

Can new techniques in capturing and storing data help to ease the burden on IT teams and even help prevent breaches in the first place? We spoke to Perry Dickau, director of product management from data-aware storage provider DataGravity to find out.

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Druva helps enterprises to protect and govern data

Data search

When a company's information was held all together in a single data center it was easy to keep control, to protect it and to ensure it didn't fall into the wrong hands.

But today with data in the cloud and on mobile devices locating, tracking, monitoring and preserving sensitive details is a much harder task.

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Cloud phone system integrates with Office 365

Cloud phone

One of the main reasons businesses move their systems to the cloud is to save money. Where business communications are concerned the savings can be significant but can lead to having yet another separate platform.

Now though business communications specialist RingCentral is announcing the integration of RingCentral Office with Microsoft Office 365. This blends RingCentral's cloud business phone system with Microsoft's cloud productivity work environment, giving joint customers a powerful solution.

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New security service helps protect the Internet of Things

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is growing fast, according to Gartner around 4.9 billion devices will be in use this year, up 30 percent on 2014, and there could be 25 billion IoT devices by 2020.

But with all of these devices being rushed to market security can be left behind. According to managed security specialist Trustwave's 2015 Security Pressures Report, 77 percent of respondents said they had been pressured to unveil IT projects that were not security ready.

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TV and porn dominate piracy statistics

CD pirate

With the launch of Apple Music and a number of high-profile artists withdrawing their music from streaming services, piracy has been in the headlines of late.

But a new infographic from application security company Arxan reveals that piracy of music is only a small part of the overall problem.

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Application monitoring tools are often underused

laptop task manager monitoring

Enterprises may have eleven or more commercial tools in place for application performance management (APM), yet they're not using them effectively according to a new survey.

Application intelligence company AppDynamics has released the results of a survey, conducted by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), of IT professionals from companies of all sizes across both North America and Europe, looking at the APM solutions they have in place, monitoring gaps, and the time and resources required to resolve application-based issues.

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Tracking cloud use and costs is an essential part of the IT function

cloud costs

Businesses turn to the cloud in search of efficiency and cost savings, so being able to measure how successful a strategy is at these aims is important.

A survey by hybrid financial management provider Cloud Cruiser shows that 72 percent of respondents indicated that tracking cloud usage and costs is extremely or very important to their IT function.

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Spam drops below 50 percent of email for the first time since 2003


For the first time in more than a decade the amount of spam has fallen to less than 50 percent of the total volume of email.

According to the latest Symantec Intelligence Report, the overall spam rate has dropped to 49.7 percent, the first time a figure this low has been recorded since September 2003.

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