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Lucidworks uses IBM Watson to unlock enterprise data


Businesses today face having to deal with huge quantities of documents and data. Gaining meaningful insights from this pool of information can therefore be a major challenge.

Enterprise search specialist Lucidworks is aiming to make sense of things by using the IBM Watson Developer Cloud platform for its Fusion application framework to help developers create enterprise discovery applications so companies can better understand their data.

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Most businesses haven't inspected cloud services for malware

lightning cloud

Echoing the findings we reported earlier that companies leave cloud protection to third-parties, a new study from cloud security company Netskope reveals most companies don't scan their cloud services for malware either.

The study conducted with the Ponemon Institute shows 48 percent of companies surveyed don't inspect the cloud for malware and 12 percent are unsure if they do or not. Of those that do inspect 57 percent of respondents say they found malware.

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New camera technology makes video conferencing a snap

Lifesize Icon 450

With increasingly distributed workforces, video conferencing is more than ever an essential business tool. But in conference rooms the size and shape of the space can make it difficult for conventional cameras to include everyone.

Video conferencing technology company Lifesize is launching a new camera with a smart-framing sensor that intelligently adjusts its wide-angle lens to automatically capture and include everyone in the meeting.

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Enterprises leave protection of cloud data to third-party providers

cloud security

Businesses are increasingly moving their systems to the cloud, but 62 percent rely on the cloud provider to back up applications running on their platform.

New research from secure cloud services company CTERA Networks reveals that 67 percent of organizations deploy more than 25 percent of their applications in the cloud, and 37 percent plan to grow their cloud use by at least 25 percent, if not more. In addition, 54 percent of organizations are embracing a hybrid cloud strategy that uses both on-premises and cloud services.

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Lack of visibility leads to cloud storage security issues

Cloud visibility

A lack of visibility into an organization's use of cloud providers can lead to unauthorized access to data, improper handling and storage of data and unauthorized data removal. As a result, organizations are left exposed and vulnerable to a data breach.

This is among the findings of a new report from the Blancco Technology Group. Based on a survey of almost 300 IT professionals around the world it finds that 26 percent of organizations are either 'not confident' or only 'somewhat confident' about their IT teams' knowledge of the use of all cloud storage providers.

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Shopping apps targeting women generate better profits

digital shopping

Marketers must target women if they are looking to succeed and make profits in the mobile sector, according to a new report.

The Mobile App Engagement Index from performance based marketing platform Liftoff analyzed 7.3 million app installs across five sectors to unearth key app trends from the first half of this year. It finds that female customers are not only more likely to make a purchase in both mobile e-commerce and gaming apps, they are also less expensive to acquire compared to their male counterparts.

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Enterprises increase reliance on public key infrastructures


A new report released by data protection company Thales and the Ponemon Institute shows that the use of cloud services and the IoT has led to greater dependence on public key infrastructures (PKIs) in today's businesses.

The survey of more than 5,000 companies across 11 countries shows that PKIs -- used to create, distribute, store, and revoke digital certificates and manage public-key encryption -- are increasingly relied on to support applications.

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How connected cars are vulnerable to attack

Connected car dash

It's reckoned that by 2020 three-quarters of new cars shipped globally will have some form of internet connectivity.

But while this brings benefits in terms of practicality and ease of use it also adds cars to the list of IoT devices that are vulnerable to attack. We've already seen Fiat Chrysler recalling cars to fix a vulnerability and this could be just the tip of the iceberg.

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Free disaster recovery for businesses in the path of Hurricane Matthew


Hurricane Matthew is already the most powerful Atlantic tropical storm in almost a decade and has caused devastation in Haiti. Homes and businesses in Florida are now bracing themselves for its impact.

In response to the storm, disaster recovery as a service specialist Axcient is offering complimentary, no commitment disaster recovery services to businesses potentially affected by Matthew's approach.

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How behavioral biometrics can enhance security [Q&A]


Traditional authentication methods are struggling to keep up with the expansion of online services. Yet additional systems like two-factor authentication can prove to be cumbersome.

The answer may lie in analysis of behavioral biometrics which can be used to determine wether credentials are being used legitimately. We spoke to Neil Costigan CEO of Swedish company BehavioSec to find out more about where it’s already being used and how it could change the way we access banking and other services.

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New technology automates CRM for more effective marketing


Whilst CRM systems are used by many companies to handle their sales processes, they still rely heavily on the human element when it comes to interpreting the data they hold.

Marketing cloud specialist Optimove is seeking to bring machine learning and artificial intelligence to bear on CRM with the launch of Optibot. This is designed to automate the analysis and interpretation of customer marketing campaigns behind the scenes and recommend actionable insights to help marketers improve their campaign performance.

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TalkTalk fined £400,000 for security breach

TalkTalk website

UK ISP TalkTalk hit the headlines last year for a data breach that resulted in the theft of personal data relating to over 150,000 customers.

Today the Information Commissioner's Office announced that it has issued the company with a record £400,000 (around $510,000) fine for what it called a failure to implement basic security measures.

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SaaS makes our jobs more difficult say IT pros

rain cloud

There is a perception in the IT business that adopting software-as-a-service models will make life easier for tech teams and end users alike.

But a new study by cloud specialist BetterCloud suggests that in fact SaaS is making IT jobs harder. According to the survey of over 900 IT professionals, 56 percent of Google Apps and 62 percent of Office 365 IT pros believe their jobs are becoming more difficult due to rising SaaS adoption.

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Intel Security launches new McAfee lineup harnessing the power of the cloud

Cloud Security Lock

As we use more devices to access the internet protecting all of them from the latest threats becomes something of a chore.

Intel Security is addressing this with the launch of a new 2017 range of McAfee security products at the heart of which is a next-generation anti-malware engine that offers more efficient and effective threat detection by offloading analysis to the cloud.

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How ransomware threatens government agencies [Q&A]


Ransomware is an increasingly severe threat to all organizations and government agencies are not exempt. The Federal Trade Commission recently labeled ransomware as "among the most troubling cyberthreats".

But why are government agencies such an attractive target and what can they do to combat the threat? We spoke to Andrew Hay, chief information security officer of data security specialist DataGravity to find out.

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