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WatchDox finds and protects sensitive documents anywhere

Security Lock

With more and more data stored in the cloud or accessed from corporate systems on mobile devices, security and regulation becomes a major concern.

Enterprise file sharing specialist WatchDox has announced a new solution to both detect and protect sensitive files everywhere, on every device.

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Beware the rise of the digital doppleganger

ID theft

Data breaches in large organizations have made the headlines in recent years and that’s led to a huge increase in the amount of personally identifiable information being traded online.

According to UK credit report company CreditExpert there's been a 300 percent jump in the amount of personal information being traded online since 2012.

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Microsoft acquisition boosts network defenses for enterprise customers

Network security firewall

With more businesses adopting cloud and hybrid environments, protecting data is more important than ever but it’s also more complex.

Microsoft is looking to improve protection for its enterprise customers with today's announcement that it has acquired Aorato, an innovator in enterprise security.

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New solution secures and masks sensitive data for Amazon RDS databases

Business database server

Securing data and making sure that it's stored in compliance with regulatory standards is a key task for all businesses, but it relies on knowing where the information is stored in the first place.

That isn't always as easy as it sounds but a new solution from database security specialist GreenSQL allows enterprises to easily identify all sensitive and regulated data fields across their Amazon Relational Database Service databases.

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Axway brings cloud B2B to Amazon Web Services

Cloud handshake collaboration

Enterprises can be reluctant to move some functions into the cloud because of security and other concerns. So services that can allay these fears have big potential in the market.

Data flow specialist Axway already hosts secure private cloud portfolio solutions with AWS and has now announced that it’s making a Cloud B2B service available.

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The true cost of DDoS attacks on business

DDoS attack

DDoS attacks can be extremely disruptive to business but it can be hard to quantify that disruption in financial and business terms.

A new report by security company Incapsula collates responses from 270 North American organizations of varying sizes to gauge the true impact of attacks. The findings indicate that DDoS attacks are relatively common with 45 percent of the respondents indicating their organization has been hit at some point. Of these, almost all (91 percent) reported an attack during the last 12 months, and 70 percent were targeted two or more times.

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Software producers gear up for 'appification' of the enterprise

Mobile device apps

As consumers we're used to being able to download apps for just about any purpose. As we come to expect this sort of flexibility in enterprise applications too, a shift is needed in the way software is delivered in order to keep us appy -- sorry!

A new report by Flexera Software in conjunction with IDC suggests that a transformation is under way, paving the way for software vendors and intelligent device makers, including IoT manufacturers, to profit from the 'appification' of the enterprise.

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Cloud application security suite protects against DDoS and other attacks

cloud security

Moving business applications to the cloud doesn't remove the need for securing them, in fact it potentially makes them more vulnerable.

Cloud application delivery service Instart Logic has announced a new Security Suite offering customers multi-layered protection against DDoS attacks and other cybersecurity threats.

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Companies add more physical security to combat BYOD risks

photo by Slavoljub Pantelic, Shutterstock

According to a new survey carried out for security device specialist Kensington, 73 percent of executives recognize that BYOD presents greater risks for the organization.

However, 59 percent still approve the use of personal devices for business use and to address concerns 55 percent are planning to invest more in physical security.

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IT service problems are a weekly occurrence for over half of businesses

Laptop problem fire

We all experience the frustration caused by IT issues from time to time, but a new survey by Forrester on behalf of operations performance specialist PagerDuty reveals that 55 percent of IT and business decision makers in the US experience IT service problems at least once a week.

What's more worrying is that 53 percent found out about the problems via users or external customers rather than through internal monitoring tools. Also 54 percent of respondents said their companies lacked adequate incident and problem management processes or didn't provide enough information to identify where the problem comes from.

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Secure mobile platform helps smaller businesses adopt BYOD

Tablet BYOD building

Allowing employees to use their own devices for work is increasingly popular, but it can present problems for smaller businesses when it comes to implementing the technology and keeping it secure.

California-based hopTo has an answer for small and medium businesses in the form of its mobile productivity platform hopTo Work. The platform provides instant BYOD functions with a flexible and secure mobile workspace.

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SAP helps business embrace the internet of things

Internet of Things

A recent report by Gartner predicts that there will be 4.9 billion connected 'things' in use in 2015 and as many as 20 billion by 2020.

There’s little doubt that the internet of things is set to have a big impact which will be felt across enterprises and homes. Business systems specialist SAP is keen to be at the forefront and is using its TechEd conference in Berlin to announce three new IoT solutions.

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Darkhotel steals data from traveling executives

Hotel wi-fi business

Darkhotel sounds like it ought to be one of those budget hotel chains you find on the outskirts of towns -- possibly one built without windows to keep costs down.

In fact researchers at Kaspersky Lab have revealed that it's an espionage campaign, which has been operating for almost a decade, that steals sensitive data from corporate executives traveling abroad.

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Fileless malware runs entirely from memory to make detection harder

hacker malware

Traditional malware infections usually require a file object to be placed on the system which makes it relatively easy for them to be detected and removed.

Now though there’s a stealthier threat uncovered by security company Malwarebytes. Poweliks is an infection that runs without a filesystem object, completely from the registry and memory using rundll32.exe, javascript and a create on-the-fly dll.

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Usability survey reveals the most frustrating websites


We've all encountered websites that are badly designed or seem to be willfully hard to use and now a new survey reveals the sites which cause the most frustration and are likely to be rapidly abandoned.

Website FAQ technology provider AnswerDash has released the results of its first website survey revealing Comcast.com, IRS.gov and CenturyLink.com as this year's most frustrating websites for US consumers.

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