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Medical devices targeted by cyber attacks

Medical data risk

Hacking and cyber attacks are no longer confined to computers. Thanks to the Internet of Things they affect a whole lot of other equipment too and that includes medical devices.

Application protection specialist Arxan has produced an infographic looking at the growing threat landscape surrounding connected medical devices.

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How can enterprises streamline the migration of data? [Q&A]

files folders pc transfer move

Businesses are under increasing pressure to replace legacy storage with cloud and hybrid options in order to modernize their infrastructure and cut costs.

Migrating data presents a number of challenges and IT teams are turning to automation in order to address them. We spoke to Jonathan Huberman, CEO of specialist in the hybrid enterprise file sync and share market, Syncplicity, to find out more about how enterprises can move their data smoothly and make it available across a number of devices.

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Brands fail to meet mobile communication expectations

mobile frustration error

Brands aren't doing enough to meet their customers' expectations for mobile communication, according to a new survey.

The study, by web convergence company tyntec and technology research specialist Ovum, of 1000 people in the US and Germany finds that customers prefer to interact with customer service agents using different communication channels depending on where they are in the transaction process, and that they expect service providers to be effective using mobile.

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Compliance struggles to keep pace with new communications channels

Why Confused Question Mark Woman Wall Puzzled

Compliance professionals need to supervise all types of business communications, but a new survey shows that they're struggling to keep pace with the volume and variety of electronic channels.

Hosted archiving specialist Smarsh has released its sixth annual Electronic Communications Compliance Survey Report. The survey, of compliance professionals in the financial services industry, highlights that supervision practices aren't sufficiently addressing the compliance implications of ongoing trends, like increased regulatory scrutiny and the challenge of adapting to channels like social media and text messaging.

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The challenge of securing smart buildings from cyber attack [Q&A]

Tablet BYOD building

As more and more devices get added to the Internet of Things the risks they present get larger. A recent report from the BBC has highlighted the fact that buildings and their systems for heating, lighting and even security may be at risk.

We spoke to Péter Gyöngyösi, product manager of Blindspotter at contextual intelligence specialist Balabit, to find out more about the risks smart buildings present and how landlords and tenants can guard against them.

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Four-year-old LinkedIn IDs go up for sale online


Cast your mind back to 2012 and the LinkedIn hack that had the grown up's social network scurrying to advise its users to change their passwords.

It was thought at the time that the 6.5 million sets of credentials posted on a Russian password forum was the extent of the breach. However, four years on a hacker under the name of 'Peace' is offering for sale a database of millions more LinkedIn accounts.

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New breach detection platform is aimed at education sector

students university graduation

Thanks to their shifting population and the volume of personal and other valuable data that passes through them, universities have long been targets for cyber attacks.

With users that interact with a wider zone of the internet than any other group, university networks are particularly vulnerable to all types of attacks, from Trojan horse ploys to spear phishing.

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How unsafe is the Internet of Things?

Internet of things

The Internet of Things is here to stay, but it presents a number of new security risks. Despite this, 81 percent of companies say they intend to roll out IoT devices by 2017.

This is according to research from DDoS mitigation specialist Neustar which has produced an infographic looking at the risks the IoT presents.

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Peephole attack could leave more than a billion Android devices open to clickjacking

Mobile data spy

Earlier this year we reported on the risk Android devices faced from a technique called Accessibility Clickjacking which would allow attackers to monitor all of a user's activity.

At the time of that story the company that uncovered the vulnerability, Skycure, thought that it could affect around half a billion devices. It now believes that despite additional protection being added from Android Lollipop, more than a billion devices may be at risk.

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Birst delivers enhanced analytics capabilities

sales business analytics

Companies are increasingly turning to analytics to gain a competitive advantage and help with customer retention. But a recent study from cloud analytics specialist Birst reveals that half of the companies surveyed that attempted to create in-house analytics products reported being unsatisfied with the results.

To meet demand for reliable analytics products, Birst has announced new capabilities that boost time-to-market and deliver improved user experiences.

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Dell launches zero-day protection for thin clients and virtual desktops

Dell Poland-Lodz-EMFP-web

Endpoint protection is still vital for enterprises of all sizes. Dell is launching new security products aimed at giving businesses advanced threat prevention for Windows Embedded thin clients and virtual desktops.

Using IP from its award-winning Dell Data Protection portfolio of security solutions, Dell is applying its endpoint security expertise beyond the PC to the thin client and virtual machines. The company claims this will give customers an industry-first approach to comprehensively securing their data.

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Cloud security concerns rise as investment grows

cloud security

Industry predictions suggest that the world cloud market will exceed $250 billion by 2020, but a new report shows that as cloud investment grows so do security concerns.

Crowd Research Partners has released the results of its 2016 Cloud Security Spotlight Report, created in conjunction with leading cloud security vendors Alien Vault, Bitglass, Cato Networks, CloudPassage, Dell Software, Dome9 Security, IMMUNIO, (ISC)2 and Randtronics.

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The UK's year in business continuity disasters

Laptop problem fire

All businesses should worry about how they'll keep going in the event of a disaster. But those disasters aren't always internal, they can be due to outside forces and can be hard to predict.

As part of this week's Business Continuity Awareness Week 2016 organized by the Business Continuity Institute, managed services company IT Specialists (ITS) has produced a list of the top 10 UK business continuity disasters of the last year.

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More than half of businesses are in digital denial

eyes covered

Businesses are under increasing pressure to improve their customer experiences and make more effective use of their digital communication channels.

Yet new research from apps, data development and integration company Progress shows that 62 percent of respondents believe their business is in denial about the need to transform digitally.

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New solution targets threats to containerized apps

Faceless cyber criminal hacker

Running applications in containers is increasingly popular, but whilst it offers benefits in terms of the flexibility to run apps anywhere, it raises fresh challenges for keeping them secure.

A new set of automated capabilities that defend against active threats targeting container environments is being launched by security solutions company Twistlock. Twistlock Runtime is fully automated and designed to detect and stop sophisticated runtime attacks -- including APTs and zero-day exploits.

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