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Druva launches pay-as-you go disaster recovery on AWS

cloud backup

Disaster recovery is something that all businesses need but few like to contemplate. It's tempting therefore to think that storing data in the cloud makes the problem go away, but of course it doesn't.

You need to look after your data wherever it's stored and to help AWS users with this, data protection specialist Druva is launching its Phoenix cloud-native solution for backup, archive and disaster recovery on the AWS Marketplace.

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OneDrive for Business accounts used to spread malware

Malware spy

Malware purveyors have been making use of cloud services for some time, sending cloud-storage links that host malware to victims is an efficient way for cyber criminals to operate.

In a new twist to the technique, Forcepoint Security Labs has discovered that cybercriminals have been utilizing compromised Microsoft OneDrive for Business accounts to host malware since at least August of this year.

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56 percent of Brits want to move to the Moon

moon cloud

Whether it's a result of Brexit or they're simply sick of the weather, a new survey reveals that 56 percent of British people would like to move to the Moon. If money were no object 19 percent also say they would buy a holiday home on Mars.

Product development company Arconic surveyed 1,000 people in the UK to find out how they thought technology would develop over the next 50 years.

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How seasonal tech gifts could be risking your data

gift hacker criminal present

In the run up to the holiday season many of us will be buying internet connected devices. But new research from Intel Security shows that technology bargains and gifts could be putting consumers' data at risk.

The survey among UK consumers shows smartphones and tablets come top of many seasonal shopping lists, with 42 percent planning to upgrade gadgets to the latest models. Yet 60 percent say they have no plans to ensure security software is installed.

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How secure are online retailers?

eCommerce global

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holiday season on the horizon, many people are going to be shopping online. But how much do you trust the sites you’re dealing with?

Password management company LastPass has released a report looking at each site's password requirements, how much information they store, and how much effort they put into helping customers follow good password security practices.

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How businesses should respond to unplanned downtime

Angry businessman

Today's businesses face a wave of challenges when it comes to protecting their data. Securing data in the cloud, a rise in ransomware attacks, and increases in unstructured data all make it hard to plan operations effectively and can lead to unscheduled downtime.

Cloud data protection company Arcserve, however, sees this as an opportunity for organizations to re-assess their ability to cope with problems. The company has released a report setting out five strategies to help organizations prepare for and respond to unplanned downtime.

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IBM launches new services to help enterprises with cloud migration

IBM logo

Businesses are turning to the cloud as a way of coping with ever larger amounts of data. But moving to the cloud at the same time retaining control of where data resides and how it’s accessed is a challenge.

To help enterprises migrate and more easily generate business insights, IBM is announcing a range of new services on its Bluemix cloud platform.

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Almost half of businesses have suffered a ransomware attack in the last year


A new survey of over 500 businesses in the US, UK, France and Germany shows that in the last 12 months, 48 percent have fallen victim to a ransomware campaign, with 81 percent having suffered three or more attacks.

The study from endpoint security company SentinelOne reveals employee information (42 percent), financial data (41 percent) and customer information (40 percent) are the types of data most often affected by these attacks.

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Cloud use could be putting businesses at risk

Cloud risk

According to a new study, 69.7 percent of cloud applications do not specify whether the customer keeps ownership of uploaded data, just 8.7 percent commit to not sharing data with third parties, and only 16 percent delete data immediately after contract termination.

All three of these things could leave businesses open to non-compliance files under the EU's GDPR requirements. The report from cloud security company Skyhigh Networks analyses real life cloud usage data from 30 million cloud users worldwide to assess the risk the cloud presents.

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Almost 40 percent of Americans would give up sex for cyber security

couple phone bed suspicion

According to an online survey of over 2,000 adults, 39 percent of Americans would sacrifice sex for one year if it meant they never had to worry about being hacked, having their identity stolen, or their accounts breached.

Women are more likely than men to be willing sacrifice a year of sex in exchange for online peace of mind (44 percent vs 34 percent), and sex isn't the only thing people would give up to remove cybersecurity headaches. Four in 10 (41 percent) would rather give up their favorite food for a month than go through the password reset process for all their online accounts.

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iOS apps three times more likely to crash than Android

Mobile frustration

With iOS and Android waged in a long term battle for smartphone market share every quarter, device performance can often play a role in shaping the final results.

According to a report released today by Blancco Technology Group, Apple is losing the app performance battle to Android with its iPhones and iPads failing at a rate of 62 percent worldwide, compared to the 47 percent failure rate of Android devices.

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Cyber crime affects 40 percent of manufacturing companies

Cooling towers

In an increasingly interconnected world, all organizations are at risk from cyber attacks and manufacturing businesses are no exception.

A new study conducted by Deloitte and the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI) reveals that 40 percent of manufacturing companies were affected by cyber incidents in the past 12 months, and 38 percent of those impacted suffered damages in excess of $1 million.

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How storage can help fight malware [Q&A]

Disk backup recovery

We tend to think of storage as being a target when it comes to malware attacks with cyber criminals seeking to steal data or encrypt it to demand a ransom. But in fact technology can make storage part of the solution.

Hybrid storage specialist Reduxio believes innovative storage can be used to fight and defeat ransomware and malware. We spoke to Reduxio's Jacob Cherian (VP of product strategy) and Mike Grandinetti (chief marketing and corporate strategy officer) to find out how.

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Time tracking tools aren't keeping up with mobile workforces

time spiral

Modern businesses are increasingly concerned with agility and efficiency and this leads them to seek more mobile solutions. But a new report shows that workforces are struggling with outdated processes that don't adequately support this new world.

The study by performance management specialist Changepoint shows that organizations using time and task data to guide business decisions are relying on old-fashioned methods including Excel spreadsheets (28 percent) and even pen and paper (36 percent).

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Comodo launches new certificate management platform

Security Lock

Digital certificates are an essential part of online security and as the number of Internet of things devices continues to grow they'll become more important still. But as we rely more on certificates so managing them becomes more complex.

Cyber security solutions company Comodo, the world's leading certificate authority, is launching the latest release of its Comodo Certificate Manager (CCM), a full-lifecycle digital certificate management platform which makes it easier for enterprises to manage their certificates.

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