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How communication tools are being used in the workplace


Interaction at work has been changed in recent years thanks to tools like Slack, but what do IT managers look for when sourcing communication tools?

According to the results of a new survey of 250 IT managers by West Unified Communications more than half believe that relying on best-of-breed communication and collaboration tools is more important than adopting solutions from the same vendor.

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New cloud solution offers one-stop backup, archive and recovery

Cloud backup

As businesses adopt the cloud for increased flexibility and reliability, public cloud services are increasingly being used as a protection platform to provide backup, archiving and disaster recovery.

Data protection specialist Druva has recognized the importance of this market and is adding disaster recovery capability to its Phoenix product to offer a converged cloud solution.

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New cloud service helps organizations meet document preservation requirements

Secure document padlock

Companies increasingly face demands to keep documents in order to satisfy legal and compliance requirements. This can present problems in deciding what to keep but also in keeping up with the latest regulations.

The latest EU/US Data Transfer negotiations for example are causing businesses to re-think their current business processes and data governance strategy in order to address these changes.

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New risk management software helps companies handle sensitive data

High Risk

Endpoint security and digital investigations specialist Guidance Software is launching a new solution to help organizations identify and classify confidential data.

EnForce Risk Manager allows organizations to reduce their surface area of risk, limiting the potential damage from breaches and improving their ability to comply with global data protection rules.

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BlackEnergy 3 malware targets Ukranian power facilities


The BlackEnergy malware first appeared in 2007 as a relatively unsophisticated program that that generated random bots to support Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Endpoint security specialist SentinelOne has detected a new variant of the program which was used last month to attack a Ukranian power facility. It also believes that this latest variant may be state-sponsored.

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Threat of cyber crime drives higher salaries for security professionals


Employers are offering salaries up by 14 percent on average for IT security specialists in the light of the growing threat posed by cyber crime.

A Global Salary Survey by UK specialist recruitment company Robert Walters also sees salaries for developers increasing as major employers look to overhaul their online presence.

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How technology is ruining your mind

Crazy woman

Do you find that you don't remember facts any more because you know you can easily look them up online? Or does using phones and gadgets late at night make it harder for you to sleep?

According to an infographic from London-based support specialist Conosco these are just some of the ways in which technology is harmful to our minds.

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Intel aims to make life easier for small businesses

Intel SBA

Small businesses make up around 17 percent of the total PC market, yet often they don’t have dedicated resources to manage their systems.

Chip maker Intel has spotted an opportunity here and is launching its Small Business Advantage program, offering a blend of systems management and business collaboration.

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Enterprises want to run databases in containers

Business database server

More than three out of four IT decision makers are interested in running stateful applications like databases within containers, according to a recent survey.

Silicon Valley-based containerized data platform specialist Robin Systems conducted the survey in December 2015 with more than 200 respondents from industries including retail, banking and finance, manufacturing, and Internet infrastructure.

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New SharePoint intranet platform helps Office 365 users collaborate


Intranets are increasingly common, even in smaller companies, allowing employees easy access to shared resources

For Office 365 users wanting to exploit the power of intranets, Florida based MessageOps is launching ROOT, a SharePoint intranet platform. ROOT is a feature-rich intranet portal that gives customers an opportunity to create a more collaborative working environment, and give their employees a central access point to important company information and apps.

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Canonical and Oracle team up to boost enterprise cloud use

Canonical Oracle link

Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux, has announced a collaboration with Oracle to make Ubuntu images available on Oracle Cloud.

Under the deal, Certified Ubuntu images will be available on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, providing Oracle enterprise customers with increased choice and new and innovative ways to manage and scale their enterprise workloads, using the number one cloud operating system.

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Phishing attacks grow in volume and complexity

Phishing magnified

According to a new report from security awareness specialist Wombat Security phishing attacks are on the rise and are supported by increasingly aggressive social engineering practices that make them more difficult to prevent.

Organizations surveyed indicated they have suffered malware infections (42 percent), compromised accounts (22 percent), and loss of data (4 percent) as a direct result of successful phishing attacks.

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One in three Americans are victims of healthcare data breaches

Medical data risk

In the last year there have been a number of data breaches involving the healthcare industry. These included high profile attacks such as those on Premera Blue Cross and Anthem compromising millions of records.

According to the 2016 Healthcare Breach Report from cloud access specialist Bitglass more than 111 million individuals' data was lost due to hacking or IT incidents in the US alone.

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Continuous security helps protect consumer data

security padlock

As individuals, the amount of personal data we have online has grown thanks to social networking and the number of organizations that encourage us to do business via the internet.

It's set to grow still more as the Internet of Things takes off, and this presents problems when it comes to sharing information. Conventional solutions rely on checkboxes or cookies, but these struggle to cope with current demands.

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Free tool launches to evaluate privileged password management

Password threat

It's easy to set rules for handling privileged account passwords, but harder to ensure that they're being followed and that they meet best practice and security guidelines.

IT security specialist Thycotic is aiming to help organizations by launching a free online tool that demonstrates how companies compare to other, similarly-sized, organizations when meeting password management practices.

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