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How security breaches have changed the cyber landscape

Security breach lock

There's no doubt that security breaches are becoming more common. According to the US Government Accountability Office cyber incidents increased by 782 percent between 2006 and 2012.

But how does this impact the world at large? Security management company SRC Cyber has put together an infographic looking at some of the most infamous occurrences over the last decade and how they've affected the global cyber landscape.

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Universities fail to get to grips with cyber security

students university graduation

As thousands of students prepare to return to university over the next few weeks, new research by security ratings company BitSight shows that this is a busy time for hackers too.

The researchers found that Ivy League schools, for example, see a 48 percent increase in the number of malware infections during the academic year from September to May.

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Business feud DDoS attack lasts for 38 days

Business argument

Back in May we reported on Incapsula's packet filtering solution for combating DDoS attacks. Today the company reveals details of how its ‘Behemoth’ system has mitigated a massive multi-vector DDoS attack.

The attack lasted 38 days, during which Incapsula's scrubbing servers filtered out 50+ petabits (51,000+ terabits) of malicious traffic. While the attackers did switch between several targets, they consistently targeted the websites of one Incapsula client -- a video game company.

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Smartsheet improves access for mobile users

businessman on tablet

The spreadsheet carved out its place as an essential business tool right from the earliest days of personal computing. It's often cited as the application which made businesses adopt the PC in the first place. Most businesses are still heavily reliant on them but in an increasingly mobile world a spreadsheet isn’t the easiest thing to access on the move.

With the release of its latest software project management specialist Smartsheet offers iOS users the ability to easily view and update projects with massive grids of data from their iOS devices. It's also updated Smartsheet for Android, which now features an interactive Gantt chart and the ability to attach files from Google Drive or Dropbox from any Android device, including the new Amazon Fire Phone.

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Microsoft detects fall in fake antivirus traffic

fake genuine

Rogue security programs that try to trick the user into paying to remove a false virus detection have been around for a while, the earliest dating back to 2007. The software is clever, using different names and brands to cover its tracks, and clearly their perpetrators make money.

Now though researchers at Microsoft's Malware Protection Center are reporting a downward trend in the traffic generated by some of the most popular rogues over the past 12 months.

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FileCruiser delivers private cloud storage for business


The move towards BYOD in business is bringing a number of new challenges. Not least of these is how to safely and easily share data across a number of devices.

Public clouds provide a tempting option but there are risks in terms of security and control. Now storage company PROMISE Technology is addressing these concerns with a new product called FileCruiser which allows enterprises to build an on-premise cloud. This means admins can manage the entire system, including hardware and software configuration, eliminating the security concerns of storing confidential data on public services.

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Symantec sets out plans to simplify its Norton range


We all know it's important to keep our PCs safe from online threats, but the range of options available to do that -- even from just one developer -- can be bewildering.

Symantec has recognized this problem and has announced that from this fall it will streamline its nine existing security offerings into just one flagship Norton Security product.

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How much is your internet being censored? Point and click guide

IVPN censorship

The issue of internet freedom is seldom far from the news at the moment, but exactly how much are the governments in different countries restricting what their web users do?

Online privacy service IVPN has produced an interactive map showing levels of internet censorship around the world. You can simply click on a country to see how it rates.

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Traditional development practices don't work for mobile apps

Software development

As IT teams face more demands from business units for new mobile applications they'll need to adopt practices that are different from traditional development techniques.

This is according to IT research company Gartner which says that users find it challenging to effectively describe what a mobile app needs to do and therefore the approach of sitting down with a business analyst to define requirements doesn't work.

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Silver surfing lessons can help fight dementia

old elderly man using PC

Encouraging the elderly to use the internet can not only help them keep in touch with friends and family and take advantage of the best deals, it can also reduce the likelihood of dementia.

The results of an eight-year study of 6,500 50-90 year-olds reveal that those who regularly go online experience less mental decline compared to those who don't use the internet. The study shows a significant improvement in delayed recall over time for those who were frequent online users, highlighting the role played by the internet in preventing the degeneration of mental abilities in the elderly.

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Managed services boost efficiency and cut costs

Business laptop graph

Using managed services used to mean outsourcing complex IT projects to expensive consultants. Now though thanks to technologies like the cloud they're enabling businesses to focus on their core business while increasing their efficiency, reducing costs and taking advantage of new technologies.

Infrastructure as a service specialist GoGrid has compiled some industry findings that demonstrate the market opportunities and benefits companies can gain by using managed services.

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Fast-PATH installer streamlines Hadoop deployments and reduces costs

Big data

Though it's one of the most popular big data tools, Hadoop is still evolving and as a result doesn't always have the sophistication of more traditional databases, which can lead to higher support and operation costs.

A new product from big data security specialist Zettaset aims to streamline Hadoop deployment for the enterprise with software automation that eliminates many of the manual configuration processes.

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Intellectual property loss affects 21 percent of manufacturing businesses in the past year

data loss

In ever more competitive global markets the success or failure of a business can rest on insights and solutions that allow it to operate more efficiently than its competitors.

If this information falls into the hands of a competitor advantage is lost. Yet the results of a new study by Kaspersky Lab show that one in five manufacturing businesses has suffered a loss of intellectual property in the last 12 months.

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Clarizen delivers new collaboration features

office collaboration

Work collaboration and project management specialist Clarizen's cloud based platform launched in its latest version, Clarizen v6, last year. Today it's announcing a number of enhancements many of which have been requested by customers.

Changes include new reporting, resource visualization, communication and usability enhancements. Charting changes include the introduction of bubble and scatter charts that can be shared inside and outside the organization. Bubble chart enables a "fourth dimension" with the x and y axis determining the plot location, point color, and the size of each plot point.

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Flash! Savior of the enterprise storage market?

Servers and Storage

From being an expensive technology and something of a niche, flash storage is shifting into the mainstream, particularly in enterprises.

According to new research by IDC, although the technology has been available for a while, the adoption of flash-based storage is only now showing real growth thanks to falling prices and a growing familiarity with the benefits it offers.

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