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Hackers play the fame game to boost business

Hacker money laptop

Hacking by its very nature tends to be an activity that takes place in the shadows. However, analysts at security awareness specialist Digital Shadows have identified a growing trend of some hackers actively seeking the limelight to promote their businesses.

Just as in the legitimate commercial world, reputation is important and players without one are less likely to be trusted. In order to boost their profiles therefore some cyber criminals have been using publicity to add to their credibility.

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Traditional malware falls as mobile malware rises in July


The number of active malware families attacking businesses fell by five percent in July, but mobile malware now accounts for nine percent of the total -- up 50 percent from June.

These figures come from threat prevention company Check Point based on intelligence drawn from its ThreatCloud World Cyber Threat Map.

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Besiter Eclipse: A nicely designed power bank [Review]

Besiter Eclipse

As we become more and more reliant on our portable devices, running out of battery power at a crucial moment is always a risk.

Fortunately there are plenty of USB power banks on the market to give your device a boost. The latest to come our way is the Besiter Eclipse from UK company Kavson. It claims to have one of the most powerful batteries available, making it able to charge an iPhone 6S up to 5 times and a Samsung Galaxy S7 up to 3 times over.

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New spear-phishing attacks seek out industrial and engineering targets

Cooling towers

Researchers at Kaspersky Lab have uncovered a new wave of targeted attacks against the industrial and engineering sectors in 30 countries around the world.

Named 'Operation Ghoul' by Kaspersky's researchers, the attacks use spear-phishing emails and malware based on a commercial spyware kit to seek out valuable business-related data stored in their victims' networks.

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Management underestimates the time and cost needed for the cloud

businessman on cloud

While 96 percent of US enterprises expect to increase their investment in cloud management over the next five years, the majority of IT decision makers are not using those services to their fullest potential according to a new study.

The survey findings from Wakefield Research and cloud automation specialist Logicworks show that 80 percent of the 400 surveyed IT decision makers believe that their company's leadership team underestimates the time and cost required to maintain resources in the cloud.

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Intelligent connectors help integrate enterprise data and applications

database sync

Enterprise data can have multiple elements which makes it difficult to map to different systems and can prevent businesses from getting the most from their information.

Data integration specialist SnapLogic is introducing a new release of its Elastic Integration Platform with new additions to its library of more than 400 intelligent connectors called Snaps.

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HMA! aims to bring VPN to the masses


Virtual private networks (VPNs) are an effective way of masking your internet activity when using public networks.

However, they've always seemed a bit geeky, which puts many everyday internet users off using them. VPN specialist Hide My Ass! (HMA!) is aiming to change that with a new version of its product aimed at people who haven't previously used a VPN.

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Ransomware-as-a-service tool generates $195,000 profit in July


There are a number of high profile ransomware programs doing the rounds at the moment and we know that it can generate lucrative returns for the people behind it.

But just as in the legitimate commercial world, the as-a-service model is starting to gain traction with attackers. Security vendor Check Point is releasing details of Cerber, which it believes is the world's biggest ransomware-as-a-service scheme.

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Over 30 percent of employees put their companies at risk by responding to phishing attacks


Phishing is one of the major security threats that enterprises now face, but according to new research from Duo Security users are putting 31 percent of organizations at risk of a data breach due to phishing attacks.

Based on feedback from the Duo Insight phishing simulation tool, the company finds that 31 percent of users clicked the link in a phishing email and worse still 17 percent entered their username and password, giving an attacker in a real-world scenario the keys to corporate data.

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The increasing role of AI in cyber security [Q&A]

artificial intelligence

As attacks become more frequent and sophisticated, conventional security techniques and human analysis struggle to keep pace.

As a result many companies are turning to artificial intelligence methods to help them defend their systems effectively. We spoke to Peter Gyongyosi product manager of security intelligence specialist Balabit to find out more about how AI is increasingly the future of cyber security.

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North American businesses reluctant to adopt Windows 10


A year on from the release of Windows 10 most businesses are still reluctant to adopt the OS, according to research by solutions and managed services company Softchoice.

Based on an evaluation of more than 400,000 Windows-based computing devices between January and May this year, across 169 organizations in the US and Canada using the TechCheck asset management solution, the study reveals less than one percent were running Windows 10.

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Predictive risk technology helps fight phishing

Phishing magnified

Phishing attacks are on the increase and are becoming increasingly sophisticated. This means that older technologies such as blacklisting known phishing sites are struggling to keep up with the threat. The Anti Phishing Working Group detected a 250 percent jump in phishing sites between October 2015 and March 2016.

Fraud protection company Easy Solutions is helping to combat the problem with the public beta launch of its Swordphish predictive phishing and malware risk assessment technology.

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Over half of security pros say cloud vendors shouldn't give governments data access

Cloud access

There are a number of concerns that companies have over migrating to the cloud, but one of the key ones is who else might have access to the data.

Cloud security company Bitglass has released the results of its latest Mitigating Cloud Risks survey in conjunction with the Cloud Security Alliance, which shows that potential government access to encrypted data is an issue.

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SecureAuth launches training program to cut security skills gap

students university graduation

Shortage of skills is one of the main reasons businesses give for not achieving their objectives according to Gartner and this is especially true in the cybersecurity field.

Access control specialist SecureAuth is aiming to address this with the launch of its SecureAuth University, a continuing education program for customers, partners and employees.

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New solution detects enterprise data at risk on shadow IT

Shadows street

Shadow IT is an increasingly major concern for businesses, the use of public cloud services offers convenience for workers but risks confidential information being exposed outside the organisation.

Canadian endpoint security company Absolute is launching new functionality for its Absolute Data and Device Security (DDS) product that detects data at risk on endpoints associated with cloud storage applications.

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