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Analytics app helps make sense of marketing data

Data analytics

Marketing departments today operate across multiple channels from traditional routes to digital campaigns and social media. That means they're dealing with more data than ever before.

But being data rich isn't an answer in itself as the information can be fragmented and difficult to analyze. Big data insights specialist Datameer is launching its Multi-Channel Marketing Analytics App which offers an end-to-end view of the marketing process from lead-to-customer.

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Mobile app developer platform adds new capabilities

Phone gears

With mobile devices becoming increasingly popular there's ever increasing demand for apps, but that can prove a bottleneck for businesses.

With the launch of a new version of its RhoMobile developer platform, Illinois-based Zebra Technologies Corporation is aiming to make multi-platform development easier.

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Organizations suffer an average of 3.8 insider attacks per year

Insider threat

It may be hackers and cyber criminals that are in the front of most people's minds when thinking of security, but a worrying number of attacks come from organization insiders.

New crowd-based research from user activity monitoring and behavior analysis specialist Spectorsoft shows that 62 percent of security professionals saw a rise in insider attacks over the last 12 months, while 22 percent saw no rise, and 16 percent were unsure if they had been attacked or not.

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New tool helps companies publish and manage APIs


More and more businesses are publishing their own apps, and that involves the use of APIs. Yet many existing API tools focus only on publishing and ignore the user and partner side of things.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) company WaveMaker is releasing its new WaveMaker Gateway, to make it easier for enterprises to open up their APIs to partners and external developers.

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BUFFERZONE joins the Intel Security Innovation Alliance

Security breach lock

Security of the endpoint is often the weakest link in enterprise security as users may not be aware of the risks from malicious content that can slip past traditional protection.

Endpoint security company BUFFERZONE is announcing today that it's joining the Intel Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) program as a Sales Teaming Partner and that it's been certified as McAfee Compatible with the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) platform.

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Application intelligence platform adds Unified Monitoring

laptop task manager monitoring

Monitoring applications and their infrastructure can involve the use of multiple different products. According to recent research by Enterprise Management Associates, some 65 percent of enterprises report owning 11 or more commercial monitoring/management tools.

Application intelligence specialist AppDynamics is launching an update to its Application Intelligence Platform that introduces Unified Monitoring to trace and monitor transactions from the end user through the entire application and infrastructure environment to help solve performance issues and improve user experience.

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Intronis launches simplified backup platform

Disk backup recovery

For smaller businesses organizing backups can be a chore which is why they often choose to buy a service solution from their systems provider rather than do it in house.

Backup and data protection specialist Intronis is one of the leaders in backup platforms for IT providers and is launching a new release of its ECHOplatform designed to deliver simplified operations and improved value.

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LuguLake-24 Bluetooth speaker -- style over substance? [Review]


Bluetooth speakers usually need some sort of distinctive feature to help them to stand out from the crowd. In the case of the LuguLake that distinctiveness is in the way it looks.

The first thing that strikes you is the funky design, it's about the size of a tennis ball, or an apple if you prefer, with a shiny black finish and a sort of suspended saucer over the speaker cone itself. On the top of this is a touch pad that acts as a volume control as well as allowing you to pause and skip tracks, and answer calls so you can use it as a speakerphone.

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More than just a USB hub -- Inateck HB4009 [Review]

Inateck HB4009

USB hubs are commonplace and, let's be honest, not especially exciting pieces of kit. Inateck’s HB4009 is a three-port USB 3.0 hub, but it also has an extra trick up its sleeve. It has a Magic Port, allowing you to link two systems together for file transfers or establish a client/host link using the USB On-The-Go (OTG) standard.

This makes it a versatile little device as you can link Windows, Mac OS and Android devices to their own kind or to each other. You can also attach another USB device like a flash drive or camera to a system, such as a tablet, that might not otherwise have a suitable port.

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Samsung announces fix for Galaxy keyboard vulnerability


We reported on Wednesday that a flaw in the pre-installed SwiftKey keyboard software could put millions of Galaxy devices at risk.

Samsung has moved fast to reassure users and has announced that it's preparing a fix which will be pushed out to devices in the next few days. In addition to the update the company says it will continue to work with third-parties like SwiftKey to address risks in future.

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Forensics for everyone as a new approach to network security [Q&A]

network connections social

Organizations are increasingly under pressure to respond to security incidents quickly in order to minimise damage and losses. Yet conventional security approaches don't always provide enough information, or make it accessible enough, for this to happen.

Is it time for businesses to take a more forensic approach to securing their networks? And won’t this involve time-consuming trawls through masses of raw packet data? We spoke to Uriel Cohen, head of marketing at network forensics specialist WireX Systems to find out.

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Komprise aims to manage data growth while cutting costs

Cloud storage

It's reckoned that 90 percent of the world's data has been created in the last two years and that every two years the amount of data will continue to double.

Existing data management solutions aren’t designed to cope with this rapid explosion of data. However, San Franciso-based startup company Komprise is building a platform uses analytics-driven adaptive automation to manage massive data growth transparently across all storage.

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SAP HANA vulnerable to weaknesses in encryption keys

virtual padlock

SAP HANA is the ERP specialist's recent key product. Based on in-memory technology, it provides a considerable increase in the speed of data processing, helping large enterprises process their data in real time. It's implemented in more than 500 companies.

But at a "Black Hat Sessions" conference today in the Netherlands, Dmitry Chastuhin, Director of professional services at SAP security company ERPScan, has presented a report on the latest trends in SAP Security. It uncovers multiple problems related to encryption algorithms and static keys used by SAP in their products.

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Vulnerability could put up to 600 million Samsung smartphones at risk


According to a report published by security specialist NowSecure, a vulnerability in the Swift keyboard software, pre-installed on Samsung devices, can allow a remote attacker to execute code on the user's phone as well as access functions like the microphone and camera.

Worse still there's no way to uninstall Swift and the flaw can be exploited even if you don't use the app. It affects leading Samsung smartphone models from the Galaxy S4 to the S6.

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PagerDuty speeds up incident resolution using real-time data

Help Desk

Solving problems successfully is all about having the correct information for accurate diagnosis and then assembling the appropriate people to put things right. The problem is that the necessary knowledge is often spread across several areas of IT.

Operations performance management company PagerDuty is launching an extension to its platform called Rich Incidents aimed at reducing incident resolution times using real-time data.

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