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New platform speeds up development of multi-platform enterprise apps

Mobile device apps

Mobile apps are becoming increasingly important to business as more consumers want to shop and interact online and more employees want to take advantage of BYOD and working away from the office.

Developing an app for multiple platforms, however, can prove costly and time consuming. Now though app platform as a service specialist Mendix is launching a new version of its Mendix App Platform that will allow enterprises to deliver apps faster and more cheaply.

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Smartsheet launches new work visualization tool for enterprises

office collaboration

Often the easiest way of getting information across in a meeting or presentation is to have it in a visual form like a graph or chart.

Collaborative work management company Smartsheet is unveiling a new way to visualize work management and show how people contribute to a project. Instead of the traditional organization chart view, Smartsheet Account Map shows how both employees and external contributors form work clusters around processes.

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Millennials prefer to shop using mobiles

Mobile shopping

A new survey carried out by application delivery company Instart Logic looks at the shopping habits of millennials in order to help retailers set their ecommerce priorities as the holiday season approaches.

The results show that millennials -- those born between the early 1980s and early 2000s -- are more likely to use mobile devices to shop, with 55 percent doing so. They still like to use browsers, however, with 57 percent preferring them over native apps.

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1 in 4 organizations use Hadoop to manage their big data

Big data

You can't go too far in the big data world without encountering Apache Hadoop. The open source framework was created in 2005 to handle large scale processing.

A new infographic from data management company Solix looks at what Hadoop is, the four modules that make it up, and how it’s used in the enterprise, along with a glimpse at its future.

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Protecting your PC is like defending a castle


Most people are aware that they need to have some form of protection on their PC if it's attached to the internet. Yet it seems that a lot of users still don't know how to properly protect themselves.

Many believe that the security software that comes with their PC is enough to protect them. Security company Check Point ZoneAlarm has released an infographic which shows that 71 percent don’t have both a firewall and antivirus solution on their PCs.

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How can consumers stay secure as payment systems evolve? [Q&A]

Chip and pin card reader

Data breaches continue to make the news on a regular basis and payment details are high on the hacker’s shopping list when it comes to protecting information. We reported yesterday on Intel introducing a new secure solution for protecting payments and card providers are engaged in a continuing arms race to stay secure. The latest part of this is the introduction of more secure EMV (EuroPay, MasterCard and Visa) compliant payment terminals around the world. Banks are issuing the new chip cards as current cards expire or need replacement. Retailers are installing new chip-enabled terminals.

As the holiday shopping season approaches keeping your details safe as you hit the shops is at the top of many people's thoughts. We spoke to Carolyn Balfany, SVP, Product Delivery and EMV of payment card specialists MasterCard to find out about what consumers can do to help protect themselves as they shop.

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The best tools for removing malware 2014

Malware spy

Independent testing organization AV-Comparatives has released the results of its latest Real World Protection and File Detection tests showing which security products perform best at dealing with malware.

The Real World Protection test results are based on over 600 live threats including drive-by downloads, malicious URLs, and infected email attachments. 22 products were tested and rated against the 'out of the box' protection provided by Windows (80.4 percent).

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New Intel technology helps safeguard the payment process

Happy shopper card

Recent high profile data breaches involving retailers have led many people to have doubts about the security of transactions.

Chip maker Intel has today announced a new data protection technology that will both address these concerns and help speed up the roll out of internet of things devices in retail environments.

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Cloud-based security and why it's here to stay

cloud security

As the popularity of cloud services has grown, so have concerns over the security of the data that's stored on them. This has led security vendors to adapt and develop solutions for the new environment.

A new report by security company NSS Labs looks at the rise of cloud security solutions and at the business demands driving their adoption, as well as the limitations and potential hidden costs in their use and recommendations for enterprises.

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Bitcoin will do nicely -- the state of Russian cyber crime

Russia flag magnifier

Banking fraud is down, mobile threats are up and cryptocurrency is the preferred payment method in the world of Russian cyber criminals.

Fraud prevention and cyber crime investigation specialist Group-IB has released a report on the Russian high-tech crime market in 2014. The report provides detailed assessments of the who, what, where and how of high-tech crime, who is behind what crimes, where they originate and who they target.

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Intronis ECHOshare brings simple, secure file sharing to SMBs

File sharing

Sharing files among employees can be difficult for any business, but particularly for smaller ones which often end up adopting solutions like emailing attachments or using public cloud services.

These approaches can put data at risk and also cause problems for support staff. Backup and disaster recovery specialist Intronis has a new solution to help businesses share files safely in the form of ECHOshare.

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Organizations struggle to balance security with systems integration

scales of justice

Many organizations are failing to meet data security and governance requirements according to a new Ovum survey sponsored by data flow specialist Axway.

The results reveal that 23 percent have failed a security audit in the past three years and 17 percent lack confidence in their ability to pass one today. It also puts the average cost of a data breach at $350 per record.

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Why hackers love the holiday season [Q&A]

Credit card gift bow

Recent high profile security breaches involving retailers like Target and Neiman Marcus mean that people are increasingly aware they may be vulnerable when shopping online. Yet many don't fully understand the landscape that lies behind hacking and why it’s such a lucrative business.

With Christmas and its associated e-commerce peak fast approaching we spoke to Kelly Yee, Vice President of secure email provider Penango who has a wealth of security systems experience in both the public and private sectors. Here are her views on how hackers work and how we can guard against becoming victims over the holiday season.

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Dropbox passwords held to ransom after third-party leak

Cloud box

Hackers claim to have stolen the login details of almost seven million Dropbox users. Having released a teaser file on Pastebin with details of around 400 accounts they’re offering to release more in exchange for a Bitcoin ransom.

Like the Snapchat photo leak it seems that this information has come from insecure third-party services rather than from Dropbox itself.

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100,000 mostly dull photos leak online -- behind the 'Snappening' hype


After all of the recent stories related to the Fappening you could be forgiven for thinking that stories about leaks of nude photos were becoming passé.

That didn't stop the media going into overdrive at the weekend when news emerged of 100,000 (or 200,000 depending on where you read the story) images from disposable message service Snapchat being leaked online.

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