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AMI StorTrends launches new infrastructure assessment tool


Buying storage used to be a case of simply deciding how much space you needed, but these days it's much more complicated.

Making the wrong storage choices can impact on the performance of your entire IT infrastructure. To help with the problem American Megatrends (AMI) is launching a new tool, StorTrends iDATA, to provide admins with an accurate assessment of performance, capacity and throughput requirements.

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CryptoDefense could be a bigger threat than CryptoLocker


Only a couple of days ago we reported on the CryptoDefense ransomware conveniently leaving behind its decryption key.

But today Stu Sjouwerman CEO of security training specialist KnowBe4 is warning that, flawed though it is, CryptoDefense represents a serious threat.

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Adaptiva simplifies migration to SCCM 2012

Data transfer

If you use Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) you're probably aware that support for the 2007 version ends in July.

In response to this, systems management specialist Adaptiva is launching a Content Push Policy to its OneSite product, aimed at simplifying and cutting the costs of migration to SCCM 2012. It will also allow newcomers to SCCM to deploy the package more quickly.

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Dell toughens up its act with new rugged systems

Dell Latitude 12 rugged

As computers become essential tools for more and more jobs they often need to work in harsh environments that would damage a conventional machine.

Dell is launching two new Latitude Rugged Extreme systems that are purpose-built to withstand hazards such as dust, moisture, drops, vibration, extreme temperatures and other punishing conditions faced by users in fields such as military service, public safety, manufacturing and first response.

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Cloud adoption reaches over 90 percent as the technology matures


Use of the cloud is close to becoming universal as enterprises increase their adoption of both private and public services.

This is one of the main findings of the 2014 State of the Cloud report released today by RightScale. It also finds that as cloud use matures security concerns lessen and attention increasingly shifts to managing the ongoing challenges of compliance, cost management, and performance.

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Millions of home routers expose ISPs to DDoS attacks

Router closeup

DNS software specialist Nominum has revealed that DNS-based DDoS amplification attacks have significantly increased in the recent months, targeting vulnerable home routers worldwide.

The research reveals that more than 24 million home routers have open DNS proxies which potentially expose ISPs to DNS-based DDoS attacks.

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Pay up or... We'll let you go. Flawed ransomware leaves behind its key

Jail cell keys

Locking up a user's PC and demanding a payment to release it has proved very profitable for the cyber crime community.

So much so that malware authors have been turning their hand to new variants. Security software specialist Symantec has been taking a closer look at one such, the CryptoDefense trojan that it first detected in February.

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Internet Explorer leads the way in guarding against social engineering attacks

hand arm laptop security phishing lure scam

Deceiving the user into downloading and installing malicious software is one of the most common ways of attacking endpoint systems.

A good web browser can be an effective aid in blocking these social engineering attempts and the latest research from NSS Labs looks at the leading contenders plus three browsers from China to see how good they are at keeping you safe.

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Small companies and big data [Q&A]

big data

It's sometimes said that big data is like teenage sex, everyone talks about it but few are actually doing it. To which you could add that those who are doing it aren't really sure if they’re getting it right.

In an effort to find out how big data is being used in the real world, we spoke to the heads of three startup companies which are employing it in unique ways to pursue specific business opportunities.

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One in two think expressing opinions online is unsafe


In the post-Snowden world it's hardly surprising that many people believe that their every online move is being watched.

A new global poll carried out by GlobeScan on behalf of the BBC World Service reveals just how widespread these feelings are. Having polled over 17,000 people across 17 countries it finds that 52 percent believe the internet is an unsafe place to express opinions.

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Backupify expands cloud support

cloud backup

Moving data to the cloud and running software as a service can make businesses complacent about backup as they feel their data is already safe with their provider.

However, a recent report by Forrester warns that organizations relying on cloud services may be at risk, "SaaS is an increasingly popular method of deploying new services, but many organizations don't realize that they could be at risk of losing critical data. Many SaaS providers will not restore lost data for users or will only do so for an exorbitant fee".

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UK set to make ripping your CDs and DVDs legal

CD pirate

Although you weren't ever likely to be the subject of a dawn raid from the Sweeney for doing it, until now it has been illegal under UK copyright law to make copies of digital media.

From this summer though the government is changing the current legislation so that you'll be able to transfer music to your MP3 player or make backup copies of your movies without any risk of getting your collar felt.

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Maintaining IT security is getting harder -- and it's your fault

Headache boxing gloves

Keeping systems secure is more difficult than it was a year ago and this is partly down to human error. So says a new study by security awareness company KnowBe4.

The rise of ransomware, the adoption of BYOD, and rapid changes in technology all make it harder for enterprises to guard against threats both inside and outside the organization.

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DDoS traffic soars and the bots get cleverer

DDoS attack

New research by website security specialist Incapsula looks at the impact of DDoS traffic on the internet with data collected over a five month period looking at over 154 million DDoS bot sessions.

It reveals some startling statistics, the main one being that at the application level DDoS bot traffic is up by 240 percent. More than 25 percent of all botnets are located in India, China and Iran, whilst the US ranks fifth in the top ten attacking countries.

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Trusted content is the key to consumer purchasing decisions

Reputation meter

The internet and social media mean that there is more information available to consumers than ever before. But which opinions do we actually trust?

A new study from Nielsen commissioned by content specialist inPowered seeks to understand how consumers use digital content when it comes to researching and making purchases.

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