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9 out of 10 office workers suffer technology stress in meetings

stressed businesswoman

A new survey of office workers in the UK shows that a majority suffer stress in meetings when struggling with tasks like sharing screens and finding the right cables in order to give presentations.

The study by visualization specialist Barco finds that for 93 percent, this meeting stress has serious knock-on effect on every aspect of their work. Presentations were of a poorer quality, time was wasted, deadlines were missed, and for 12 percent, it even resulted in lost promotions and lost business.

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New partnership helps boost eCommerce platform performance

eCommerce global

In order to get a competitive advantage, retailers are increasingly looking to deliver a rich, interactive eCommerce experience for their customers. The problem with this is that it can lead to platforms being loaded down with extra functions that result in a drop in performance.

Application delivery specialist InstartLogic has announced that it's partnering with IBM to help retail clients accelerate the performance of their eCommerce platforms.

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Free online service helps uncover malicious domains

Faceless cyber criminal hacker

Phishing sites that use domain names similar to a legitimate company’s, along with cybersquatting are a major problem. Open DNS recently claimed that cyber squatters have become more active during the US election campaign.

Web security solutions company High-Tech Bridge is launching a new, free, online service that will allow anyone to instantly detect typosquatted, cybersquatted or phishing domains targeting their domain or brand name.

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New Bamboo Server features help businesses manage growth


Growth is the goal of most businesses, but it can create problems for IT teams as they hit resource limits, lose track of processes, and struggle with inefficient collaboration, security risks and user management problems.

Development tools company Atlassian is announcing the release of its latest version of Bamboo Server continuous integration and deployment tool that manages the roll out of automated software builds.

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Cloud native networking helps businesses exploit public clouds

cloud storage

As more businesses turn to the use of public cloud services, they're keen to find ways to gain more visibility into their deployments and make them more secure.

Cloud native networking pioneer Aviatrix Systems is addressing this with the launch of its Cloud Native Networking 2.0. The solution combines a software-defined network controller and software gateways to enable businesses using a combination of public, private and hybrid clouds to quickly and easily roll out virtual private clouds.

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Rackspace improves compliance handling for mixed infrastructures


When businesses have specific compliance requirements -- because of the industry they're in for example -- managing them across cloud and hybrid infrastructures can be a tough challenge.

Managed services specialist Rackspace is addressing this by adding CloudPassage Halo as the underlying security and compliance platform behind its Rackspace Compliance Assistance service, targeting companies that prefer to outsource the management of their compliance initiatives.

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Angel investors prefer science and technology startups


It's easy to assume that investors are only interested in making money and adopt a follow-the-leader approach to getting the best returns.

However, a new report from online startup investment platform Propel(x) shows that the top reasons for investing are: the management team, cited by 75 percent, ability to understand the technology (52 percent), and the potential return on investment (42 percent).

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Globalscape delivers faster enterprise file transfers

File sharing

With increased cloud usage and more demand for remote working, the ability to move large files around efficiently has become more and more important.

Delays or latency in moving data can create serious challenges for a business and the size of files being moved is increasing, causing additional strain on bandwidth.

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Choosing asset management software

network connect laptop pc wireless wifi

Asset management is often seen as something as a chore and something that's relegated to a few hours work with an Excel spreadsheet.

But that makes it hard to keep up to date and may not deliver all of the information needed to effectively keep track of equipment and software.

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Social ad spending rises by 86 percent


Spending on social media advertising has increased by 86 percent in the first quarter of this year compared with the same period in 2015. It's also up eight percent when compared to last year's final holiday shopping quarter.

These findings come from agile marketing specialist Kenshoo based on data managed by its platform for over 3,000 advertiser and agency accounts. It attributes the growth to the appeal of new ad types like Facebook Dynamic Product Ads and increased inventory through Instagram.

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More than a third of enterprises don't backup business data


The results of a new survey show that many organizations continue to demonstrate a complacent, lax attitude toward backups, leaving them vulnerable to evolving threats.

The study from cloud-based backup provider CloudBerry Lab finds that almost half of respondents (49 percent) have only one copy of their business data, which could cause major operational disruption in the event that data becomes inaccessible.

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New technique allows Trojans to remain in memory to evade detection

Trojan horse

Remote access Trojans (RATs) have been used for many years to allow attackers to gain access to and take control of user’s systems.

Usually RATs are delivered when a user opens an email attachment or downloads a file from a website or peer-to-peer network. This involves direct delivery of the payload which makes detection easier.

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Taking the pulse of cyber security in healthcare


Large hospitals often have thousands of workstations used by multiple employees to access confidential patient data, so securing them can be a major challenge.

Endpoint security specialist Duo Security has compared its customers in healthcare with those in other industries to determine how the sector differs in its security requirements.

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Oukitel aims to shake up the budget smartphone market with the sub-$50 C3

Oukitel C3

Not everyone wants or can afford a premium smartphone and Chinese makers have been busy carving out a niche at the lower end of the market with a whole raft of models that provide smartphone features at dumbphone prices.

Launching next week the Oukitel C3 is the latest entry into an increasingly crowded market. What makes it stand out is that unlike most cheaper phones which rely on older versions of Android, the C3 runs the latest 6.0 Marshmallow.

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Digital divide is holding back the UK economy

UK union flags

New research by business organization the CBI in conjunction with IBM shows that a digital divide is opening up across the British economy, with just over half (55 percent) of 'pioneer' firms adopting digital technologies and processes, while the remaining 45 percent are falling behind.

Despite the UK taking top place globally for e-commerce and fifth place for the availability of technology, it ranks only fourteenth in the world for company-level adoption of digital technology, with many companies struggling to digitize their businesses at the rate of peers in other countries.

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