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Public cloud has the greatest security implications say execs

Cloud login

A new survey reveals that 65 percent of senior IT and security executives think that the biggest security risks for business come from public clouds.

The study from IT solutions company BMC in conjunction with Forbes Insights also shows that 69 percent of respondents say digital transformation is forcing fundamental changes to existing cybersecurity strategies.

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Modeling and analytics and their role in business [Q&A]

Data analytics

Businesses are collecting more data about their operations and their customers than ever before. But data in itself is only part of the story. For it to be useful it's necessary to spot patterns and gain insights.

At this point most businesses turn to analytics, but this can only tell you what's happened in the past. To predict future trends means using algorithms to build models of what may be complex systems.

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Ransom is the #1 motivation behind cyber attacks


A new report from cyber security and application delivery company Radware reveals that almost half of businesses (49 percent) say they’ve been the subject of a cyber-ransom campaign in 2016.

Ransom was the top motivation behind cyber-attacks they had experienced according to 41 percent, followed by insider threats (27 percent), political hacktivism (26 percent), and competition (26 percent).

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Insiders or outsiders, which is the greater threat?


Historically, the idea of a hacker has always conjured up images of the outsider trying to gain access to government or corporate systems.

But in recent years it's become clear that insiders can present just as big a threat, whether from malicious intent or just careless use of systems.

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Security and the Internet of Things [Q&A]

Internet of things

Last year saw the Mirai botnet harness routers and other IoT devices to launch DDoS attacks against internet services.

Is this type of attack something we’re going to see more of in 2017, and what can companies and individuals do to protect themselves? We spoke to Sam Rehman, chief technology officer at attack prevention specialist Arxan Technologies to find out more about security and the Internet of Things.

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Many businesses are relying on others to fight DDoS attacks

DDoS attack

With large scale cyber attacks constantly hitting the headlines, businesses ought to be aware of the need to protect themselves.

But a new study by Kaspersky Lab shows that 40 percent of businesses are unclear on how to protect themselves against targeted attacks and DDoS.

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Managed SIEM brings threat protection to multi-site businesses

endpoint protection

Data breaches are bad news for companies not just in terms of potential losses but in damage to reputation.

Larger enterprises are realising that they need to protect not just their central locations but also their remote and franchise locations in order to guard their brand.

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New solution uses machine learning to protect against botnet attacks

Securefi screenshots

The Mirai botnet is thought to have affected more than 1.5 million smart devices over the past few months.

Router manufacturer Securefi is aiming to combat this problem with the launch of a new IoT device security service. Initially available for the company's Almond 3 routers, Securifi's solution protects connected home devices like DVRs, IP cameras, and smart thermostats from a number of key online threats.

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Ransomware set to increase in 2017


Ransomware has been one of the major threats faced by both businesses and individuals in 2016 and many security analysts don't see it going away any time soon.

Threat intelligence specialist Recorded Future echoes that view and believes we’ll see more attacks aimed at shaming the victims.

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Dashlane teams with Intel to improve password protection

Password key image

Security breaches have been one of the major themes of 2016, so going into the new year it’s no surprise that companies are keen to try to make things more secure.

Password manager Dashlane is announcing enhancements to its software to make use of Intel Software Guard Extensions, a powerful security technology built into the latest Intel Core processors.

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69 percent of businesses experience data loss due to employee turnover

Hand Door Exit

A new report from IT research and consulting company Osterman Research reveals that employee turnover and attrition is the number one data protection concern for enterprises.

Of the organizations surveyed, 69 percent indicate that they have suffered significant data or knowledge loss resulting from employees who had left the business.

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Finding your inner superhuman -- 2017 and beyond according to Samsung

Superhero city

2017 will be the year in which technology transforms our everyday lives and the way we communicate with others, according to electronics giant Samsung.

Among the company's predictions is machines set to become smart coaches based on what they understand from our behaviour. As our lives continue to be tracked or quantified by technology, smart machines will coach us based on the data they collect, suggesting things like changes to our diet based on our daily energy levels.

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Inateck KTU3FR 4-port USB 3.0 card and HB4101 4-port USB 3.0 hub [Review]

Inateck USB 3.0 card

The USB 3.0 standard has been around for a while, first appearing on consumer devices in 2009. It's likely therefore that any new PC purchased in the last few years will have USB 3.0 built in. If you have an older machine, or you need more ports, then you can add a PCIe card to add extra USB 3.0 capability.

Inateck's KTU3FR 4-port card is an easy way to boost your USB 3.0 options. It's easy to install though it does need more power than the PCIe slot can provide so it comes with SATA and Molex cables, one of which needs to be connected to your machine's power supply. Drivers are supplied on a CD and should work with all versions of Windows from XP up to Windows 10.

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Internet of Things risks and what to do about them

IOT Internet of Things

In the past year we’ve already seen the Internet of Things used to carry out cyber attacks, and many experts are predicting that this is a problem that will grow in coming months.

Given that many people may have acquired new IoT devices over the holiday period, financial advice website RefiGuide has put together a timely infographic looking at the risks IoT devices can pose and what you can do to protect yourself.

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Data lakes and brick walls, big data predictions for 2017

Big data magnifier

There's been a lot of talk about big data in the past year. But many companies are still struggling with implementing big data projects and getting useful results from their information.

In this part of our series on 2017 predictions we look at what the experts think will affect the big data landscape in the coming year.

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