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Changing employee behavior can cut security risk by up to 70 percent

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Whilst companies employ an array of sophisticated technology to combat security risks, often the weakest link remains the person sitting in front of the screen.

New research from Wombat Security Technologies and the Aberdeen Group  suggests that changing employee behavior when responding to cyber threats via social media, phishing and other popular attack vectors can reduce an organization's risk by as much as 70 percent.

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CommVault launches endpoint protection for mobile enterprises

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The growth of mobile workforces means that employees are often reliant on data that's stored outside the protection of the normal IT infrastructure.

With global data breaches having an average cost of $3.5 million, according to a study by the Ponemon Institute, due to lost or unrecoverable data on employee devices, organizations are beginning to embrace centrally managed platforms that can be used to address data protection, collaboration, regulatory, and eDiscovery requirements in a secure manner.

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Bushel makes Apple mobile device management available to smaller businesses


Mobile device management is becoming essential for more and more businesses, but solutions are often complex and difficult for enterprises without specialist IT staff to adopt.

Software company JAMF which produces MDM solutions for iOS devices has launched a low cost, easy-to-use solution called Bushel aimed at small and medium businesses.

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Optimove offers real-time customer marketing tools

marketing compass

Turning customer data into sales is something of a holy grail for businesses and there are an increasing number of software solutions aimed at helping find it.

One player in this field, customer retention platform Optimove, is using the National Retail Federation's Annual Convention and Expo to launch a version of its platform with real-time capabilities.

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Google patch policy leaves over 900 million Android users out in the cold

snowman android

When a version of Windows reaches the end of its normal support, as Windows 7 has today, Microsoft continues to provide security patches for an extended time.

Google it seems prefers to take a tougher line and is not issuing patches for versions of Android prior to 4.4 KitKat, leaving millions of users of older versions out in the cold.

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What security threats will enterprises face in 2015? [Q&A]

Enterprise security

Last year saw a number of high profile security incidents hit businesses. From attacks on individual companies to bugs like Heartbleed that had the potential to affect large numbers of organizations.

Can we expect more of the same in 2015 or will the threat landscape continue to evolve? We spoke to Mark Bermingham, director of global B2B marketing at Kaspersky Lab, to find out.

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Cloud security becomes a boardroom concern

Boardroom cloud

Moving systems and data to the cloud is increasingly common, but it inevitably leads to concerns about security and those worries are now reaching the boardroom.

This is according to new research by the non-profit Cloud Security Alliance which looks at how companies are currently approaching the cloud, including their views on shadow IT, obstacles preventing cloud adoption, and security priorities.

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The Windows exploit landscape in 2014


Over the years we've grown used to Windows being the target of viruses, hacks and other forms of attack. Although other systems like Android are now coming under attack too it’s still Windows that gets the most attention.

Researchers from security company ESET have released a report showing the major trends in Windows exploits over the past year.

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Mini TV MK808B Plus -- the low cost way to a smart TV [review]

MK808B Mini TV

If you want the features of a smart TV but don't want to have to buy a new set or spend $99 on Fire TV then the MK808B, which offers Google TV for less than $35, might be the answer.

It's basically a tiny Android PC that you hook up to your TV set and your Wi-Fi to allow you to stream media from the web or from another device on the same network or via Bluetooth.

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XSS vulnerability uncovered in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Security alert

Information security company High-Tech Bridge has uncovered a flaw in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM package that could allow the insertion of malicious code.

The self-XSS issue isn't currently recognised by Microsoft itself as a flaw but could trick a logged in user into putting malicious HTML and script code into the 'newUsers_ledit' input field on vulnerable websites that are thought to be secure.

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Clarizen awarded patent for its email-based workflow system

Patented patents

There are a number of companies offering enterprise collaboration products, but Clarizen is among the first to be awarded a patent for its technology.

The patent relates to the company's InterAct email engine which lets users trigger specific project-related actions like approval processes, generating reports, creating new projects and other workflows through their email.

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New mobile digital rights app launches but not for iPhone users


Digital rights campaigner Electronic Frontier Foundation has launched its own EFF mobile app with the aim of alerting users to issues and campaigns.

Users will get a notification and be able to one-click connect to the EFF action center to help fight for freedom online. Unless they happen to be iPhone users.

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Poor mobile customer service harms engagement

customer service online review

No matter how effective a business is at selling products or services it's the quality of customer service that often determines how consumers feel about it.

A new report from research company Gartner looks at the importance of mobile customer service and how it will need to adapt in the future.

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Time to get Intel outside as the company targets wearables


Chip maker Intel is using the 2015 CES to announce its plans for moving into the wearable technology sector.

These include the Curie, a button-sized hardware module, and a collaboration with sports sunglasses brand Oakley.

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When the going gets tough the hard drives get rugged

G-Tech Lobitos Surf 20141126_7872

More than ever before we expect our technology to come with us wherever we go and more importantly be able to survive the journey.

The weakest link in the past has usually been storage because even SSDs don't take too kindly to rough treatment. Storage company G-Technology is using CES to launch a solution in the form of its range of rugged drives.

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