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How businesses are missing out on data analytics


Analytics is something that many enterprises are keen to make use of, but a new report finds that many businesses are approaching it in the wrong way.

The report from decision science and big data specialist MuSigma identifies gaps and shortcomings in traditional approaches to analytics and problem solving but also highlights that a majority of senior leadership believes analytics is affecting company strategy and results in positive ways.

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New self-phishing tool helps companies measure attack risks


Protecting against data breaches is always better than dealing with their aftermath. And since phishing is still one of the most popular attack methods businesses and employees need to be alert to the risks.

Authentication specialist Duo Security is launching a new, free tool to let IT teams run internal phishing simulations and assess their vulnerability to such attacks.

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Skype for Business use on mobile expected to double by 2018

Skype for business

While Skype remains the most popular VoIP tool, the Skype for Business mobile client has been dogged by ongoing quality and technical issues that have slowed its rollout.

A new survey by Unify Square and Osterman Research finds that 30 percent of IT teams' total time spent troubleshooting the Skype platform is devoted to the mobile client.

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Malware attack targets European energy companies

Cooling towers

The Labs team at malware protection company SentinelOne has discovered a sophisticated malware campaign that's specifically targeting at least one European energy company.

The malware, called SFG, is the mother ship of an earlier malware sample called Furtim, which targets the industrial automation control systems with sophisticated malware and acts as dropper to deliver a payload which could be used to extract data or potentially shut down the energy grid.

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Microsoft Finnished!


As gifts to headline writers go, Microsoft's acquisition of Finland's Nokia mobile phone company keeps on giving. We already did the Finnish line gag when the deal to buy Nokia was announced in 2014.

Today the company confirmed that as part of the shedding of 1,850 jobs from its smartphone business, announced back in May, it's closing its Nordic subsidiary. This will lead to the loss of 1,350 jobs in Finland.

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New solution offers one-stop cyber security for SMBs

cyber insurance

For smaller organizations, managing their systems can present enough of a challenge without the additional need to worry about different aspects of security.

Now a new three-way collaboration between underwriters Victor O Schinnerer & Company, SaaS data protection company Spanning, and Microsoft, is designed to help small and mid-size organizations safeguard their business and data.

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New migration program helps enterprises move big data to the cloud

cloud migrate

Many companies are keen to gain from the power of big data but struggle with the expense and operational complexity of expanding their on-premise systems.

Moving data to the cloud is the obvious solution but that too leads to issues surrounding migration. Big data-as-a-service company Qubole has partnered with software solutions specialist WANdisco to make the move easier with the launch of a Cloudera Migration Program.

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New network monitoring tool offers better visibility and control

Network switch

Owing to the growth of cloud and hybrid environments, IT teams are faced with increasingly complex networks that are a challenge to control and monitor.

IT management solutions specialist Ipswitch is launching a new product that allows teams to visualize, troubleshoot and monitor networks, servers, virtual machines and applications from a single piece of software.

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New security tool addresses Android app collusion threat

Android customization workman

As we reported last month app collusion, where apps work together to extract sensitive data, now represents a very real security risk to mobile devices.

To address this emerging threat, component technology firm Formaltech, today is releasing FUSE, a DARPA-funded tool that detects inter-application collusion and other vulnerabilities in Android apps.

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90 percent of security events are caused by bots

hacker bot

Bots account for 49 percent of all internet traffic, most of which is from malicious 'bad bots' according to website security company Incapsula.

Of course there are good bots too, such as the crawlers used by major search engines, but according to Incapsula’s figures 90 percent of all security events are caused by bots, and 66 percent of all bot activity is malicious.

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Employees put corporate networks at risk


Digital device practices among US employees are exposing their employers to increased security risks according to a new study.

Identity management company OneLogin along with Arlington Research surveyed 1022 respondents in the US and found that 13 percent let their colleagues use a device that can access their employer's network. In addition nine percent allow their partners to access such a device, and one percent even permit their children to use it.

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New partnership delivers cloud solution for the insurance industry

puzzle cloud

Insurance companies have slightly different software needs from other businesses. They need to expand accounts, drive renewals, streamline the new policy acquisition process and manage claims.

Now cloud specialist Vlocity and insurance solution provider Insurity are announcing a partnership that will deliver a cloud solution for insurance businesses.

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Businesses lack confidence in their ability to adapt to change

Change cloud clouds

The information age means that things change fast and the ability to make quick decisions is an important factor of business success.

But a new survey of over 1200 project management executives by Changepoint finds that just 10 percent of organizations are confident that they can quickly adapt to change, with 36 percent responding that they can't.

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Identity fraud in UK targets under 30s

identity theft man woman couple

New figures reveal a 52 percent rise in young identity fraud victims in the UK. In 2015, just under 24,000 people aged 30 and under were victims of identity fraud. This is up from 15,766 in 2014, and more than double the 11,000 victims in this age bracket in 2010.

The figures from fraud prevention service Cifas -- which is calling for better education about fraud and financial crime -- are released alongside a new short video designed to raise awareness of ID fraud among younger age groups.

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More than half of Android phones are vulnerable to encryption bypass


A newly revealed vulnerability on Android phones is able to bypass the full disk encryption on over half of devices.

The attack, demonstrated by Israeli security researcher Gal Beniamini, can allow an attacker to break through the levels of trust and privileges that are intended to ensure only legitimate code can access secret material, such as DRM keys or disk encryption keys.

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