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New brainstorming tool helps translate ideas into action

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Task management tools tend to be good at collating lots of information, but translating that into action and turning ideas into reality is another matter.

German software company MeisterLabs is launching a new visual task completion tool called MeisterTask to help teams manage projects and bring ideas to life.

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Document Cloud moves Adobe further down the SaaS track

Adobe DC

Adobe's latest offering Adobe Document Cloud will, says the company, address the waste and inefficiency associated with document processes.

It's made up of a set of integrated services that use a consistent online profile and personal document hub. Users will be able to create, review, approve, sign and track documents whether on a desktop or mobile device.

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Condusiv optimizes performance for network storage

Storage interface

If you've been around the PC world for a while you’ll no doubt have encountered Diskeeper, the unattended defrag tool. With modern server storage using RAID controllers and SSDs you may think that the need for this kind of software is over, but Condusiv, the company behind Diskeeper, believes otherwise.

It's launching Diskeeper 15 Server, a fragmentation prevention solution for storage area network (SAN) systems connected to physical servers to keep both servers and storage running like new.

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LiquidPlanner uses visualization to make project data more accessible

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Project plans can house a huge amount of data, but turning that into useful information which can help with business decision making can be difficult and time consuming.

Online project management specialist LiquidPlanner is introducing a new Dashboards feature designed to help teams easily curate and share project data with internal and external stakeholders.

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Half of users believe using the internet means giving up privacy


More than half of internet users in the US, UK and Germany believe it's impossible to keep their personal information private if they're to enjoy the Internet.

This is one of the findings of research by Open-Xchange, the German open source software company. The Consumer Openness Index surveyed 1,000 internet users in each of the three countries to gauge their opinions about online privacy.

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Predictive communication helps optimize online sales

Business communication 2

Modern businesses spend a lot of money on customer service and on e-Commerce solutions, but often it seems that there's a disconnect between the two.

California-based company Altocloud has come up with a solution that combines machine-learning technology with real-time communications to predict the right time to interact with customers.

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SoftWatch offers SMBs smoother transition to cloud office tools

man in cloud

For businesses moving to a cloud-based office solution the biggest problem can be understanding and controlling the licensing costs involved.

Cloud transition specialist SoftWatch has a solution for this in the form of its analytics tool which provides in-depth information on how businesses are actually using desktop-based and web based applications as well as cloud storage and web conferencing.

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The keys to a successful BYOD policy


The BYOD trend is something that often creeps up on companies as employees take the initiative in using their own kit. That can leave businesses with a BYOD environment but no proper policy.

There are many potential benefits to BYOD in terms of employee efficiency and morale, but that's of limited use if it puts the safety of commercial data at risk.

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Google Apps leaks Whois data for over 280,000 protected domains


Private information relating to more than 280,000 domains registered via Google Apps has leaked, leaving the registrants open to risk of identity theft or spear phishing.

The ability to buy domain names from one of Google's partners is a feature offered by Google Apps to allow easier access to and management of services.

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Cyber attacks rise as confidence in avoiding them falls

cyber attack

According to a new survey by the CyberEdge Group although IT security spending is increasing, confidence is falling, with the majority of respondents expecting to be breached in the next 12 months.

The survey of more than 800 security decision makers and practitioners finds that more than 70 percent of respondents' networks had been breached in 2014, which is a 62 percent increase from the previous year.

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BetterCloud provides added security for Google Apps

password cloud

There's no doubt that cloud office platforms offer gains in productivity and easier collaboration, but they also present challenges for information security teams who need to limit content sharing.

For organizations that must comply with industry regulations like HIPAA this can lead to significant legal risk which, until now, was extremely difficult to mitigate.

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New online tool simplifies project management for smaller enterprises

Project management

Project management can be daunting, especially for smaller organizations with limited resources or lack of expertise to use complex tools.

Dallas-based project and professional services automation specialist Vorex is launching an updated version of its cloud-based platform which offers new and enhanced features that aim to help SMBs better manage and grow their businesses, while increasing profitability.

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New scalable storage solution to cope with the data explosion

Data graph report

It's reckoned that as much as 90 percent of the world's data has been created in the last two years. That's not only a frightening rate of expansion, it's a problem for IT administrators who need to think about storage on a much larger scale.

Storage specialist PROMISE Technology is launching its latest VSky A-Series product aimed at overcoming the limitations of existing storage solutions.

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The pressures faced by professionals fighting cyber crime

Boardroom security

IT security professionals faced increased pressure to secure their organizations in 2014 and expect that pressure to further increase this year.

A new report from managed security services company Trustwave reveals a number of issues including pressure to roll out IT projects such as cloud and mobile applications despite having unresolved security issues; the pressures of being understaffed while security threats mount; and increasing pressure from executives to protect information while being resource-constrained.

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Dropbox SDK vulnerability puts billions of Office files at risk

Cloud box

A flaw in the Dropbox SDK for Android could potentially put large numbers of MS Office files stored in the cloud at risk.

IBM's X-Force Application Security Research team has discovered a severe vulnerability in Dropbox's software development kit (SDK) used by Android app developers to connect to Dropbox so users can tap into their files via an app.

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