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NirSoft releases MMCSnapInsView 1.0


NirSoft has released MMCSnapInsView, a free portable tool which provides details on all the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-ins installed on your PC.

Snap-ins are the Windows components behind many system administration tools -- Event Viewer, Device Manager, Task Scheduler and more -- although they’re also included with some third-party applications.

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ImBatch 4.4.0 adds PDF processing support


High Motion Software has shipped ImBatch 4.4.0, a major update to its free-for-personal-use image batch processing tool.

New PDF input support means the program can now process multi-page PDFs just as easily as image files.

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Share from PowerPoint to Facebook and Twitter with Microsoft's Social Share


Build a great presentation and PowerPoint gives you various ways to share it with the world: by email, as a OneDrive link, individual slides, an online presentation, and more.

Social Share is a free Office add-in which also enables PowerPoint to directly share presentations via Facebook and Twitter.

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Freemake Video Converter gains drag and drop support


Freemake Video Converter is a great media conversion tool with a pile of features, and just one small but annoying omission.

No drag and drop support meant you had to click the Add button and manually select your target files.

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Malwarebytes exposes adware that disables antivirus


Malwarebytes has issued a detailed report explaining the various tricks Vonteera adware uses to compromise your PC -- and it makes for uncomfortable reading.

Unwanted adverts, unknown Windows services, modified shortcuts, forced installation of uninstallable Chrome extensions, even a way to prevent you running antivirus software -- it’s all here.

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Monitor what’s running on your PC with apps tracker


Apps tracker is an open source tool that logs which programs are being run on your PC, and for how long.

The program is portable, so there are no intrusive drivers or Windows services to worry about. Just launch it, click the window close button and it minimizes to your system tray.

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Automatically set your PC’s volume levels with SoundVolumeView


Changing your baseline volume level in Windows is easy -- click the speaker icon, spin the mouse wheel -- but if you want to adjust the volume of some other device then it quickly gets more complicated.

You might click the "Mixer" link, for instance. Or maybe the speaker icon. And then the levels tab. And then you adjust the various levels for that device, but what if you want to tweak something else…?

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8 not-so-obvious reasons to try Ultra Virus Killer


If you’re running a great security suite, with an accurate "second opinion" scanner on hand, then installing a program called Ultra Virus Killer might not seem a high priority.

But wait: despite its name, UVK isn’t just about malware hunting. It has a pile of other PC maintenance and management tools to explore.

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Windows 10 finally adds a new Path editor


The Path environment variable is an important setting which has been around since the days of DOS, yet for some reason Windows has always made it awkward to view and edit.

Fortunately that’s changed with Windows 10’s November update (1511), which finally offers an interface you might actually want to use.

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7-Zip gets a major update at last


After five years of stop-start development, 7-Zip has just released a new stable version 15.12.

It’s been a long wait, but if you’re still using the latest stable build -- 9.20 -- then there are plenty of reasons to upgrade.

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Colortypist is a full-screen color viewer


Selecting the best colors is a key part of any graphic design project, yet most color pickers only display your chosen shades in tiny boxes.

Colortypist is a portable Windows freebie which allows you type color names or codes and displays them full-screen, in real time.

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CorzSpaZio is a versatile disk space monitor


Monitoring your PCs disk space isn’t difficult, at a basic level: just launching Explorer will get you started, and there’s plenty of freeware around to take the process a little further.

That’s probably enough for general home use, but if your system is complex -- more drives, several drive types -- then it might be time for an industrial-strength solution.

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IObit releases Advanced SystemCare 9


IObit has unveiled a new edition of its all-in-one PC maintenance suite, Advanced SystemCare 9.

A new "Speed Up" section includes modules to control Windows startup programs, close resource-hungry apps or processes, remove unwanted browser add-ons and optimize Windows and application settings.

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How to monitor Registry changes


Configuring and optimizing a PC takes some thought, a lot of experience and, usually, a great deal of time. So it’s all the more annoying if your carefully tuned settings are altered by something else, without your permission.

Sometimes you’ll have an idea when this happens. You might install something, carry out a particular action, and the setting changes. If you can’t see when or why a change happens, that could be even worse, especially if it’s something security-related -- perhaps malware was involved. Whatever your situation, you need to investigate further, and a good first step is to monitor the Registry, find out more about what’s being changed, and when. The best way of doing this depends on your precise needs, but here are five possible options.

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VirusTotal adds OS X sandbox reports


VirusTotal has announced the availability of sandbox execution for OS X apps, including DMG files, Mach-O executables, and ZIP files containing a Mac app.

Users may submit files via the website, OS X uploader app or API, but reports now contain a "Behavioral information" tab which lists details like the processes launched, DNS queries made, and any files opened, read or written.

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