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Snapchat rebrands as Snap Inc and announces Google Glass competitor called Spectacles


Snapchat today makes two big announcements, the first of which is that it is no longer called Snapchat. The company is starting to branch out into products and services beyond the Snapchat app and therefore decided it is time to drop 'chat' from the name. Snap Inc is the new company name.

The second announcement is a new product called Spectacles. These are sunglasses with an integrated video camera offering a 115-degree field of view. There's no word on exactly when it will be released, but the marketing machine is already in motion, building up momentum and drumming up interest.

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YouTube Heroes program rewards people who report videos


Google has launched a new reward scheme that offers incentives for users to report videos that violate the site's guidelines. YouTube Heroes program also enables YouTubers to earn points for doing things like adding subtitles to a video and responding to questions in the help forums.

While the promise of rewards for helping to "create the best possible YouTube experience for everyone" is appealing, critics are not happy with the fact that users will now have an added incentive to report videos.

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Hands-on with Allo, Google's sort-of smart messaging app


Does the world need another messaging app? We’re not sure, but Google is giving us another one anyway, launching Google Allo for Android and iOS.

Key features include "Smart Reply", which analyses incoming messages and suggests appropriate responses you can send with a tap.

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Google to stream the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump debates live on YouTube


This upcoming Monday, September 26th, many people around the world will be glued to their televisions. Why? For the first time ever, Hillary Clinton (Democrat) and Donald Trump (Republican) will face off in a presidential debate. This will take place on Long Island, at the well-respected Hofstra University. This has been a very contentious election season, so many supporters of both candidates, plus the undecided, will likely tune in just to see the potential fireworks.

What if you are a cord-cutter without cable or satellite television service? How will you watch this monumental debate? Don't worry, Google has you covered. Believe me. The search-giant will be streaming Monday's presidential debate, plus some others, on its YouTube platform. In addition, YouTube's #voteIRL initiative will help unregistered voters get registered, so they can participate in the election process.

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Google's new chat app Allo is a privacy nightmare


Four months ago, Google announced two new communication apps: Duo, for video calling, and Allo, for traditional WhatsApp-style messaging. Duo arrived for Android and iOS a month ago, while Allo is available from today.

While Allo is a good looking app, it has some big privacy issues that users need to be aware of.

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Google brings more of its search features to Drive


Say what you want about Google, but most people love the company for its plethora of free services, like Search, Gmail, Chrome and much more. Today, the search giant brings better integration to one of its popular services -- Drive.

First up is what Google calls "search the way you talk". This means that you can simply type how you would say something and Drive will bring up the best matching result for you.

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Google Trips for iOS and Android can help you with holiday vacation travel planning


The summer is just about over. Children are back in school, the temperatures are slowly dropping, and soon enough, the leaves will begin falling from the trees.

Summer vacations are now in the rear view mirror, meaning it is holiday-related travel coming up down the road. Around the USA, many families will begin planning for both Thanksgiving and Christmas getaways. Google Trips, a new app for Android and iOS, is designed to help people plan their trips, with a focus on offline use for when someone is without an internet connection. Keep in mind, it will work for all travel -- not just holiday related plans.

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Google and Apple show that tech companies' blase attitude to tax cannot continue


Technology firms, like bankers, are starting to earn a bad name for themselves. The practice of funneling profits from different branches of a company through countries that have favorable rates of tax is nothing new -- far from it -- but it's becoming far more prevalent. Apple was recently asked to pay back $14.5 billion in unpaid tax in Europe, and this is not an isolated incident.

Small businesses understandably feel that they are getting a raw deal when the big players have the clout and resources to play the system to their advantage. But it doesn't always work out. In addition to the $14.5 billion in Ireland, Apple has just paid back $118 million in Japan for 'under-reporting income' and Google is also facing investigation in Indonesia over possible unpaid taxes.

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Google redesigns Gmail for Android and the web


Gmail was designed to be a cross-platform email tool, but even Google recognizes the fact that it is far from perfect. With this in mind, Gmail -- and Inbox by Google -- are undergoing a redesign to improve things.

With the redesign, Google says that it is focusing on adjusting the formatting and general look so that it better suits the device emails are being viewed on. You may well have thought that this should have been the case from the beginning, but it seems that an update is in order.

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Enter the 2016 'Doodle 4 Google' contest now, using 'What I see for the future' theme


Between the rather contentious USA presidential election, natural disasters, terrorism, gun crimes, and other terrible things reported in the news, it is a wonder that people get out of bed in the morning. With that said, positive news just doesn't get as much coverage, making the negativity seem overly prominent. There is plenty of good in the world, folks. Be happy.

Today, Google launches its 2016 'Doodle 4 Google' contest with a focus on fun and good. If you aren't familiar, it invites children across the USA (grades K-12) to use art skills to 'doodle' the Google logo, focusing on a certain theme. It is fun, educational, and quite frankly, makes me smile. It is a refreshingly light annual reminder that enjoyment is alive and well. This year, the theme is "What I see for the future".

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Google brings Cardboard Camera to iOS for virtual reality fun


Google's dream of bringing virtual reality to the masses just took another big leap forward. The popular Cardboard Camera app is now available for iOS, giving iPhone users the chance to capture and share VR photos.

For many people Google Cardboard has been all about finding a cheap way to enjoy virtual reality experiences that other people have created. Cardboard Camera gives you the chance to create your own.

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YouTube does not pay musicians enough, says report


YouTube was criticized recently for preventing content-makers from monetizing videos that covered certain topics. But this is far from being the only complaint levelled at the video site. British music industry body UK Music says that artists are not receiving enough in the way of royalty payment from YouTube.

UK Music's 2016 report, Measuring Music shows that YouTube remains the most popular way for people to consume music in the UK. Despite this, the report says that the effective 'per-stream' payment rate fell from $0.0020 to $0.0010.

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Google wants to buy cloud software company Apigee

Google logo sign building

Google has announced that it will acquire the cloud software company Apigee Corp in a move that will likely help boost its own cloud offerings.

The deal is valued at around $625 million and Google has agreed to pay Apigee shareholders $17.40 for each share of the company's stock which amounts to a 6.5 percent premium on its closing price the day before the announcement.

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Box users will soon be able to edit Google documents

Box Google

During BoxWorks 2016, the annual Box conference taking place in San Francisco, the enterprise content platform announced it is teaming up with Google to make working and collaborating in the cloud simpler and easier.

Box will become third-party content repository for Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides, it was unveiled during the conference. Once the new offering is available, it will enable Box users to create and edit Google documents directly from its cloud services.

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Google updates its transparency report for removal of copyright material


Google's regular Transparency Reports make for interesting reading for those with an interest in how the company operates. As well as revealing how Google responds to government requests for data, they also show how it deals with copyright removal requests.

Now the company has updated its reports to make the data easier to read and easier to interpret. It also shows more information about the sites and companies associated with removals.

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