TiVo Fast Forward Popup Ads Return

Customers of the DVR service TiVo began reporting over the weekend that the fast forward ads which appear during commercial breaks have reappeared. The ads appeared last in March 2005, when the company was testing new ways to generate money from the service.

However, TiVo has made changes in response to the initial customer backlash. The ads only appear when a user fast-forwards through a commercial that matches the pop-up ad's content. Additionally, when the commercial is played at regular speed, a flashing green "thumbs up" key is placed on the screen.

From there, a consumer would be able to get more information on the product, or in the case of the product where the new pop-up ads were first spotted -- the BMW X5 "SAV" -- watch a longer commercial stored on the TiVo about the product.


Like last time, consumer response to the return of the fast forward ads has not been positive. "I question if I would have spent $300 on this device, had I know that I would be bombarded with these and other annoying ads. Where does it end?" one TiVo customer posted to his blog Monday.

To TiVo's defense, the company does state that advertising through the service helps to offset costs. "The TiVo Service is supported in part by monthly or product lifetime subscription fees, and in part by advertising on the service (Showcases, TiVo Central Promos, Fast Forward Tags)," a TiVo represenative said when the fast forward ads last appeared.

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