Steve Jobs narrates never-aired 'Think Different' commercial

Apple is known for its remarkable marketing. "Think Different" is one of its most memorable campaigns -- that it's not "think differently" makes the point. Good marketing is about aspiration, of making people believe that their lives will be better if they're associated with Product or Brand X, Y or Z. They also want to feel good about others -- even by association with a product or brand that does good or claims to do so. It's one reason green marketing is so successful -- doing good by association.

"Think Different" espoused the very best of human nature, of people who had another viewpoint that enabled them to be truly great, not just for themselves but for humanity. The campaign defined the Apple brand for years. Embedded here is the original "Think Different" commercial -- not the one that aired on television narrated by Richard Dreyfus but by Apple cofounder Steve Jobs himself. I prefer Jobs' version. Listen to the passion in his voice. The visionaries depicted mean something more than their use in a marketing campaign.


Jobs died yesterday, so young, just 56 years old. But he has a place among the great ones from the "Think Different" campaign. My colleague Tim Conneally is attending a Kaspersky Lab event in New York. Eugene Kaspersky said this morning: "The man who invented the wheel didn't change the world...the man who got a stick and attached two wheels, he changed the world. Steve Jobs, he was the man with the stick".

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