Google Galaxy Nexus first-impressions review

Two days ago, May 4, I received the Samsung Galaxy Nexus -- the 16GB HSPA+ model Google started selling direct last week. I'm not alone. Many of you ordered this phone, too. This first-impressions post extends my December review of the 32GB Verizon LTE model.

I will say straight up that out-of-box experience on AT&T is nowhere as good as Verizon. Network is huge factor. Audio quality is crisp and clear on Verizon compared to occasional hissy-fits on AT&T. Data speed isn't comparable, so far -- that's round and about San Diego and communities East and South, La Mesa and Lemon Grove, respectively. I expected at least 10Mbps HSPA+ data speed, based on my wife's Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket (before AT&T turned on LTE service here). I've yet to top 3.5Mbps on AT&T HSPA+ compared to an average 20Mbps over Verizon LTE. If data throughput is a priority, Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ -- over AT&T anyway -- is not for you. However, if you want a GSM network phone that is unlocked and contract-free and offers the best of Android, Google Galaxy Nexus is an exceptionally good choice. But expect to make a few compromises.


Buying Google Direct

Samsung manufactures Galaxy Nexus, which Google co-designed, and it shows. Unlike every other Android phone touching my hands, Galaxy Nexus responds as if it's an end-to-end product. Like iPhone, where Apple controls hardware, software and services, Galaxy Nexus is tight. But make no mistake, cellular carriers add value, too, as I experienced from Verizon and some BetaNews readers report about Sprint, which now offers the smartphone. I would appreciate international readers who bought the HSPA+ model through a carrier to report about their experience, particularly data speed, Android update experience and battery life.

In the United States, and sometime soon in other countries, Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ is available from Google Play, formerly Android Market. The store uses Google Wallet for purchases, which is how I made mine. Base price is $399, but I paid $440.42 after two-day shipping and California tax. I placed the order on May 2 at 5:01 pm PDT, which interestingly shows up as GMT on the receipt, making it technically the next day. Google claims two-day processing and shipping but did better. The order-shipped email arrived at 10:01 pm same day and UPS delivered the smartphone on May 4 around 2 pm PDT. There is 14-day return policy, with 15 percent restocking fee. I'm satisfied with the purchase experience.

Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ once sold for more than $799, unlocked, on these shores, soon after international sales started in November. Prices have since come down considerably -- it's $449.99 from Amazon. The retailer's return policy is more generous than Google's, but some buyer reviewers report problems applying updates to the international models sold there. I forgot to check the Android version shipping on my phone, which prompted a system update within 20 minutes after powering up. Android 4.04 runs now, whether shipped that way or updated.

Owners of the Verizon model rightly complain about infrequent updates, which is contrary to the promise of buying a "pure Google" phone. Verizon finally is delivering the 4.04 update, after skipping others. The phone Google sells direct should be better, based on predecessors Nexus One and Nexus S.

Many Compromises

Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ offers only 16GB storage, compared to 32GB for the Sprint and Verizon models. None offers expandable storage. Late last month, Google Drive debuted, offering free, 5GB storage. That, combined with Gmail, Google Music, Google+ (for photos) and YouTube, makes the more-limited space better -- as long as your device is connected. Still, for 400 bucks, I'd rather have twice the storage or ability to expand it on device.

As much as I do like the HPSA+ model, it's a step down from the one I had from Verizon, mostly for the aforementioned reasons. Sadly, I sold the LTE smartphone on Craigslist recently -- for $2 less than Verizon's ridiculous early-termination fee. I simply couldn't justify paying about half as much for one phone on Verizon as four other lines on AT&T. The nation's second-largest carrier offers a huge benefit: Sign up for unlimited text messaging and calling is free to any cell phone, regardless of carrier. So the family plan on AT&T is low number of minutes, since we mostly call cell phones. Absent this benefit, I needed a considerably costlier plan from Verizon. If the nation's largest carrier offered similar calling option, I would be a customer still.

After receiving Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ on Friday, I drove down to the local AT&T store for a newly-provisioned SIM card. That proved problematic. AT&T's system wouldn't accept the IMEI number, offering BlackBerry data plans. Finally, the rep chose a generic 3G plan that supposedly is HSPA+, without visual voicemail. AT&T provides the feature on Android phones it sells, but I'm out of luck on Galaxy Nexus. Sprint offers Google Voice integration, which is helluva nice option. Verizon charges an extra $3 a month for visual voicemail, which is simply outrageous nickel and diming. I'm not convinced the phone is properly provisioned for data, based on my lousy performance. I'll update this section should I find out something or some smart reader (there are lots of you) provides a solution (assuming one is needed).

Perhaps this smartphone's biggest benefits aren't features: No contract, unlocked. This is a GSM world phone -- in the truest sense for Americans, because T-Mobile is supported. To access the carrier's HSPA+ network handsets must support both 1700MHz and 2100MHz frequencies, as one is used to send and the other to receive. More broadly, unlocked offers many options, such as being contract free, using a pre-paid plan or choosing lower-cost regional carrier.

Is This the Right Droid for You?

Before getting into some of the nitty-gritty usage stuff, alternatives deserve consideration. When I reviewed Galaxy Nexus LTE in December, there were no other Android 4 phones. That's finally changed. For example, HTC One X went on sale today from AT&T, and it's a beast. Samsung Galaxy S III goes on sale internationally May 29 and, based on Samsung product page info, it's headed to all four major US carriers this summer. I'm all but certain AT&T will carry the S3. During my visit to the carrier's store on Friday, customer next to me bought the Galaxy S II. One rep remarked to another that S II is "discontinued", presumably to make way for the S3. So to compare:

Google Galaxy Nexus HSPA+: 4.65-inch Super AMOLED display (315 ppi) with 1280 x 720 resolution; 1.2GHz dual-core processor; 1GB RAM; 16GB storage; HSPA+ 21Mbps/HSUPA, 5.76Mbps (850/900/1900/1700/2100), EDGE/GPRS (850/900/1800/1900); 5-megapixel rear-facing and 1.3MP front-facing cameras; LED flash; zero shutter-lag; 1080p video recording; accelerometer; ambient-light sensor; barometer; gyroscope; GPS; proximity sensor; digital compass; NFC; Bluetooth 4.0; WiFi N; 1750 mAh battery; carrier unlocked; Android 4.0. Measurements: 135.5 x 67.94 x 8.94 mm, 135 grams.

Samsung Galaxy S III: 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display (306 ppi) with 1280 x 720 resolution; 1.4GHz quad-core processor; 1GB RAM; 16GB or 32GB storage (64GB in future), expandable with microSD card; HSPA+ 21Mbps (850/900/1900/2100), 4G LTE, GSM/EDGE (850/900/1800/1900); 8-MP rear-facing and 1.9MP front-facing cameras; LED flash; zero shutter-lag; 1080p video recording; accelerometer; ambient-light sensor; gyroscope; GPS; proximity sensor; digital compass; NFC, Bluetooth 3.0; WiFi N; 2100 mAh battery; carrier locked; Android 4.0 and TouchWiz "nature" UI. Measurements: 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6 mm, 133 grams.

HTC One X: 4.7-inch Super IPS LCD2 display (312 ppi) with 1280 x 720 resolution; 1.5GHz dual-core processor (LTE) or 1.5GHz quad-core (HSPA+); 1GB RAM; 16GB storage (US model); HSPA+ (850/900/1900//2100), 4G LTE (some markets), GSM/EDGE (850/900/1800/1900); 8MP rear-facing and 1.3MP front-facing cameras; LED flash; 1080p video recording; accelerometer; ambient-light sensor; gyroscope; GPS; proximity sensor; digital compass; Bluetooth 4.0; WiFi N; 1850 mAh battery; carrier locked; Android 4.0 and Sense UI. Measurements: 134.36 x 69.9 x 8.9 mm, 130 grams.

Small differences set apart the phones and many depend on your priorities:

  • HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S III are locked phones with carrier contractual commitments; Google Galaxy Nexus is unlocked and carrier free.
  • HTC and Samsung skin Android 4, while Google serves up pure Ice Cream Sandwich.
  • Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ will get Android updates as they come out, while the other phones will lag months behind.
  • One X and S3 are LTE, for Stateside buyers, while Galaxy Nexus is hobbled HSPA+.
  • One X international model and S3 (also, possibly only international) are quad-core. Galaxy Nexus is dual-core all the way.

Now for the Good Stuff

So how does Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ handle the road? I've only had the smartphone for about two days, but do benefit from experience using the largely similar LTE model for about three months. The first question anyone should ask about every cell phone: How's the battery life? I found the Verizon LTE smartphone to be simply exceptional. So far, the HSPA+ model's battery life is well above average but not in the class of its LTE sibling. Twenty hours after the first full recharge and a day of heavy usage, battery level is 31 percent, which is actually above average for this class of phone. I've got no complaints.

However, on Friday, I did order a spare 2000 mAh battery, which includes new back cover to accommodate extra thickness, from Expansys USA. If you do likewise be careful. There is similar kit for Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ and LTE models and they are different because the batteries are: 1750 mAh and 1850 mAh, respectively. I also ordered a spare charger (grumble, grumble). Verizon Galaxy Nexus and S II Skyrocket share the same charger as they use same 1850 mAh size battery.

Android 4 is a more modern, flexible operating system than iOS. There are many customization options and the ability to run widgets from the desktop. I recommend Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ for people living the Google lifestyle. Integration with other Google products or services is tight. Gmail, G+ and Google Talk are among the many associated services that sing on this handset.

But it's Chrome that inspires me most. Ice Cream Sandwich ships with the stock, Adobe Flash-supporting Android browser. However, in early February, Google released Chrome for Android beta, which only supports Ice Cream Sandwich. The browser is fast, fluid and fun -- and there is browser and open tab sync with Chrome desktop. Suddenly, I'm much more interested in browsing again than apps. I'd buy an ICS smartphone just to get Chrome.

Regarding apps, Android isn't as appealing a platform choice now as when I reviewed Verizon Galaxy Nexus. As I explained in late February, Apple is winning the mobile platform wars. In just two quarters, the company shipped more than 70 million iPhones, but it's new iPad's sales success that pulls developer attention. Sure, there are plenty of good Android apps, but typically newest go to iOS and more and more new ones are iPhone and iPad. Meaning: Developers who first created iPhone apps and asked next whether they should do iPad or Android have answered by making Google's platform third priority. Still, Android app selection is largely satisfying.

Overall device performance is indistinguishable between the HSPA+ and LTE models. Galaxy Nexus is plenty fast and responsive enough. Apps load quickly, animations quick and videos crisp and colorful. I much prefer the Android phone's responsiveness and visuals to that of iPhone 4S.

This display is gorgeous, benefitting from its large size, high resolution and deep contrast. But it washes out some in sunlight, which is disappointing but not unbearable.

Many people will want to compare Galaxy Nexus camera to iPhone 4S or Galaxy S series and wonder about lower 5-megapixels compared to the others' 8MP. Megapixel count is not the measure of a good camera. Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 4S take surprisingly similar photos. In my testing, the Android will sometimes overexposure images in select situations, while the iOS phone produces warmer colors. However, Galaxy Nexus stands out for zero shutter and settings that you can adjust -- lots of them compared to iPhone 4S. Zero shutter lag is killer capabilty.

Wrapping up, about 2,000 words later, based on my experience so far, I highly recommend Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ -- this despite my experience on AT&T's cellular and data network. The phone isn't right for everyone. But for me, and perhaps for many of you, Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ is a keeper.

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  1. Anthony Clark says:

    I'm thinking of getting one of these and using it on Straight Talk. Just not sure which sim to buy, the att or tmobile one.

    This way I could have 'unlimited' and no contract to any of these leeches . . .

    • motoridersd says:

      Straight Talk throttles your bandwidth after a set amount of bandwidth. No one knows exactly how much, some people say after 100 MB per day, other say it's more. I got the T-Mobile Web Only 5 GB unlmited text plan. It only has 100 minutes but if you want more data, it's only $30

      • Anthony Clark says:

        Thanks for your reply.

        I've been reading different things about the throttling. I haven't been able to find a 'straight' answer. Bad pun I know. I read where one person said it was at 2gig for him and another like you said 100 a day. I cannot find a clear response.

      • Chase Harris says:

        what about using it with 4G? will it work if you have T-Mobile?

  2. v says:

    Why are you doing a first impressions review when the phone has been out for 5 months?

    • LarryVandemeer says:

      I can only assume because it's his first impressions with the pentaband GSM/HSPA+ version (which has only just recently made officially available here in the U.S.)  instead of the CDMA/LTE one from Verizon which he reviewed before.

      • parsonbrown11 says:

        can always tell androidpeople because they begin sentences with flowery prepositional phrases like "beg to differ," or "can only assume." trite cliches and 18th century slang for the androidpithecus turdsandwicherensis

    • parsonbrown11 says:

      because he was paid to do another review........

      • PC_Tool says:

         "can always tell androidpeople because they begin sentences with flowery
        prepositional phrases like "beg to differ," or "can only assume." trite
        cliches and 18th century slang for the androidpithecus

        Wow.  Real mature.

        ...and you're talking *down* to others?  Now that's rich.

      • parsonbrown11 says:

        you illustrate my point perfectly. "that's rich......" thank you, just what I said.

      • PC_Tool says:


        I "illustrate your point", huh? I "can only assume" you were talking about yourself then, with the BS bit about "flowery prepositional phrases"??

        Some people can use the English language. Those folks can use Apple, WP7, Android, or no cellphone at all. The fact that you attribute skill in the use of the English language to mean they "must" be "androidpeople" is not only laughably absurd, it clearly marks you as well, ignorant.

        Even by trolling stereotypes, you miss the mark. Android users are always portrayed as geeks, iDevice users as the creative, flowery, hipster-types.

        What can brown do for me? Well, apparently, he sure can entertain...

      • parsonbrown11 says:

        Ur makin ' me laugh :)

      • PC_Tool says:

        "Ur" re-enforcing my belief that the human race is inherently brain-dead and therefore, doomed.

        "Ur" criticism the speech patterns of others while using "Ur".

        You're making me wish the Human Race had an IQ requirement higher than, "can drool onto a keyboard."

      • parsonbrown11 says:

        more android grandiosity......where is my promised update for the gnex? simple questions.....why can't my gnex post to Disqus? How come iOS supports Disqus? Why can't i log on to Disqus with my ICS phone? Keep it simple. btw i bet i have at least 75 points higher iq, or any other benchmark than you, aptly named Tool.........You are a tool. and ur still makin' me laugh, keep those zingers comin'

      • PC_Tool says:

        Wow. You just have all kinds of bs to spew, don't you?

        Well, go ahead. Par for the course around here.

        Oh wait... Lemme rephrase:


        ...awww...and you called me a tool. How clever. Come up with that all by yourself, did you? Well, I am impressed...

      • parsonbrown11 says:

        Use your enthusiasm to rail against those who burned us on ICS....get us an update. Your anger is misdirected. He said ahh hahh haa haa ahh

      • parsonbrown11 says:

        i think android users are more like ows people if you're asking what i think of android people, i think they're the ows types, easy buttons to push for sure. Get us an update for ics and forget about the sanctimony.

      • PC_Tool says:

        1) "sanctimony"? Pretty flowery stuff there. You must be one of those "closet androidpeople"...

        2) I have 4.0.4. If you don't, well, that's your problem, not ours.

        FYI: I don't work for VZW and to my knowledge, no-one here does. Why don't *you* get a hold of Verizon yourself and get that update instead of PMSing about it here?'d have to stop whining. Well, par for the course around here, I suppose. Go ahead..get it all out of your system. We'll even pat you on the head and say, "Their, their...", if you like.

      • parsonbrown11 says:

        so you voided your warranty and applied an unofficial 4.0.4? It supposed to create radio issues, dropped signals, have you experienced that? do you have a mustache or goatee? and a pocket pencil holder? that's how i'm seeing you....end users shouldn't be put through this. NO OFFICIAL UPDATE IN 6 MOS SINCE PURCHASE

      • PC_Tool says:

        That's right... Let it all out. We're here for you. Really. Tell us all how that mean old phone victimized you so badly...

        You poor thing...

      • parsonbrown11 says:

        i'm just an average anonymous snowman. if anyone of consequence reads these posts FIX THE PHONE, it was an expensive let-down and lesson learned.....btw i like my blackberry for mobile, i'm into the big three, phone calls, sms and that the bb is the champ still for me

      • PC_Tool says:


        I just got the snowman reference (...and yet had no trouble going with the UPS 'brown' bit)

        Where's a facepalm when you need one.

        I'm getting too old for this sh....


      • parsonbrown11 says:

        ur still makin' me laugh though.......what a tool

      • PC_Tool says:

        'ur' welcome. Now you'll have to excuse me while I get some sleep. It's been...a day.

      • TechnologyRules says:

        Ah HA!!!!

        Now this makes much more sense.... Now I am starting to beleive that Joe Pilcox sold his soul to evil google just for free new andriod peoducts...

      • LarryVandemeer says:

        You can always tell applepeople cause they are too obtuse to comprehend what they just read cause it didn't come from the lips of their dead god steve jobs... LMFAO... too funny...

      • parsonbrown11 says:


      • parsonbrown11 says:

        You can always tell apple people because they're stuff works. And they're not on nerd forums trying homemade remedies voiding their warranties

      • parsonbrown11 says:

        @larry, nothing funny about this crappy phone and
        lack of support from all quarters. Read Strunk and White for tips on writing strong sentences. Remember noun verb object.

  3. BK553 says:

    Love my nexus.  A huge upgrade in every way from my Iphone 4.

    • TechnologyRules says:


      Dude don't be a liar like joe Wilcox......

      Either you never had an iPhone 4, or your lying about the performance!!!!

      The iPhone even out-specs this piece of crap cheap plastic android phone!!!

      • parsonbrown11 says:

        TR: the 4G is demon fast, like 30mpbs down 25 up.....faster than a cable modem, that's the one glaring advantage, the screen is really nice too, it's double the iphone, like 2 iphones stacked literally. The software is crap, no doubt about that, inferior in every regard, for example you can't post in Disqus with ICS, iOS yes, Safari stomps ICS browsers in chops

      • BK553 says:

        The iphone's screen is embarrassingly small.  The network speeds are a joke. Battery life on my iPhone 4 were only average, the Nexus is better.  Maybe you need to update your perspective.  It's heavier and smaller, and the options for customizing the OS are non-existent.  How many clicks to turn on your bluetooth again?  NFC? Alternate keyboards, messaging apps, email, browsers? nope.  The iPhone isn't bad, it's just fallen behind.  iSheep like you just will never understand though.

        The iPhone is popular, but it's no longer the best.

      • Cort McPherson says:

        The iphone does even have a 1.0 GHZ processor i think what 800 MHz processor with 512 Mb 

  4. motoridersd says:

    I bought one the day it come out to give it a shot in San Diego. I am currently a Sprint subscriber and did not want to get the Sprint version since there is no LTE here yet (and who knows then it will be lit up).

    I got a pre-paid T-Mobile SIM card and signed up for their 5 GB/unlimited text/100 minute web only plan. I have seen decent speeds on T-Mobile's network, up to 9 Mbps. Unfortunately, the phone switches to EDGE a LOT! Not sure if it's a phone issue or T-Mobile's network is just that bad. Most likely the latter since it will always drop into EDGE at the same spot in University Heights, on a major street. Unacceptable.

    That said, I am impressed with the display and the battery life. I had the original EVO and I could never go through a day without having to use my spare battery. My iPhone 4S on Sprint needs a recharge around 3 PM every day.

    If your new SIM card does not seem to be provisioned properly for AT&T's HSPA+, have you tried your wife's SIM card?

  5. RS2010 says:

    hows the data speeds on T mobile vs ATT ? 

  6. bibleverse1 says:

    I considered getting a Galaxy Nexus but the HTC Evo 4G LTE came out. But the Nexus maybe the cheaper option for me.

  7. ToeKneeC67 says:

    You lost me at  "I much prefer the Android phone's responsiveness and visuals to that of iPhone 4S." Everyone knows the number one complaint of Android OS is sluggish over time (and quickly) unless using task managers, managing or resources or popping out your batter.  My HTC One comes on Tuesday :)

    • TechnologyRules says:

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

      Oh my GaJesus I was literally SHOCKED with eye blinking and all when I read that line!!!

      I mean seriously..... How much can someone be full of shit!!!

      I know you prob hate my comments just like all the Apple haters here on BN but I will still thank you and appreciate someone at least admitting a well known issue with android!!!!!

      It shows a lot of intelligence and integrity by admitting something that is true well known and generally accepted by any reputable person or tech site!!!!!

      That is something ONVIOUSLY not enjoyed by fad of joe Wilcox!!!!!

      • parsonbrown11 says:

        I'm not into the trade war. I was drawn to the phone for the screen. The hype was that android had matured and that it was a smooth stable OS. Using Android is like being on the ass-end of an angry horse in a trade war. i call this dog-of-a-phone:
        androidpithecus turdsandwicherensis

    • PC_Tool says:

       "Everyone knows the number one complaint of Android OS is sluggish over
      time (and quickly) unless using task managers, managing or resources or
      popping out your batter(y).  "

      I think you meant "Everyone spews the same BS about"...not "Everyone knows".

      I suppose if you hear it online from enough Apple-Fanboys/Android trolls, it becomes true, eh?

      • ToeKneeC67 says:

        So all the surveys are wrong?  And yes, Everyone is harsh, I should say an extremely high percentage of Android users in the 30+ range :)
        For me - everyone means everyone.  As I handle mobile phones for our corp.  I'm am always interested in them.  So I ask everyone I meet face to face. Even new people that come in (vendors for example) and they get a phone call, I ask, that type of's almost always an Android, and followed with piece of crap, lockups, slow - words like that.  Seriously.  No reason to make it up - I have nothing to gain.  Just facts.  I think you are the only one that feels Google made Android flawless and stable from that start.  Crap, even Google themselves are stating version 4 fixes memory errors, sluggishness and other things that annoyed people.

      • PC_Tool says:

        "I think you are the only one that feels Google made Android flawless and stable from that start."


        Yeah. Wow. Defend it from folks who constantly repeat the FUD and suddenly, that means I think it's *perfect*.

        Man, I love you guys. Whenever I get to thinking that Humanity might actually make it past the 2000's, you guys are always here to reign me in and remind me there isn't a chance in Hell.

        Amusing assumptions aside...

        Query: Any of those folks you ask own an SGSII? My fascinate was crap (I've even stated that many times...which calls into question your "perfect" claim on my part), but from what I have seen and heard from my own collection of users, is that this device was *far* from sluggish.

        I *might* agree with you on the sluggish bit prior to some much needed updates by carriers/manufacturers. Hardware acceleration of the interface being a mighty big one that hit on most devices that launched with GB.

        My guess, based on these observations, is that most of what you have heard comes from older devices like the Fascinate....that started with Eclair (or worse...)

  8. olan says:

    I've got my Galaxy nexus 10 days ago, freezing and shutting off by itself annoys me because i have to take out the battery inside and put it back just to turn it on.
    Anyone of you have an experience about this phone. Any smart advice except swapping it to other mobile please.

    • parsonbrown11 says:

      Olan, I advise you take it back as soon as you can. I bought my gnex on verizon before christmas and the holidays ate my warranty period, i let it go when i knew it was troubled...believe it or not they have not released a single update since and that reboot stuff isn't going away. I mitigated it somewhat by tossing most non-google apps that had running processes, that stopped most of the tiles of death reboots, but if you still can , TAKE THIS DOG BACK.....take a look at the Nokia Windows or just bite the bullet and get the iPhone, smaller screen but they work perfectly. THIS PRODUCT IS A LEMON. SAMSUNG HAS ALREADY TAKEN A DIVE ON IT AND ANNOUNCED THE NEW NEWER NEWEST IPHONE KILLER......snore. Take it back is my advice.

      • TechnologyRules says:

        Thank you for posting some common sense around here!!!!

        Because while the Apple haters are battling pretty severe bugs I will be using my phone without a singel glitch!!!!

        and it will remain fast smooth and pain free from day 1 until day 730 when the two year upgrade is due!!!!!

    • thommcg says:

      What software version?

    • parsonbrown11 says:

      start with only the stock apps, then add apps and check the running processes, when i trimmed the phone down of all the apps the crashes were greatly reduced. still say take it's

    • PC_Tool says:

       Get it replaced?  Obviously, the one you received is damaged.  Why on earth you would think this is something *you* would have to fix is beyond me...

      It's broken.  Replace it. 

      • parsonbrown11 says:

        PC, these are the complaints. The phone reboots by itself all the time, and sometime it gets in a "tiles of death" needing a battery pull. Olan's complaint isn't isolated. He's noticing glaring flaw in the product. Imagine being on a 911 call.....A phone must always make calls. Phantom reboots can be deadly in 911 situations. That is what will likely happen soon to someone. I noticed apps with running processes might be the culprit, I have no science to back it, but since i stripped the phone to just a few apps the reboots are greatly reduced. What say you?

      • PC_Tool says:

        "He's noticing glaring flaw in the product."

        He is noticing a glaring flaw in *his* device. Big difference.

        "...but since i stripped the phone to just a few apps the reboots are greatly reduced. interesting. Have you tried running bone-stock for a day or two? Does this *completely* get rid of the reboots/"tiles of death"? If it does, an App is the culprit and you can pretty easily determine which one from that point. If it does not solve the problem, replace the device, it is defective. True story, bro. Try it...?


        My G'Nex also had issues. The radio was crap, the colors all had a yellowish tint, and the speaker volume is incredibly low. The speaker volume and tint I can fix on my own (AOKP/Volume+), but the radio issue caused me to buy an LG Spectrum and hand the G'Nex down to my son. (LG was a great device, but I really missed the AOKP ROM and ICS)

        Which brings us to last week...Verizon started pushing to some Nexus devices, a 4.0.4 update. I reset my device, took it into a corporate store, and basically refused to leave until they pushed it to my device. Radios seem to be fixed(No dropped calls so far). While I have heard other issues have kept the update from being pushed nationwide, I have not experienced them (they may not be radio related, the only bits from the update I actually kept. Got it home and flashed AOKP, something us mustache and tweed-types do, I guess).

        The radio bits have been grabbed by the folks at Rootzwiki and XDA and can be installed manually.

        Radio issues or not, once you determine if it's an app or the device, you gotta at least take a look at AOKP. Seriously... The customizations you can apply to the nav-bar and status-bar/notification-bar alone make it worth a look. ...and no, you don't have to grow a mustache to use it. ;-) (No account required)

  9. FixXxeR says:

    Betanews looks so.....clean (minus the excessive white space at the top)....without the blaring advertisements all over the place! The full page flash ad is missing from that photo which makes the site unusable on most phones not running an ad blocker or flash.

  10. parsonbrown11 says:

    Joe do have any idea when we'll get a fix for 4.0.2 on those Verizon models? There are a lot of bugs that never got fixed. Have you heard anything?

    • TechnologyRules says:


      I'll give you a fix RIGHT NOW!!!!!! :-)

      Ditch the garbage. (android)
      Buy an iPhone!
      Fix all bugs because the iPhone "just works" the first time, everytime!!!!!

      PS you can thank me later...!

      • parsonbrown11 says:

        Sad but true. Android isn't as good, not even close. Precisely why i don't know. Fragmentation? Obsession by Google with Google+? Crappy kernel? Linnux no good on phones? Bloated code? Bad engineering? Don't know why but for example my Galaxy Nexus with ICS can't log on Disqus yet this iPad can...... There it is

      • sm00ter says:

        Wow, seathing hate...

  11. TechnologyRules says:

    Oh my GOD!!!!!! Rotflmfao!!!!

    So when people call me a fanboy or cheerleader or whatever BS they drum up, then I read an article like this, it makes me literally laugh my ass off!!!!!

    This is more pathetic than joes ugly face and balding bowling ball head!
    When you refer to smart readers, I admit I know you are talking about me because mostly I see nothing but idiot android geeks commenting about their wet dreams about these cheap plastic phones from android....

    Now that I have proven you (yes you joe Wilcox) to be an sad shameless LIAR, I'm glad you add to that truth by posting a garbage review like this. I read most of it but couldn't finish after the third or fourth boldface LIE about this piece of crap.

    I think you meant to say but didn't that this turd phone's responsiveness is "iPhone-like" but still not there due to it being, well garbage android...
    Then you have no excuse for all those times you talked so much shit about the iPhone's unexpandable 16 gigs of memory then went on to recommend this piece of shit phone.
    Add to that the trash taking you did about the iPhones 5megapixel camera calling it a let down from Apple despite EVERY TECH SITE with integrity proclaiming it much better than the 8 from crappy android phones.... And you AGAIN LIED about this crap plastic phone taking similar pictures to the iPhone 4S when I read elsewhere it doesn't even compare to the iPhone 4!!!! And you still have the nerve to say the shutter lag is even in the same ballpark as iPhone when again every tech news site said the iPhone's camera SMOKES every android phone on earth in both load times for the app and shutter speed!!!!!

    And while here in Whittier CA my iPhone 4S routinely gets well over 10mbps download speeds this POS crawls around 3... Which is sad pathetic but still F'n laughable...

    And you say android 4.x is modern and thru your and the geekdom's eye only better than iPhone, but us smart people know you are full of shit. I say this because iOS devices gobble up I think it was about 70-80% of all web-traffic despite the claimed but unproven gazzilion android phones and few tablets out there..... So obviously VERY VERY VERY few people with android phones use the POS for anything other than call and text...
    THAT is something which has been claimed over and over by te real reputable teh sites out there which really really does NOT include BN and especially the anti-Apple biased liar-of-the-year joe Wilcox because you praised this phone despite sooooooo much SHIT that you talked about the iPhone for exactly the same shit on this POS android phone...

    Then you try to play the google-direct-"unlocked"-contract-free status as a good thing but you couldn't list one real or immediate advantage or benefit about paying twice the price of a better iPhone and the pathetic reason you included was contract free but thg doesn't mean shit because no matter which carrier you use Joe Wilcox and the very few other geek idiots will still pay the exact same ca$h for you phone plan which is among your top ten stupidest things you have ever written here on BN... And let's face it some of this are beyond stupid and a word for the gargantuant level of stupidity of this and this does not exist!!!!!!

    Basically you are telling your readers... "go ahead and pay almost $450 for this truly dated and obsolete (unlike the iPhone) piece of crap with lower specs on every level and much poorer performance then even the iPhone 4 just so you can walk around and brag to your fellow geeks about being contract free despite not enjoying a single freakin benefit for paying such a stupid amount of money when you could spend half as much and walk out the store with the clearly best and most superior phone on earth-iPhone 4S- and really enjoy a fun exciting and awesome performance smartphone... Or even another cheap plastic piece of crap android phone... But yeah go ahead and spend $500 for this phone so we can get back to being hypocrites and trash talk iPhone owners for being smarter than us and show them our envy by trying to explain and justify our stupidity for falling for this load of crap from google because even tho we got 16 GB only about 5 are free due to the preloaded crap that cannot be deleted but can be disabled!"......


    Joe Wilcox just can't help himself to trash talk apple despite how stupid te arguments really are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • parsonbrown11 says:

      it's envy, they can't help it, they were using windows 95 too, they hate apple because apple innovates, it's almost political though i'm loathe to say who is who.....

    • parsonbrown11 says:

      the gnex is sexy and the screen is gorgeous, if i could plug it into a mac and have my music, address book, pics and videos without Google getting their paws on it for commerce I'd be happier too, but the crashing and rebooting could get someone killed.......I did get some relief trashing the majority of apps that had running processes because the kernel and memory system had massive leaks that lead to the phantom reboots, that what they are......Chrome on a mac does the same thing btw....

    • PC_Tool says:

      Above post condensed from TR with just the useful, informative, and rational bits:

    • sm00ter says: there a "show WAY less" option?
      Is there a "Never show anything from this TARD ever again" option?
      Dude, we get LOVE the iPhone!  SWEEET!
      See how I did that?  Everything you said in 5 words, and a couple of punctuation marks.
      Leave out the personal attacks, the irrational spastastic insanity, and the RDF induced haze...and whala!  Your real opinion!

      • TechnologyRules says:

        Unmmmm-hey moron... How about you just not read my comments!!!!?????

        Or is that a concept too difficult for you to grasp?
        Or much like the PC_Idiot is simple concept comprehension too far out of your reach???

        And what's this about the "leave out the personal attacks" comment?
        I ask because that comment comes from a moron who just called me "retarded"!!!????

        I guess your level of comprehension deficiency surpasses that of PCIdiot because you cannot even comprehend comments you made yourself!!!!!!

  12. Kathrine Mya says:

    Android is the best market 

    • Yes, I agree. I have Android phone for one year. And I like it.

    • ToeKneeC67 says:

      ... Best Market - so Google Play (stupid name) is better than the App Store?

      • TechnologyRules says:

        I couldnt believe they actually named it google play...

        And then the Apple haters and general geeks will turn around, and try to call Apple iPhone a TOY!

        WTF!!  LOL!!!!!

  13. Manov rao says:

    I am not that much impressed.

  14. IT advisor says:

    The Nexus phones are easy to upgrade the OS.

    If the carrier doesn't upgrade it automatically, then do it yourself. There are simple instructions if you search the web.

    • TechnologyRules says:

      You just dont get it...

      The non-GEEK population (majority mainstream consumers) just dont have time to WASTE on hacking rooting tweaking customizing their phone JUST to get it to work like its supposed to and to get rid of all the "gotcha" scams preloaded into the phones...

      Because... you know... unlike loner loser geeks, these people actually have lives...

      They have GF's, BF's, wives kids freinds concerts parties picnics, beach days, wine country national parks off roading, boating skiing/boarding swimming camping movies dates.... and TONS of other stuff to do....

      Not sit at home for 4-5 hours every other weekend just to customize their phones!!!!

      Yes only geeks have that time to do all that stuff to their phones!!!

      • Shane Stewart says:

        wow u have a sad freakin life..... 

      • EWilliams1914 says:

        I disagree with you.  Having the option to update your phone manually can substantially increase its service life.  Furthermore, the Nexus can be used worldwide and on two different US carriers-Very few substantial phones have this ability.  Meaning if you don't want to deal with a costly AT&T plan you have the option to go to T-Mobile.

      • Are you trying to say you have a life and no one else here doesn't, because you have been on this page the longest typing BS comments.... 

        I smell a troll!

  15. PC_Tool says:

    If you need an unlocked, non-contract device and don't need the storage, sure...

    Otherwise there are already devices out that are far superior to this in just about every way.  Even the on-contract versions are better.  At least the VZW version has 32GB...(not to mention the HSPA+ vs LTE speed thing).

    HTC One X is miles ahead, though I still dislike the capacitive keys.  The SIII will be out soon...hopefully with on-screen keys in the US.  Really, the only reason for the Nexus right now is to run ROMS from 3rd party devs.  If you get one for any other're doing it wrong.

    FWIW: Swapped my LG Spectrum back for the G'Nex (VZW) again this weekend.  Got the 4.0.4 update pushed at the store (after quite a bit of hassle) and the radio actually seems to work now.  Haven't dropped a call yet *crosses fingers*...

  16. Fernando Siscar Jr. says:

    Isn't it a bit late to release "
    Google Galaxy Nexus first-impressions review"
    ??? Google Galaxy Nexus was release December 15th last year...

  17. sm00ter says:

    And the iOS nation begins flaming in 3....2....1...

    • parsonbrown11 says:

      iOS works on Disqus with Safari. My ics gnex can't post here on stock, chrome beta or firefox.......i'm getting all these alerts all day but couldn't post until i got on a iPad.....ics users, try posting here and then tell me which mobile OS is more advanced.

      • sensi says:

        I can login into Disqus and post a comment here from my Galaxy Nexus chrome browser, I have just done it above, so this issue seems rather all personal and on your side.

      • parsonbrown11 says:

        Nope, the browsers won't even load the "login"page......more ic-Bs

  18. Cowmix says:

    In Arizona at least, the GSM Galaxy Nexus is super great:

    Also, Google Wallet works out of the box.

  19. TechnologyRules says:

    Oh and BTW Mr. Pilcox.....     (yes pilcox because you MUST be on drugs!!!)

    I LOVE how you bragged about google services like Gmail, Gplus, Gdrive, and Gmusic and referred to and compared to Apple....

    BUT THEN YOU FAILED to mention that Apple already did this with iCloud.... 

    YES iCloud which is
    much MUCH better,
    MORE beautiful,
    MORE polished,
    MORE usable,
    MORE efficient,
    and just plain better and superior in every way and BETTER PERFORMING than ALL that garbage rip off copycat virtual photocopy from google...

    It would be nice (not really) if those BOZOS at google one day decided to MAKE THEIR OWN PRODUCTS AND INVENTIONS instead of just ripping off ALL ideas from Apple!!!!!

    This is the BIGGEST and most direct Apple-RIP OFF COPYCAT product/services since Eric Schit STOLE the iPhone idea from Apple! and google's version of Apple's iCloud is sad, pathetic buggy and crash prone and down right U-G-L-Y!!!!!!

    I saw SOOO many members of the GEEKDOM GEEKHOOD running around like headless CHICKENS up in arms just because Apple used a SIMILAR notification system from android EVEN THO APPLE ADMITTED that they borrowed the similarities from google android notification BECAUSE that is what is done by the more sportsman like conduct and something ONLY the better classier and more mature competitor would do...

    The more respectable competitor will give credit where its due....
    And while google RIPPED OFF everything from iCloud, Apple ONLY used 1 (yes one) feature from google....

    Google copies Apple then sits there with the blank stoopid expression like "WHAT?"

    And lastly, Mr. Joe Pilcox....
    This cheap plastic disposable garbage android nexus phone WAS $799 ONLY BECAUSE google knows that even tho the GEEKHOOD trash talks Apple customers for forking over lots of cash to Apple, google knows that some geeky android faithful; will do say or PAY ANYTHING just to have the latest spec'd phone despite minimal incremental upgrades...

    THEN when all 300 or 400 geeks bought those phones at that price, and the millions of shipped nexus phone sat on the shilf, they finally lowered the price to a still ridiculous amount of Cash just so the next 300-400 geek-extremists like Joe Pilcox can pay that obscene amount of dough then go recommend to his geeky followers to also go buy one even though they wont because they cant even afford to pay rent to their mommies for the basement they barely crawl out of!!!

    This geekhood will will say and pretend they will go buy one.... BUT I dare at least 10 of you geeks to get this phone, take a picture of it, and posts it to Photobucket!...

    • Andrzej Malinowski says:

      yes sir! but you forgot to mention that apple is a piece of shit company that uses worst components "foxconn" and abuses people and probably children working almost for free... ooo and I almost forgot... every apple product is at least 1 year behind in every single aspect... ( and for most of You naive people APPLE DOESNT PRODUCE ANYTHING!!!!!) its all cheap knock offs

    • LanceMiller says:

      Wrong, iCloud sucks compared to what ".Mac" offered. iCloud is a shadow of it's former self. It's a real shame that Apple got lazy & cut iClouds capabilities in half.

  20. phil carangelo says:

    Hey TechnologlyRules,
    I couldn't disagree anymore with you.  Honestly I think your some apple fan boy retard who is completely and utterly brainwashed by the shit apple feeds you.  Android isn't better than apple, it is far superior.  It literally dominates apple in basically every area.  Apple doesn't let you customize anything accept your damn wallpaper.  O goody I can change it from a cat to a dog.  And don't even say "well our app store is so great" everything costs money and Android basically has the same apps.  On top of that my android phone is so much more advanced and suited to my needs since I CAN MAKE EXACTLY HOW I WANT it would fuck up your stupid 3 in glass toy any day.  Now, before we start saying Android steals everything form apple, lets review.  Yes the Notification bar was Androids idea, and so was Voice actions, that's right Siri was second (and sucks ass).   And retina display, no shit the pixel density will be off the charts if the phones screen is half an inch.  O and lets not forget that IOS hasn't changed in 4 years.  Ya it must truly suck to have the same crappy OS every damn day of the week, I almost feel bad.  I can change my Kernel whenever I please and Over clock it, wait you probs don't even know what that is.  

    P.S don't drop your phone  id hate to see it shatter 

    • parsonbrown11 says:

      Then why won't my ics browsers: stock, chrome, Firefox, won't let me post on Disqus......iPad yes. Explain that

    • parsonbrown11 says:

      now if  could make a phone call i might have something, i wish i knew i was buying the sphincter-end of a trade war

    • LanceMiller says:

      you didn't mention that Android has had "tethering" for several years before apple thought of it, we've been able to remote into a home pc via our android phone for a long time & we can store any data/ mp3 / mp4 on our phone & share them without issue via any pc, no additional software (itunes) required.

  21. phil carangelo says:

    TechnologlyRules1 How can you even say Android is slow without clearing the task manager.  I have 1 GB of ram...more than an iPhone if your wondering.  Plus Android invented task managing. 
    retards these days 

    • ToeKneeC67 says:

      Never end something with - retards these days, when you own statement mistakes :)
      1 Gb of RAM means nothing between OSes, the same apps on Android, iOS, WP7.5 and blackberry would all have/utilize ram differently.  As we are talking RAM and not storage, here has been no complaints that the iOS devices need more RAM.Task managers are great, but should not be needed to improve speed on a phone....and my favorite  "Plus Android invented task managing"  Task Mangers have been around for decades - Sorry

      • parsonbrown11 says:

        androidpithecus has trouble with sentence structure, maybe some weird facet of brain evolution in the turdsandwicherensis........"gawking ape of culpertino."

  22. Shane Stewart says:

    I feel like i was reading CNET, where a lot of the editors don't know enough about the issue of the phone and then just talk bad about it. I know HSPA+ in SD is about 6-8 mbps. Try modifying APN Settings. theres tons of tutorials on YouTube for at&t users.

  23. parsonbrown11 says:

    Maybe the amount of posts for a paid hack reviewing a "new product" will give the consumer a heads-up about ics and google phones. This hunk-o-junk came out in early December. I was an early adopter. 6 months later we have the same flawed device with not a single approved update. Many have resorted to pirate builds. YMMV but an average search will give the skinny on the THOUSANDS OF UNHAPPY CONSUMERS. For android, buy something with an earlier version. Blackberry is the best at the big three: phone,text, mail. iPhone has the best computing experience on a phone. The samsung has a nice screen, but that's it, it sucks at telephony, text and mail, sucks bigtime. 

    • parsonbrown11 says:

      wow Joe i just noticed you said you dumped the LTE model you raved about in December. Sold it "on c/l for 2 dollars less than term. fee?" OMG

  24. LanceMiller says:

    The microSD slot is why I'm didn't buy a Nexus phone & after finding out that microSD wasn't included in the Nexus Tablet I won't be buying one of those either. I was so excited when Google first announced that they we coming out with their own line of phones but now I'm equally disappointed that Google didn't have the foresight to know that more people than not want a 'microSD" card slot. What really threw me for a loop was when I found out today that the Google Nexus tablet base model will only have 8GB of storage.
    I would think that google of all people would have the sense to offer another less than 32GB of storage. Please Google, pave your own path, don't get stuck playing follow the
    leader with Apple.

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