Microsoft targets Samsung's Galaxy Tab 3 in new Surface RT ad

After pitting its Surface 2 against Apple's iPad Air (unsurprisingly, the former wins that round), Microsoft is now going after Samsung's Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 in a new Surface RT ad that focuses on the connectivity options offered by the two devices.

It is a no-brainer as to which one wins the battle in this new ad -- yes, it is the Surface RT. The slate comes out on top as the superior device because it allows users to connect an external display, connect a drive to the full-size USB port and charge it, at the same time. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 is portrayed as the sore loser due to its significantly limited hardware design.


It can only do the charging part out-of-the-box through its microUSB port. But, the other tasks require the "purchase of additional connectors". Ironically, the Surface RT also requires an additional adapter to connect it to an external display -- this is openly said in the beginning of the ad.

This should not detract from the connectivity benefits offered by the Windows RT slate which, indeed, does allow users to do more things at once, but it slightly diminishes the impact of the ad.

The ad ends with a "No full-size USB? No thanks." message that will probably appeal to those seeking a tablet that can work as a laptop replacement. The ad, however, does not tackle other aspects of the tablet experience such as performance, build quality, software differences, apps and so on. Microsoft has carefully chosen its battle and won.

Pricing is not discussed either, but it does not have to be because viewers will do the work for Microsoft. After all, the ad was conveniently released ahead of Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

At the time of writing this article, the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 is available for $299.99 at Samsung's online store while the Surface RT costs $199.99 -- with a "best price ever" tag -- at Microsoft Store, undercutting its competitor by $100. Make no mistake, this ad was specifically designed with Black Friday in mind, as consumers rush to purchase discounted products. Think about it: If you are looking for the best deal, which one would you pick?

13 Responses to Microsoft targets Samsung's Galaxy Tab 3 in new Surface RT ad

  1. TheAnglingMyth says:

    Surface RT without any shadow of a doubt. Office 2013 on it's own is worth suffering the "tiles".

  2. derekaw says:

    Wow, these Surface machines really are good! Why is it that people don't want them? Why aren't people buying them like they are buying iPads and Galaxy Tabs?

    • mshulman says:

      I know you are being sarcastic, but I think the answer is simple. It's new. People are have become familiar with the iPad and android tablets and that's what they know. It takes time to penetrate an established market.

      It's like a company spending more on Cisco equipment. It's no better than some of the competition and more expensive, but its proven and has a history. Surface doesn't have a history, its going to take time to build.

      I find it funny that the haters all think that because sales haven't skyrocketed means they are never going to get better. They've already shown they can continue to grow - windows phone (where we have numbers) is a great example. This is not a sprint, but a marathon.

      • async2013 says:

        of course it is and when Microsoft have run their marathon the world will be onto the next generation of which they can spend another 10 billion on wasted efforts. Apologists make me laugh, there's no such thing as a marathon in the tech world at most it is a mile then onto something new. Microsoft just havent got the time
        Hence forever playing catch up

      • mshulman says:

        I think phones are a marathon at this point. Even tablets might be now as well as they are likely going to be around for awhile.

        And even if they weren't, does a company have to be #1 or #2 to make money? No, I don't think so, Apple years ago is a great example of this.

  3. async2013 says:

    Of course they are. They overheat and dim the screen at any sense of doing something productive OR when running two apps at once. Really better?

    • mytake4this says:

      I believe this ad is for Surface RT or Relict Tablet model, which will not be doing the overheating thing..... well hopefully not. Of course the Surface is also a slower device than is the Surface 2. Surface looks slick, and for $199 heck a neat conversation piece - cool clock, or whatever. It may be something to consider.

  4. Mangap says:

    Yes USB is good idea. I hope Samsung and other have this on next model. For display, why not using standard hdmi? We also need slim and light. And also many good application

    • derekaw says:

      A USB port does not belong on a 'real' tablet. Tablets are post PC devices. USB is good on a PC but not on a real tablet. The MS tablets are not real tablets, they are just a new PC form factor. If you think that Surface is a tablet then you are wrong. It does some tablet stuff but its not a 'real' tablet. Its wrong to compare Surface to an iPad or to a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

  5. Richard Saunders says:

    Ah...Windows RT...

    You get all of a choice of a single web browser, which happens to be the worst one, and its supposedly "killer app" (Office) isn't touch friendly. Microsoft themselves even admit that they deliberately designed the app API to be weak. It has all of the weaknesses of iOS and not a one of its strengths, in addition to multiple personality disorder because it doesn't even know what it wants to be.

    They say this is to prevent malware...On Android you can touch bare metal if you'd like, and if you don't want malware on Android then simply don't check the box to enable unknown sources.

  6. mytake4this says:

    I am sure this will set well with Samsung. If I was Microsoft, I do believe I would try making more friends than enemies ;) Of course the model which sells for Samsung will be Android, with thousands of useful apps. Only current hope for MS is in transformer devices running Win 8.1 full software, as in convertible netbook to tablets. ASUS is doing the heavy lifting here in the battle. May be the best armor against Chromebook, which I take it Microsoft is scared to death of.

  7. Xuanlong says:

    As usual, Microsoft makes fair points in these ads. Why they're going after Samsung now though, I have no idea. They should keep their guns on the iPad. Android tablets are gaining in popularity, but not the pricey high end ones that Samsung pitches. Most Android tablet growth has been at the low end, driven by Google's Nexus devices, Amazon's Kindle tablets, and others of the same ilk. This ad feels kind of pointless. Is the Galaxy Tab 3 really on top of many people's Chirstmas lists this year? I doubt it. Given that Samsung also makes Windows PCs and Phones, this new front in Microsoft's negative ad campaign is a bit of a head-scratcher.

  8. Qliphah says:

    Well I would likely buy the one that already has an established market and that I can transfer the 100's of dollars worth of apps to. As for the USB port... with airdroid or other syncing apps thats kind of a moot point, unless they mean for other inputs like a mouse/keyboard... again moot, because well, its a tablet not a laptop. As for charging, the micro USB has become a standard and all my devices charge via it.. I honestly couldn't remember any device ever charging from the fat USB port.

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