PaaSLane optimizes Java and .Net applications for the cloud

We reported on Cloud Technology Partners' migration tool PaaSLane entering its public beta phase back in October and how it can cut the time and cost spent on moving to the cloud.

From tomorrow (March 11) the product becomes generally available with new and enhanced features to enable users to rapidly assess applications and speed up cloud migrations.

PaaSLane 2.0's new features include full .NET support with more than 200 specific rules, including rules for Microsoft Azure and Apprenda CloudFoundry. There’s a redesigned reporting interface including the ability to drill down into alert detail. There are also interactive charts and the ability to export reports in Excel and PDF formats.

"In the past two years the use of public cloud for enterprise workloads has skyrocketed. Many enterprises are looking at what it will take to migrate mission critical applications from expensive datacenters to agile cloud environments, and this is where PaaSLane shines," says Ben Grubin, Director of Product Management at Cloud Technology Partners. "However, the challenges of migrating existing apps to the cloud have led to many failed migrations, delays, or deployment of apps with significant code-level issues. PaaSLane can tackle the assessment of existing Java and .NET apps with ease, quantifying factors such as coding errors, hardcoded dependencies, security, and scalability problems, along with several other factors could quickly derail a cloud project. PaaSLane helps overcome these issues by leveraging source code inspection and a built-in cloud platform knowledgebase driven by extensive research to identify and resolve issues quickly, accelerating application migration and cloud optimization".

Faster uploads to Amazon Web Services are now available thanks to parallel uploading technology. PaaSLane also allows continuous optimization for evolving cloud platforms as it delivers real-time intelligence on changes that effect an application.

Grubin says that the product appeals to larger companies with many applications, system integrators supporting migrations and to smaller companies with just one or two critical apps. It can be integrated into the development lifecycle for any size of organization.

You can sign up for an instant free trial on the PaaSLane website.

Photo Credit: Roland IJdema/Shutterstock

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