Brillo is Google's new IoT platform

Brillo is Google's new IoT platform

Every tech company worth its salt is running to get involved in the Internet of Things; Ubuntu is in on it, and Microsoft has teamed up with more than one company to plant its IoT flag. Today Google unveiled its new IoT platform, Brillo.

Google is not entirely new to the Internet of Things -- it already has its cloud platform in place and has also acquired Nest. Destined for all manner of connected devices, Brillo is a stripped down and streamlined operating system based on Android. Google has not revealed how its size compares to Huawei's LiteOS, but has said that -- like Android M -- there is a focus on security, and the platform will run on Weave.

Sundar Pichai confirmed that rumors about a full-on entry into the IoT with Project Brillo is well founded. Developers will be able to get their hands on a preview of the platform some time in the third quarter of 2015, while a final release is expected in Q4. Although essentially a barebones version of Android, connectivity essentials such as Bluetooth, WiFi and lower power modes are all present and correct. There's also potential for voice interaction with devices.

The basis of the system means that devices that are running Android will be able to automatically detect Brillo and Weave devices. Google describes the upcoming release as an "underlying operating system for the internet of things". This is a reference to the fact that Weave is not Brillo-dependant, and can in fact work on any platform.

Pichai said:

We will have standardized schemas, developers can submit custom schemas, and we will have a Weave certification program to make sure anything that is Weave certified can work together.

Google has not revealed details of any partnership or future products that might come about as a result of Brillo. The acquisition of Nest, however, means that we can almost certainly expect to see more developments in the home automation arena, with more and more tasks becoming controllable from Android phones and tablets.

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