Windows 10 in action: Cortana and Microsoft Edge


It's final countdown! Baba ba baaa, baba baba baaaaa! (</Europe mode>) The July 29 launch of Windows 10 draws ever closer, and Microsoft continues to release videos highlighting what's new in a bid to entice people in. The latest installments cover Cortana and Microsoft Edge.

We've already seen a couple of videos from the Microsoft stables, firstly pointing out that the operating system is familiar, and then indicating that it is a new breed for a new generation. Now the company is choosing to focus on what is new -- Windows 10's digital assistant, and the new web browser. Are these enough to convince you?

With Cortana, there is a focus on getting things done -- both personal and business. Perhaps more importantly for those who are yet to experience the tool, we are treated to a series of demonstrations of Cortana in action. The video serves as a handy guide for the completely uninitiated, but also a useful reminder for those more familiar with it just what is possible.

Check out Microsoft's Cortana video:

Much has been said about Microsoft Edge, and many people will be worried about the loss of Internet Explorer. In this video we're given a rundown of everything the new browser has to offer -- writing on web pages, sharing, building up a reading list, distraction-free browsing, and so on.

Take a look at the Microsoft Edge video:

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