5 percent of Windows 10 users already have the Fall Creators Update, but what on earth's happening with the Creators Update?

Microsoft rolls out two feature updates a year for Windows 10. In April the software giant released the Creators Update, and then a week ago, the Fall Creators Update made its debut.

Spaced six months apart, the idea is that by the time the second feature update is released, most people will have upgraded to the first. But while that’s the theory, it’s certainly not the case with the Creators Update.


According to the latest figures from AdDuplex, the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is now on 5.3 percent of PCs running Windows 10, having gained that share in just a week. Microsoft said that it was offering the latest feature update to more users from the get go, and this is evidenced in AdDuplex’s findings.

However, in this month’s report the Windows 10 Creators Update is still missing from over a quarter of Windows 10 PCs.

In September, AdDuplex said 27.5 percent of Windows 10 users still hadn’t received the Creators Update, and this month, 25.4 percent of users still aren’t running it. 17 percent are on the Anniversary Update.

As AdDuplex states:

Another notable fact is that Anniversary Update got to over 92 percent in usage share by the time Creators Update was released. Creators Update got to about 75 percent only. Time will tell if Anniversary Update loses its share quickly enough to keep the Windows 10 ecosystem in N + N-1 version state, as it was envisioned.

Image Credit: racorn/Shutterstock

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