Ultimate Ears myBOOM Studio lets you create a custom BOOM 3 Bluetooth speaker

When shopping for a Bluetooth speaker, there are many options nowadays. Quite frankly, trying to pick one can be an overwhelming experience. My advice? If you stick to two brands -- JBL or Ultimate Ears -- you will be absolutely fine. Bluetooth speakers from those companies are consistently excellent. Are there good speakers from other companies? Sure, but they can be hit or miss.

Ultimate Ears in particular has never let me down. Its lower-end offerings and its top models all offer both great build and sound quality. Seriously, folks, not only do they sound really good, but they are extremely durable too. The Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 is probably the best "bang for your buck" speaker, as it gets plenty loud and costs less than $200.


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The company has long offered limited-edition designs for its speakers, and today, it takes it a step further. Called "myBOOM Studio," it lets you create a custom version of the BOOM 3. Not only can you choose various colors and patterns, but you can add the text of your choosing. Surprisingly, there seems to be no vulgarity check either. So yes, you can apparently make it say "bad words" if you are immature -- which I most certainly am not.

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"To get started, simply start designing your BOOM 3 in the myBOOM Studio on desktop or mobile. Take a trip on the wild side by choosing from new fabric designs like Jungle Bell, NY Kitty or Frozen Kingdom, or manifest your creativity with Marble Marvel, Blue Dreams and Berry Fun. With twelve fabrics and eight color options for the caps, spine, loop and volume buttons, your options are boundless. Additional colors and fabrics will become available over time. It’s your speaker, your canvas, and your style," says Ultimate Ears.

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The Logitech-owned company further says, "All speakers designed using the myBOOM Studio have the same product features as BOOM 3, including its 360 degree sound and deep bass, portable size, Magic Button, compatibility with the POWER UP charging dock and IP67 rating for staying waterproof and dustproof. myBOOM 3 speakers also work with PartyUp, so they can be paired with up to 150 of any generation BOOM or MEGABOOM speaker for even fuller sound."

As you can see above, I created a cool-looking UE BOOM 3 with unique colors. Even cooler, I was able to add "BETANEWS" to the side. Unfortunately, the text can only be in CAPS. Best of all, it isn’t very expensive to customize, either — it is just $179.99 rather than the normal $149.99. A mere $30 to make the speaker your own.

Charlotte Johs, general manager of Ultimate Ears offers the following statement.

Our speakers have always reflected the unique styles of our listeners, but up until today, our fans were limited with the color and design options we made available to them. With myBOOM 3, we’ve created this enjoyable and unique design studio where music enthusiasts can show their creativity and give their favorite Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 speaker a truly personalized look and feel.

Want to create your unique BOOM 3? You can check out the Ultimate Ears myBOOM Studio here. If you live in Chicago or Miami, you can also create one at certain T-Mobile stores.

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