Take two: Samsung Galaxy Fold pre-registrations go live in the US and UK

Samsung Galaxy Fold

After poor reviews, a postponed launch, and something of a redesign, Samsung is readying itself to launch the Galaxy Fold.

If you haven't lost interest -- or faith -- as a result of the problems and delays, Samsung has opened up "pre-registration" once again in the US and UK. While it is not possible to pre-order yet, the move suggests that a launch is imminent, and Samsung promises you can "be the first to see the future".

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Following the poor reviews that the initial test handsets received, Samsung went back to the drawing board and made some important changes to Galaxy Fold. The screen protector and hinge have been improved, and anyone parting with the thick end of $2,000 will be hoping that these changes will prevent the screen issues experienced by early testers.

The pre-registration process does not require you to part with any money, but nor does it guarantee that you will receive a handset. Really you are doing little more than expressing your interest in the Galaxy Fold, although it is possible -- as has happened with other Samsung phones -- that you may be offered a slight discount.

If you're in the UK you should head here, while people in the US should head here instead.

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