Microsoft addresses orange screenshot bug in Windows 10... kinda


Windows 10 users are accustomed to putting up with the occasional bug here and there, and people who installed the KB4512941 update found they were plagued with an issue that gave screenshots an orange hue.

Now Microsoft says that the issue has been addressed. Well... sort of. In fact, the company has shifted the blame to Lenovo, saying that the Eye Care mode feature of Lenovo Vantage is to blame. Here's what you need to know.

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Over on the page relating to the September updates for Windows 10, Microsoft says: "When creating screenshots or using similar tools (such as Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch), the resulting images may have an unnatural orange tint. This issue is caused by the Eye Care mode feature of Lenovo Vantage. This issue started on or around September 5, 2019".

Microsoft then refers users to a Lenovo support article which offers up a solution. Disable Eye Care mode.

There is no suggestion that a software fix will be issued, users are simply advised to disable the Eye Care feature. Lenovo says:

Disable Eye Care mode and reset the color temperature in Lenovo Vantage.  Currently, there are two different versions of Lenovo Vantage; the solution is slightly different depending on the version of Lenovo Vantage that is installed on your PC.

The company goes on to explain how to disable Eye Care in versions 4 and 10 of Lenovo Vantage. While this may fix the problem, the need to disable a feature seems like a bit of a cop out. We'll just have to see if a better solution emerges from either Microsoft or Lenovo.

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