Microsoft now showing non-removable ads in Windows 10 Mail and Calendar apps

Adverts in Windows 10 are not a new thing. Microsoft has a history of sneaking them into any spare real estate in its operating system and included apps. In the past we’ve seen them crop up in the Start menu, in the taskbar, in the Action Center, in File Explorer, in the Ink Workspace, on the Lock Screen, in the Share tool, and in the Windows Store. It’s even currently running full screen ads for Windows 10 inside Windows 7 as the aging operating system reaches its end of life.

Microsoft prefers to call the ads it dots around its OS "suggestions" but that doesn’t make them any less annoying for users. And now the company has added a new ad to the Windows Mail and Calendar apps, and made them impossible to remove.

As spotted by MSPoweruser, a banner advertising Outlook/the mobile Outlook app now appears in the left sidebar of the Mail app where it takes up a fair amount of space.

Responding to new ads, Microsoft says:

The ads within the app itself will be displayed regardless of which email address you use it with. It is not removable, but you can submit it as a suggestion within the Feedback Hub on Windows 10 here:

Photo credit: sindlera / Shutterstock

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