Install the latest PowerToys update for important bug fixes

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Microsoft has pushed out two updates in quick succession to the preview version of PowerToys for Windows 10.

PowerToys 0.15 was released and included fixes for nearly 100 problems, as well as a making other key changes -- including notifications about the availability of updates. But mere hours later, PowerToys 0.15.1 was unleashed to fix a further bug.


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One thing that people have been waiting to arrive in PowerToys is a Windows 10 version of TweakUI. This is yet to make an appearance -- not that we know it will appear -- but Microsoft is making great progress with the utility collection.

Launching this version, the company says:

Our mantra for the 0.15 was infrastructure, quality, stability and work toward getting a way to auto-update PowerToys. While it took a bit longer to get here, we feel it was worth the extra time to fix bugs that really impacted your experience with PowerToys.

With the release of PowerToys 0.15, Microsoft shared the following changelog highlights:

  • Make you aware there is a new version from within PowerToys
  • Removed requirement to always 'run as admin'
  • Added almost 300 unit tests to increase stability and prevent regressions.
  • Resolved almost 100 issues
  • Made .NET Framework parts of the source run faster with NGEN
  • Improved for how we store data locally
  • Increased FancyZones compatibility with applications
  • Created the 0 strategy, the launcher, the keyboard manager specs
  • Work on cleaning up our issue backlog and labels

This release was followed very quickly by PowerToys 0.15.1 which not only fixed a crashing bug, but also gave Microsoft and users the chance to try out the update notification feature -- and it works!

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