SPOT X Jeep Edition 2-Way Satellite Messenger is surprisingly affordable

One of my favorite films is World War Z. It is a very flawed movie, but I still enjoy it. In the film, Brad Pitt's character utilizes a satellite phone, which I just find to be extremely interesting. I am sure such a thing is expensive -- particularly the service contract -- but how cool is it to be able to communicate without the need of cellular?

And so, today, a new product caught my eye -- the SPOT X Jeep Edition 2-Way Satellite Messenger. While not a phone, it can send and receive text messages via satellite, which is rather neat. I expected such a product to be very expensive, and carry a high monthly service cost, but actually, it is surprisingly affordable. Not to mention, it looks to be quite rugged, and the Jeep branding -- while gimmicky -- actually looks pretty cool.

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"The SPOT X Jeep Edition offers 2-way message capabilities with an on-board backlit display and Qwerty keyboard, GPS location tracking, and direct communication with emergency services in one portable, lightweight device. The new Jeep Edition combines the capabilities SPOT is known for with Jeep branding," says Spot.

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The company further says, "The SPOT X Jeep Edition is the latest product introduction to the award-winning SPOT family of devices, providing affordable, off the grid messaging and tracking. Through a direct connection to the GEOS International Emergency Coordination Center, SPOT has triggered over 7,000 rescues around the globe."

Spot shares features below:

  • Bluetooth wireless technology allows pairing option to perform device functions using the SPOT X app
  • Send and receive messages with family and friends when beyond cellular range
  • S.O.S. emergency notification and direct 2-way messaging with 24/7 Search and Rescue services
  • Check-In 'OK' with the push of a single button directly to pre-set contacts
  • Navigation: Built-in compass and programmable waypoints
  • Rechargeable lithium battery averaging a life of 10 days when tracking in 10-minute intervals
  • GPS Tracking and SPOT Mapping interface to Share your Adventures

The SPOT X Jeep Edition 2-Way Satellite Messenger only costs $275, while the monthly fee starts at just $12 -- you can buy it here. With that said, please keep in mind, this is not a product for the average consumer. Instead, it's for those that often find themselves in areas without cellular connectivity that want to be able to occasionally communicate with friends and family or alert someone when they are in danger and need help.

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