Microsoft blocks Windows 10 May 2020 Update for some users with 'your device isn't quite ready' message

Windows 10 May 2020 Update isn't quite ready

Last week, Microsoft started the staggered release of Windows 10 May 2020 Update, and many people are looking for ways to force the download before it is offered to them.

We already know that there are quite a few issues with the feature update, and Microsoft is also actively blocking the update for some people. Anyone for whom the update is blocked is being shown a message informing that that their  "device isn't quite ready" to receive the May 2020 Update.

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The block is in place because of various compatibility issues with numerous systems and hardware configurations. Microsoft is currently investigating various issues with different devices, and at the moment there are no mitigating steps that can be taken to address certain issues. As such, Microsoft says: "To safeguard your update experience, we have applied a compatibility hold on Windows 10 devices with affected drivers or firmware from being offered Windows 10, version 2004".

Anyone with an affected system who tries to use Windows Update to grab the update is told not only that their computer is up-to-date, but also that the currently incompatible Windows 10 May 2020 Update is on its way.

As you can see in the screenshot above from TechDows, the full text of the message reads:

Feature update to Windows 10, version 2004

The Windows 10 May 2020 Update is on its way. We're offering this update to compatible devices, but your device isn't quite ready for it. Once your device is ready, you'll see the update available on this page. There's nothing you need to do at this time.

Of course, if you are one of the people who is unable to grab the May 2020 Update via Windows Update, you could force the download using Windows 10 Update Assistant -- but be warned that this could mean that you end up encountering problems. Perhaps the best course of action is to follow Microsoft's advice, and just sit back and wait for when your system (hopefully) is compatible with the update; presumably when driver and hardware issues have been resolved.

In fact, Microsoft warns:

We recommend that you do not attempt to manually update using the Update now button or the Media Creation Tool until this issue has been resolved.

Image credit: TechDows

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