Microsoft resolves issue that wiped out many of its services

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Numerous Microsoft 365 services were knocked offline for several hours, leaving users unable to log into accounts and use various tools. Affected services included, and Teams, and the problem hit users around the world.

The company scrambled to determine the root cause of the issues, eventually homing in on a "recent change" which needed to be rolled back. This, however, did not ultimately solve the problem, so Microsoft was forced to put other mitigations in place.

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Via its Service health page, Microsoft posted various notices about "a potential issue affecting multiple Microsoft services"; the company warned that "affected users may be unable to access multiple Microsoft services and features".

While Microsoft has not revealed exactly what caused the issues which latest for several hours, initial attempts to roll back an update failed to help, as the company explained on Twitter:

The company then rerouted traffic, which seemed to help:

Users around the world should now find that all services are up and running again, but Microsoft says that there may be a slight delay in the fixes and mitigations being noticed by everyone:

While the outages caused problems for many people, there was good humor about it from some:

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