Microsoft is making big changes to Settings in Windows 10

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Microsoft has made some very dramatic changes to the look and feel of Windows 10 over the years, and this is not a trend that's set to change any time soon. Continuing its plan to kill off the legacy Control Panel, the company is introducing big changes to Windows 10's Settings app.

The changes will be important to anyone who is keen on customizing or taking control of Windows, giving them two important new options that are sure to be welcomed by power users -- especially those who want to kill off the Task View button.

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Although there are plenty of people who are either doggedly hanging on to the Control Panel or who are doing everything possible to avoid the Settings app, Microsoft is not giving up on the switch. Hence, the company's continued use of Settings as a way of not only changing the way things work, but also for introducing new features.

The latest changes see Microsoft giving users the option of killing off the slightly controversial / irritating / pointless (depending upon your point of view) Task View button.

On top of this, Microsoft is also introducing a new option that will advise users of storage optimization options.

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