Microsoft Edge Chromium-based web browser for Linux achieves Beta status

Microsoft Edge on laptop and smartphone

When Microsoft first announced it was bringing Edge to Linux, I was less than enthusiastic about it. In fact, I declared that I would never install the web browser on my own Linux computer. To this day, I have yet to install Edge for Linux, although my stance is softening a bit. Mozilla Firefox is feeling stagnant, while I am troubled by the FLoC situation with Google Chrome. Could Microsoft Edge for Linux be in my future?

Well, Microsoft's web browser just got one step closer to a stable release, so I might have to give it a try. You see, as of today, Edge has achieved Beta status! This means its development has progressed quite swimmingly, and the Chromium-based web browser should be totally fine to use daily. And yes, you can install Edge Beta for Linux right now.

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Installing Microsoft Edge on your Linux-based operating system couldn't be easier. If you are a Linux beginner, you don't even need to use the command line! Simply click here and download the appropriate file. If you are using Ubuntu or other Debian-based Linux distro, the .deb file is what you want. Fedora users should opt for the .rpm.

Do you plan to install Microsoft Edge for Linux Beta on your machine? Please tell me in the comments below.

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