Satechi Aluminum Stand and Hub transforms Apple iPad Pro into a desktop computer

When Apple launched its now-infamous What's a Computer? advertisement for the iPad Pro, it was pretty much universally panned for stupidity. In it, a woman refers to a girl's iPad Pro as a computer, and the girl replies with the classic "what's a computer?" line. As we know, an iPad is a computer, and it's absurd to think the youth of America are unfamiliar with the term "computer."

But what if an iPad Pro wasn't just a tablet computer, but a desktop computer too? Well, with the Satechi Aluminum Stand and Hub for iPad Pro, that can be a reality. You see, this elegant new product transforms the Apple iPad Pro into a makeshift iMac-like, desktop computer.

"Satechi designed the Aluminum Stand and Hub to not only physically elevate the iPad Pro off of a desk, but to elevate it in terms of usability and design, as well. Whether the iPad is used as another screen, a drawing canvas, or a way to FaceTime friends and family, the convenient stand transforms any iPad Pro into a functional workstation by placing the iPad in an optimal viewing angle for any kind of work. Plus, its ultra-sleek, aluminum design compliments other Apple devices on every desk," says Satechi.

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The company also says, "For the ultimate convenience, the stand features a 4K HDMI (60Hz), USB-C PD charging, USB-A data, SD card readers, and an audio jack port, providing users easy access to whichever peripherals they need in order to get the job done. The Stand and Hub is also entirely foldable, making it even more convenient to store and carry on-the-go from work to home and anywhere in between."

The Satechi Aluminum Stand and Hub for Apple iPad Pro can be had here immediately. It is reasonably priced at just $99.99 and should work with any USB-C equipped iPad. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with iPad tablets that only have Lightning ports.

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