Windows 11 is making important changes to the way system updates work

Windows 11 update time estimate

When Microsoft announced Windows 11, the company made a few references to the process of updating the operating system. Windows Updates will work in much the same way as for Windows 10, but steps have been taken to not only reduce the size of downloads to helps speed things up, but also to ensure they will cause less disruption thanks to background installation.

But this does not mean that you'll never need to restart Windows 11 after downloading an update, but Microsoft has made an important change that will help you to decide whether to restart immediately or save the reboot for later.

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One of problems with an update requiring a restart is that it puts your computer out of action for a while -- and there is currently no way of knowing how long that will be. It's a tricky decision. Do you restart straight away to complete the installation process, and lose access to Windows for an unknown length of time? Or do you hold on, keep working, and potentially leave your system insecure until the installation is completed later on?

With Windows 11, Microsoft is giving you an additional piece of information that will help you to decide.

Of course, it is always a good idea to complete the installation of updates as soon as possible, but if you are in the middle of something important, having Windows lock you out while an update completes for 45 minutes can be a nightmare. But it might only take a minute or two. Until now, there has been no way of knowing. It was a game of chance.

In Windows 11, when an update requires a reboot, you will be advised roughly how long the process will take to complete before you commit to the restart. As noted by Ghacks, this time estimate is shown not only in Windows Update, but also in the Start menu when clicking the power button.

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