Satechi launches trio of USB-C GaN chargers

USB Type-C is amazing. This reversible USB connector is not just used for data connections, but power too. For instance, there are many laptops, tablets, and smartphones that charge using USB-C. When all of your devices use USB-C, it makes your life much easier -- there are fewer wires and chargers to deal with. Even better, you can potentially travel lighter by packing less. Hopefully Apple will eventually bring USB-C to the iPhone fully -- the company already has with some iPad models.

Today, Satechi launches a trio of USB-C chargers, and since they are of the GaN variety, they are very compact. While all three are similar, they are also quite distinct. All three have foldable prongs which makes them ideal for travel, but the number of ports and wattage varies. The 66W and 108W models both have three ports, but the 100W variant has only one.

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"Satechi's new 66W USB-C 3-Port GaN Wall Charger, 100W USB-C PD Wall Charger, and 108W USB-C 3-Port GaN Wall Charger are all equipped with next generation technology that replaces previous silicon-based semiconductors to provide faster and better power efficiency. With a foldable plug, users can free up space in a carry-on and travel with the 66W USB-C 3-Port GaN Wall Charger to charge a smartphone, laptop, and iPad simultaneously, or use the 100W USB-C PD Wall Charger to charge the laptop at home, the office or nearest coffee shop," says Satechi.

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The popular accessory-maker also says, "All three GaN chargers are equipped with ETL and CE certifications to provide a safe, yet effective charge to connected devices for maximum safety. Quickly charge multiple devices at once with the 108W USB-C 3-Port GaN Wall Charger when leaving the house and every device is low on battery, or rapidly power a dying smartphone before a long road trip with the 100W USB-C PD Wall Charger."

The two multi-port chargers can operate in the following configurations.

  • 66W: 65W, 30W/30W, 45W/20W, or 30W/18W/18W (up to 66W total)
  • 108W: 100W, 60W/45W, 88W/20W, 45W/30W/30W, 58W/30W/20W, or 65W/20W/20W (up to 108W total)

All three chargers can be had now using the below links.

The 66W USB-C 3-Port GaN Wall Charger sells for just $54.99, while the 100W USB-C PD Wall Charger goes for $69.99. The 108W USB-C 3-Port GaN Wall Charger, which is the most desirable, is priced at $74.99. For a limited time, however, you can save 15 percent by using coupon code GANFAST15.

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