Apple finally starts selling Magic Keyboard with Touch ID for M1 Mac computers

When Apple first unveiled its all-new iMac computers, owners of other M1 models, such as the Mac mini, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro were quite excited. Why? Because the iMac had the option of a Magic Keyboard with Touch ID. This was Apple's first-ever wireless keyboard with an integrated fingerprint reader, and the iPhone-maker promised it would sell the keyboard as a standalone product in the future for use with other M1 Mac computers (not Intel).

Many consumers, including yours truly, have been religiously checking Apple's website in hopes the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID would show up for sale, but day after day, we were left with nothing but disappointment. Apple got our hopes up and then left us hanging.

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Well, folks, today the waiting finally comes to an end. Not only can the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID be purchased immediately, but there are two models from which to choose. One model doesn't have a number pad while the other does. The version sans pad costs $149 (available here), while the number pad variant costs $30 more (available here).

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Yikes, that is rather pricey for wireless keyboards that aren't even backlit! But, this is Apple after all -- high prices are to be expected. Unfortunately, there is sort of a big catch -- it is only being offered in silver color. While the iMac can be purchased in several colors with the keyboard to match, those colors are not being offered for the standalone keyboards.

If you have an M1 Mac, such as the Mac mini, should you buy the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID? Well, that depends on how much the Touch ID functionality matters to you. You can get a nice third-party Bluetooth keyboard, without biometrics, for far less money. Ultimately, only you can decide if unlocking your Mac with your finger is worth the premium.

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