Logitech unveils Zone True Wireless and Zone Wired earbuds for business

Working remotely is no longer a temporary anomaly due to COVID-19. Instead, working from home has become a movement where employees aim to take control of their lives. For instance, workers are saving money by not buying gas for their cars, but more importantly, the lack of a commute means more personal time. Employees can also sleep later rather than sit in traffic.

If you are working form home, I highly recommend investing in quality webcams and audio equipment. If you want to stand out in a meeting, you should be both seen and heard clearly. You don't want to be known as the person that is hard to see or understand.

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And now, Logitech is aiming to help you in the audio department. The Zone True Wireless and Zone Wired are comfort-focused earbuds for business with integrated microphones. The wireless model is notable for not only connecting over Bluetooth, but with an optional wireless USB dongle too. The wired variant can connect via 3.5mm audio jack, USB-A, and USB-C, making them quite versatile.

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"Zone True Wireless earbuds upgrade video calls with the shape and fit users love, combined with the powerful audio that professionals need. Equipped with a premium noise-canceling mic and Active Noise Cancellation, Zone True Wireless gives crystal clear audio on every call, regardless of distracting surroundings. This, along with a minimalist, modern design, enables a stylish look and a high-quality sound on video that helps users stay in the zone," says Logitech.

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The company also says, "Bluetooth plus the USB receiver provides a reliable connection between Zone True Wireless and both your smartphone and your computer, allowing users to effortlessly join video meetings and phone calls, moving easily between their two devices -- all with double the battery life of leading consumer devices. These features give users confidence that their wireless earbuds are ready for every video meeting. Additionally, the certification with major video conferencing platforms sets a higher bar for audio than leading consumer offerings."

Both the Logitech Zone True Wireless and Zone Wired earbuds will hit stores in Fall 2021. The wireless model will sell for $299 and come in two colors -- black and pink. The wired variant is much more affordable, as it will go for just $99. Both the wired and wireless versions should prove to be big upgrades over the microphones and speakers that are built into most business laptops.

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