This Ubuntu Linux version of 'Windows 11' is available to install now

Microsoft is set to start rolling out Windows 11 next month, but it will only be offered to newer, compatible systems at first, so even if you have a PC that fits the bill, and supports TPM 2.0, it might be the middle of next year before you have the chance to upgrade. And, of course, if you want to install the new OS on an older PC, the TPM requirement means you simply won’t be able to.

Windowsfx is a Linux OS that borrows its look from various flavors of Microsoft’s operating system, including Windows 7 and Windows 10, and now it’s offering a version that looks just like Windows 11.

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Windowsfx 11 Preview for x86 features the new interface and centered taskbar from the upcoming operating system. This is an early version, but it works well and seems very stable, and because it’s Linux you can run it live mode, without having to install it.

There’s a video of Windowsfx in action, which you can watch below. It clearly isn’t Windows 11, but it’s close enough in a lot of areas.

The system requirements (which don’t include TPM 2.0) are:

  • Minimum: 2 cores CPU, 2GB RAM
  • Recommended: 4 core CPU, 4GB RAM
  • Disk space minimum: 20 GB HD
  • Disk space recommended: 64GB SSD

As for the underpinnings, they include:

  • KERNEL: 5.11 LTS
  • VOICE COMMANDS: Built-in Helloa Assistant + Google voice commands
  • PACKAGE BASE: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Neon (.deb)
  • MICROSOFT .EXE SUPPORT: Fx (build) Wine 6 .exe and .msi support
  • THEME: Linuxfx WxDesktop Windows 11 Theme
  • WXDESKTOP: 11.1 + FX Shaders
  • SYSTEM: Update all packages

You can download and install the new OS from the SourceForge page here.

Take a look, and let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

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