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Linux does not belong to any specific country -- the open source kernel can be enjoyed by people all over the world. This includes China, a great ally of the United States. We depend on China to manufacture many of our goods, but also, developers in that country contribute to open source projects.

Case in point, deepin is a Linux-based operating system from China that is both beautiful and elegant. For some, it could be a nice alternative to Windows 11. deepin is a miraculous Chinese gift to the open source community. Today, the wonderful deepin developers release version 20.2.4 of the Linux distribution. Based on Debian, it uses Linux kernel 5.13.13 and has a new global search feature.

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The deepin developers share, "In deepin 20.2.4, a global search is added to quickly find the information you want; the dual (LTS+Stable) kernels have minor updates; DDE and some applications are fixed and optimized to improve the overall user experience. The global search icon is in the Dock. Click it to call out the search interface, enter keywords to find the desired applications, files, etc., making your search quicker and easier."

The developers share a very extensive changelog below.


  • Fixed: when waking up a laptop, the desktop flashed, and then the lock screen interface was shown.
  • Fixed: the login interface on the HDMI screen was shown improperly in a dual-display environment.
  • Fixed: when logging in with fingerprint+PIN+password, the status icon was not refreshed to show the authentication results.
  • Fixed: after waiting for three minutes on the login interface due to wrong passwords, it said you should wait another two minutes.
  • Fixed: when entering the login interface after reboot, the numeric keypad was locked.
  • Fixed: after system restart or logout, when clicking the power icon in the lower right corner for the first time, the computer directly entered the lock screen interface.
  • Fixed: if "Auto Login" was enabled for an account, that account was not shown on the lock screen interface.
  • Fixed: after the screen was locked automatically, pressed the power button to restart the computer and entered the correct password, but the system cannot be entered in.
  • Fixed: for common accounts and domain accounts, the time formats on the login interfaces were inconsistent.
  • Fixed: the Dock was shown improperly after making the Dock full of app icons and increasing its height.
  • Fixed: the volume shown in the Dock and the Control Center were inconsistent.
  • Fixed: when the wireless network IP conflicted, the icon for wired networks was shown in the Dock.
  • Fixed: the status of the Dock was incorrect if its status was changed to "Keep Hidden (Smart Hide)".
  • Fixed: the network icon in the Dock disappeared if the wired network adapter was disabled due to an IP conflict.
  • Fixed: if setting the Dock to left or right, and switching main screens in the extended mode, the Dock was not shown on the main screen as settings.
  • Fixed: after connecting to a wired connection with IP conflict and then to a wired network without IP conflict, the status of the network icon in the Dock was not refreshed.
  • Fixed: the Dock was shown abnormally if changing resolutions in a dual-display environment.
  • Fixed: the volume bar in the Dock was still available even when there was no sound output device.
  • Fixed: the Dock was wrongly displayed when the screen was rotated 90 degrees and 270 degrees.
  • Fixed: the background of the fullscreen launcher was abnormal when the wallpaper slideshow was enabled.
  • Fixed: some application icons in the mini launcher were blurred.
  • Fixed: failed to uninstall "Music" in the mini launcher.
  • Fixed: in the extended mode of dual screens, when the main screen or the secondary screen was disconnected, the background of the fullscreen launcher on the remaining screen did not follow the desktop wallpaper.
  • Fixed: the desktop was wrongly displayed if the monitor was rotated several times in 0.5 seconds.
  • Fixed: for some apps, there were two same icons in the tray area after opened.

Control Center

  • Fixed: display error occurred if the cursor theme was switched randomly.
  • Fixed: when editing the full name, if you entered a space, exited, and edited again, two vertical bars appeared in the box.
  • Fixed: it showed "Failed to update" after a successful update.
  • Fixed: UI issues.
  • Fixed: after switching between two output devices (HDMI and speaker) in the Dock, the sound output device in the Control Center did not follow the changes.
  • Fixed: if system proxy editing was canceled, when editing it again, the save and cancel button cannot be clicked.
  • Fixed: when the display scaling was set to 1.25, entered any character in the system language search box, there was a dotted line on the cancel button.
  • Fixed: characters cannot be entered in the system proxy page.
  • Fixed: no notifications were shown when the auto system proxy was saved after system updates.
  • Fixed: if there were two wired network adapters, disabled the wired network connection, after system reboots, the wired network was enabled automatically.

File Manager

  • Added: burning discs in UDF format.
  • Fixed: UI issues.
  • Fixed: the desktop crash may occur if right-clicking a file on the desktop and clicking the color tag.
  • Fixed: failed to open the file selection dialog box sometimes.
  • Fixed: the window was stuck and cannot be dragged when dragging and dropping multiple files from window A to the trash in the sidebar of window B.
  • Fixed: the scrolling was stuck if disconnecting from the network after mounting smb.
  • Fixed: the hover problem of the content area in the dark theme.
  • Fixed: the wrong style in the list view.
  • Fixed: when cutting files from the local directory, inserted a CD-ROM; when loading the CD-ROM directory, pressed Ctrl+V, no files were pasted.
  • Fixed: the delete option was not grayed out in the right-click menu of files in read-only USB flash drives.
  • Fixed: if sharing a folder that had capital letters in its name, the sharing cannot be canceled in the properties window.
  • Fixed: the progress bar disappeared before copying completed when copying large files to USB flash drives.
  • Fixed: the wrong prompt for password verification when deleting the file vault.
  • Fixed: file processing issues under multi-display environment.
  • Fixed: when dragging a large number of files in the File Manager or on the desktop, the dragging was stuck.
  • Fixed: when dragging a large number of files on the desktop, the files on the desktop became unselected.
  • Fixed: the shortcuts of default example files cannon be deleted by dragging them to the trash in the window sidebar.
  • Fixed: after opening several windows for file vault, deleted all files in one window, the deleted files were still shown in other windows.
  • Fixed: the duplicate file name prompt did not appear when dragging a file into a directory with the same file in it.
  • Fixed: the recently used file records cannot be removed from the "Recent" directory.

App Store

  • Added: download failure reasons would be shown.
  • Added: you can write comments and like comments.
  • Added: in the App Store, if interactions were required during app downloading and installation, the interactive pages would pop up.
  • Optimized: the logic of downloading applications in the App Store, to avoid download failures due to outdated sources.
  • Optimized: several UI effects.
  • Optimized: the installed applications could not be selected on the page of must-have apps.
  • Fixed: if connecting to the network via VPN, the network address was empty, and the App Store crashed.
  • Fixed: it was stuck when downloading some Android apps for the first time after system installation.
  • Fixed: for drivers installed in the App Store, they were not shown only after the "Manage" page was open.
  • Fixed: the numbers of pictures on the detail pages were wrong in some cases.
  • Fixed: some buttons were displayed improperly on the "My Comments" page.
  • Fixed: the app status was displayed incorrectly on the "Manage" page if its updates have been paused.
  • Fixed: when you failed to download an app and try again, the download progress showed 100%.
  • Fixed: if the App Store was covered by other windows, click it, it was still covered.
  • Fixed: the desktop file was wrongly created during app updates.


  • Fixed: when the settings window was open, pressed PageDown on the keyboard, it did not jump to the "Shell" option at the bottom.
  • Fixed: when clicking the port box in the "Add Server" window, the cursor did not work properly.


  • Fixed: special characters (such as '-') cannot be entered in the box of the outgoing server.


  • Added: custom tabs.
  • Added: dark theme support.
  • Fixed: UI issues in the address bar.

Print Manager

  • Added: printer renaming support.
  • Added: the loading prompt when manually installing the drivers.
  • Added: the official address for downloading drivers.
  • Optimized: the rules of input boxes when searching for local drivers.
  • Fixed: when remote administration was allowed, shared printers founded on devices in other network segments were in smb protocols.
  • Fixed: UI issues when selecting a job in the print queue.


  • Added: new pencil styles (watercolor pen).
  • Optimized: the pencil properties.
  • Optimized: the interactions of pencil drawing and element editing.
  • Optimized: the compatibility of old ddf files.

Graphics Driver Manager

  • Optimized and updated the NVIDIA graphics drivers.


  • Added: mirror mode.
  • Optimized: the button layout and shooting image layout.
  • Optimized: the interactions.
  • Optimized: the time limit of video recordings.

Archive Manager

  • Fixed: the name of the archive created by right-click compression contained the extension of the original file.
  • Fixed: in the prompt for duplicate file names, "Apply to all" was invalid.


  • Fixed: "Help" option was not shown in the main menu when the application was launched for the first time after switching languages and logging out.
  • Fixed: the manual cannot be launched by pressing F1 on the Control Center interface.

Package Installer

  • Added: automatically identify the order of dependency packages in batch installation.
  • Added: the dependency prompts for single package installation and batch installation.

Font Manager

  • Fixed: UI issues of selected fonts.
  • Fixed: the color did not follow the accent color when clicking the favorite and unfavorite options.
  • Fixed: the focus cannot be jumped to another part by pressing the Tab key after switching to the search box.

Text Editor

  • Fixed: when opening multiple tabs, if clicking the close button of one tab, the app exited unexpectedly.
  • Fixed: if there were no characters before and after the cursor, pressing the Backspace/Delete key still caused the content changes.
  • Fixed: slow response when pasting large text.
  • Fixed: the app was stuck if clicking "Mark All" in large text files.
  • Fixed: poor performance when switching between "Print to PDF" and "Save as Image" in print settings for large text files.

System Monitor

  • Fixed: pressing the Enter key was invalid when the focus was jumped to "Details" of CPU by pressing the Tab key.

Want to download deepin 20.2.4? You can grab an ISO here. If you do try the Linux distribution, please share with me in the comments if you agree it is one of the most beautiful operating systems you have ever experienced. It may even be more pretty than Apple macOS!

Image credit: Tanakon_PuShutterstock

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