Microsoft has given Windows 11 a helpful speed boost

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When Microsoft releases a new update for Windows 11 or launches a new build of the operating system, there is much interest in the new features that have been added, as well at the security fixes and bugs that have been addressed. And with the recent release of Windows 11 Build 22572, Microsoft has sped up performance in a small but important way.

One problem that some users have been complaining about for a little while now is that the right-click menu has been rather slow. With the latest build, Microsoft confirms that steps have been taken to speed things up.

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While Microsoft did mention giving the context menu a speed boost in passing in the release notes for Windows 11 Build 22572, it was not something that many people picked up on.

Last week Microsoft said that is has introduced a change in the latest Insider build of Windows 11:

Made some more improvements to help with context menu invocation performance.

While this little note was easily missed, Microsoft's work did not go unnoticed. As spotted by Windows Latest, Reddit users said that they thought the context menu was faster by wondered "is it a placebo effect?".

Microsoft engineer Jen jumped in to confirm that the perceived speed increase is real, saying:

We did some work with 22572 to improve the context menu performance, so glad to hear it feels faster now :)

If you're not an Insider, you'll have to wait a little while for the speed improvements to trickle down to other builds, but they are on their way.

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