Plugable USBC-VAMETER3 is an upgraded USB-C voltage and amperage meter

Last year, we told you about Plugable's second generation USBC-VAMETER -- a dongle with an OLED screen that can monitor USB-C voltage and amperage. The second gen variant was similar to the original, but it added a rotatable screen orientation -- a very welcome addition.

Today, Plugable launches the third generation of its useful dongle. Called "USBC-VAMETER3," it has the same rotatable screen technology found on gen 2, but it gets some power upgrades. The third gen model now supports 48V (4.5V-50V) compared to 20V (4V-20V) on the gen 2 model. The third generation variant also supports 240W compared to just 100W on its predecessor.

Plugable explains, "This tiny device features a bright and easy-to-read display and a new orientation button lets you flip the screen with a click. It is perfect for monitoring charge information with laptops, tablets and cell phones without interfering with the operation. It is easy to use and is perfect for any tech professionals or enthusiast who need to monitor power information of devices."

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The USBC-VAMETER3 can be purchased from Amazon here now. Plugable is asking $29.95, but for a limited time, the company is offering a $4 coupon, bringing the price to a more-reasonable $25.95. Be sure to click the coupon box before adding it to your cart.

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