Windows 12 wallpapers created by AI -- download them now

Windows 11 hasn’t been with us very long, but you’ve probably seen reports that Microsoft is already working on its successor, Windows 12.

While there aren’t any screenshots, or anything else, to view of Windows 12 just yet, we asked an AI text-to-image tool to give us its take on what the future operating system might look like.

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There are a number of AI-powered text-to-image generators either available to use now or coming shortly. The best known of these is DALL-E 2, but there are others like Stable Diffusion, Google’s Imagen, and even TikTok is starting to offer a rudimentary AI green screen effect.

For our experiment, we used Midjourney which runs through a Discord server. We asked it to firstly create an image of "Windows 12" and then tailored our request to produce screen-shaped Windows 12 wallpaper, the results of which we then upscaled.

The images are obviously inspired by both Windows 10 and Windows 11, so the wallpaper will look at home on either of those operating systems, or older.

You can download the wallpapers below. Just click on any of the images to open a full, 4K resolution version.

Let us know what you think of these AI generated Windows wallpapers, and which are your favorite(s), in the comments below.

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