Das Keyboard 6 Professional is here

Everyone's tastes are different, so when it comes to keyboards, it is impossible to call any of them the "best." With that said, today, the Das Keyboard 6 Professional gets officially released, and for some consumers, it could prove to be the best keyboard... for them.

What makes the Das Keyboard 6 Professional so appealing? Well, besides the company's legendary quality, this mechanical keyboard seems to check so many important boxes. Not only does it connect to your PC via USB-C, but it has a 2-port USB-C hub on the rear. It features beautiful white backlighting for the keys, and you can choose between Cherry MX blue and brown switches. It even has a huge volume knob and convenient media keys. Plus, if you like number pads, it has that too.

"The new Das Keyboard 6 Professional features white LED backlighting for working day or night, double-shot ABS keycaps with crisp inscriptions, a 2-port USB-C hub, an oversized volume knob, dedicated media keys, and an energy-saving, instant sleep button. The Das Keyboard 6 Professional comes with Cherry MX blue or brown switches. With a premium, anodized aluminum top enclosure and detachable screw-on feet made of brass, the 6 Pro is extremely durable," explains Das Keyboard.


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Daniel Guermeur, the company's cofounder and CEO adds, "The new era of work demands high levels of collaboration, communication, and typing, as well as periods of deep, focused work and breaks to stay healthy and productive throughout the day. We designed our 6 Pro as an essential tool for professionals that want to conquer the modern workday with comfort and efficiency."

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The The Das Keyboard 6 Professional can be ordered immediately here for just $199. This is pretty reasonable given all of the features, including the integrated USB-C hub. The price is the same for both the Cherry MX blue and Cherry MX brown variants.

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